Mid-Summer TV Report


For those that watch stuff live, I decided to do a mid-time report of worthy things to watch and why.  This is in no particular order or ranking.


SPY MYUNG WOL – 스파이 명월

I like the campy, Mission Impossible feel of this world.  It’s laugh-out-loud funny with a good looking cast.


It’s cute, light summer fare.  You can’t have a drama about a university music department without good OST music and Kang Min Hyuk (Yeo Joon Hee) is adorably dimwitted.


Erm, because it’s Kim Sun Ah.  No?  It may be following in the premise of Queen Latifah’s Last Holiday which is actually a remake of the 1950’s Last Holiday but I like each of the characters enough to keep watching.  Especially Uhm Ki Joon’s Dr. Chae Eun Suk is interesting because he bring some gravitas that balances Kim Sun Ah’s lightness.  Please, please, I hope the stuff with his DUI doesn’t get him booted off the drama.


The story is based on real-life history and the two main characters are Joseon era’s Romeo and Juliet.  The acting is good, the cinematography is beautiful and the story is epic.  Oh, just Park Shi Hoo it.  Can you tell I’ve been saving that one for ages?



I like my sci-fi genre and I’m enjoying SyFy’s summer line up as it brings out the nerd in me.  Haven for it’s quirky, small town setting with strange happenings.  Warehouse 13 for the camaraderie of the main cast and the fact that the artifacts they collect is combined with sci-fi hijinks and history.  Eureka really revamped things when they went back in time, messed things up and ended up in parallel, present day universe.  This wacky town of scientist is definitely a summer favorite of mine.


Summer means the return of the hot, steamy cast of True Blood.  This season we have witches!!  At first fearing the fairy storyline would overshadow everything else, we hightailed it back to Bon Temps before I got annoyed.  Plus, Eric.  Droolworthy Eric has finally hooked up with Sookie.


USA is another cable network that has a great line up of summer shows.  I love USA for the mere fact that they focus on characters and gotten a ton of shows that have lasted over many seasons.  White Collar introduced to Matt Bomer’s dreamy Sinatra-like eyes.  Need we say more?  But him teaming up with Tim DeKay for this buddy dramedy makes it golden.  Royal Pains is another show that’s been casted well from Reshma Shetty’s Divya to Mark Feuerstein’s Hank Lawson.  Why did it take so long for Mark Feuerstein to get his own show?  They also make the Hamptons look quite beautiful similar to the movie Something’s Gotta Give.  The Hamptons are beautiful but the cinematography adds that extra sparkling glow.


My favorite drug lords are back.  The season picked up exactly where it left off and Jesse has had to grow up fast as he has to deal with the consequences of murdering Gale.  Walter White is on shaky ground with his boss, Gus, and Skyler is getting into the drug trade through money laundering.  The show is surprisingly accurate to real-life personalities, especially those characters depicting the DEA.


Captain Jack is back!  Technically, this was a BBC show but now they’ve teamed up with Starz.  They’ve got a bigger budget, added some great actors (Mekhi Phifer, Bill Pullman, Lauren Ambrose) and the story is an interesting what if question.  What if no one died anymore?  Did I mention Captain Jack?

British TV


No, I’m not talking about the Robert Downey, Jr. movie.  If you haven’t seen this BBC series, you need to.  It’s Sherlock Holmes and Watson solving crimes in a modern day London.  The scripts are whip smart and they use the books as basis for translating the stories into the modern age.  Series 1 aired in 2010 and now I’m eagerly waiting for the 2nd one.  It stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Small Island, The Other Boleyn Girl, Atonement) as Sherlock and Martin Freeman (The Office, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and produced and written by the team that brought us Doctor Who, Coupling, Torchwood and more…  Please, please… Us, Cumberbitches have been very good!


2 thoughts on “Mid-Summer TV Report

  1. I am actually kind of losing interest in Spy MW… I think it’s because I’m still not a fan of Eric. Hahaha. I know I am so in the minority on that one. I’m actually more interested in Protect the Boss. We’ll see. As for Breaking Bad… all my friends are telling me to watch it! Maybe I should start…


    • LOL, I get the SMW thing. Eric is so wacky that I wish his character would be more wacky in the drama. Sigh, he ain’t no Dokko Jin. I see the flaws with this drama but I still can’t help it. I can see my review being very bipolar.

      Breaking Bad… just be warned that the first few episodes of the first season are slow as they set up the story.


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