Just Bananas About: Week of 2/27/15

While Sunam Girls High School Detectives might just be a teenage drama, the creators have been doing a great job in tackling some issues that’s relevant to today’s youth.  It’s not just about Korea being a conservative country and the drama doesn’t try to make a moral side in these many of these matters but I like that the drama provides a forum to discuss the topic.

At first glance, the drama seems like teenage girl drama filled with wonderfully weird characters who solve mysteries.  Yoon Mi Do (Kang Min Ah) is very plucky and gung-ho while Ahn Chae Yool (Jin Ji Hee) is an intelligent girl who is discovering that she could be more than what her mother dictates.  The rest of the gang, Lee Ye Hee (Girl’s Day’s Lee Hye Ri), Kim Ha Jae (Lee Min Ji) and Choi Sung Yoon (Stephanie Lee), add their own splash of unique color to this Scooby Doo crew.

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Monkey Poo: Categorical Changes for This Year’s Emmys

It’s been a long time coming.  People have been asking for clarification on the rules and changes to the categories.  Earlier this week, the Television Academy has responded with a number of changes for this year’s nominations.

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First Impressions – Dating Alone: Ep 1 – 4 – 나홀로 연애중: 1회 – 4회


The latest variety show from JTBC is fluttering the heart of celebrities despite the fact that it is only a simulation dating game.  Every two weeks, one female celebrity pretends to go on a virtual date with four male participants.  At each stage, the male participants are faced with a question or dilemma that often comes up in the real dating world and must choose from a selection of multiple choice answers based on how they would face the situation themselves.  Their responses could help them to either score points or lose points.

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Jive Monkey Playlist: 2/23/15

I was really surprised (but happy) to hear that Amber released her solo album. Known as the tomboy rapper from f(x), there’s a lot of love for Amber because of her atypical K-pop girl image. Many K-pop girls tend to have the same textbook look and dress so Amber’s personality and looks were a breath of fresh air. Rather than looking forward to her singing ability, I most looked forward to the experiences she’d share through her music.

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Just Bananas About: Week of 2/20/15

Happy Lunar New Year! And Happy Oscar weekend. There’s a few more days to get in your votes for your favorite films. In other news, the producers of We Got Married have their hands full with all the scandals going on with some of their cast mates. We Got Married is an atypical show in which the cast members’ personal lives can influence the mood of the show. I like that the show tackled it head on.

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[Review] C’est Si Bon – 쎄시봉


C’est Si Bon was the music scene in the late 1960’s Seoul. Featuring talented acoustic folk singers, the club set the stage for many folk singers to make their start. Singers, such as Yoon Hyung Joo (Kang Ha Neul) and Song Chang Shik (Jo Bok Rae), both music prodigies, made their start at the club. After hearing him sing, Lee Jang Hee (Jin Goo) actively recruits Oh Geun Tae (Jung Woo), a poor college boy studying in Seoul away from his small hometown. He’s reluctant at first until he meets Min Ja Young (Han Hyo Joo) and can’t help but be pulled in by the C’est Si Bon world.

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Jive Monkey Playlist: 2/16/15

Today, I was inspired to feature some vintage rock music. It’s not like the songs themselves are old but there’s a timeless, classic sound to them that makes them feel neither current nor tired.

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