Just Bananas About: Week of 7/25/11

So I’m not sure how often I’m gonna do this but I thought it would be fitting to write what my Obsession of the Week is.  And to start, here’s a little inspirational music.

Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl


I had been following these little news tidbits for a couple weeks now.  Some of this stuff was posted before Spy Myung Wol started airing.  As this is the first time I’m seeing Eric in a drama, after knowing him vaguely as that guy in Shinhwa, I knew nothing of his personality.  I’m pretty addicted to Spy Myung Wol these days and just enjoying the world that they created in that drama.  It’s funny and who knew that Eric was a pretty good actor?

Eric first tweeted this shot of him perched on top of a bathtub in that ridiculous neon outfit (is it for running?).  Eric: “I’m certifying [that this is my account] because this is my first tweet in a long time. No one else must have this picture, right?

Or he put on a golf bag, just because…

Then came this picture on the set of Spy Myung Wol in which he tries to feed and give a teddy bear a cigarette.  Eric: “In the middle of shooting. this is how we like to play~ I’m hungry…”

And then there was this hilarious bunch of group chats he had with his fellow Shinhwa members.  It started with this screengrab and the tweet that said: “There was a slight happening between the members just now. I’m a bit worried about whether I should post this, but I feel this kinda level is gearing towards the aegyo side. Minors, please don’t read this.”

Translation of message (although the aegyo doesn’t really translate)

Eric: “Say a hello message to all the Shinhwa Chang Jo’s!  Each person gets one shot! Don’t write two lines and do it in an orderly manner, children~ start!”

Shin Hye Sung (aka Jung Pil Gyo his real name): “Welcome, welcome.”

Jun Jin: “Everyone is doing well, right?  If you just wait a bit, Shinhwa will return.”

Kim Dong Wan: “Jin-ah.  Just one line.”

Eric: “Ugh, you crazy assholes!  Our fans are looking at this!  Do it again!!!  It’s okay to write two lines.   Just don’t do it twice.”

Eric: “Ha ha ha ha.  I just want to post this.  Do you think it’d be okay?  Ha ha.”

Eric: “It’s not like greetings from all our members will fit on to the screen in one screen capture anyway.  What do you think?  What will Kim Netizen think when they see this?  It’s pretty funny, though.”

Shin Hye Sung: “No way.  There are curses in it.”

Eric: “But it’s cute.  Ha ha”

Shin Hye Sung: “It may be cute… but no!”

Eric: “But you’re agreeing that it’s cute??  Then I’m gonna post it.”

Shin Hye Sung: O_O

Jun Jin: “You do it then.”

Eric tweets: “To the Minwoo fans, Minwoo is as usual a bit slow.  Andy is currently in the army serving our country with the promise of return.  This is the last chapter of a tiny glimpse into the characters of Shinhwa.”

Minwoo: “When did you guys say all this?”

I love this fun, bizarre and random side of his personality.  It’s positively Dokko Jin-esque.


One thought on “Just Bananas About: Week of 7/25/11

  1. This totally made my friday!!!! I am smiling and Hollabacking 🙂 I find Eric wacky too but in a prankish, kiddo way! Way cute!!! Am loving your translation!!!! Precious! Precious! THANK YOU! I look forward to going bananas with you next week!!!^^


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