Jive Monkey Playlist: 8/12/11

Flashback to 1996.  Here is some old school Kpop.  Meet Juju Club.  They debuted in 1996 and it consisted of three members Kim Soo Min (vocalist), Joo Seung Hyung (guitar) and Joo Seung Hwan (bass and drum).  They shot to fame with the first release of their first album because their sound was like no other Kpop group or band out there.  Their style and sound was very similar to The Cranberries and that’s why to this day, they still stick out in my mind.

As I mentioned above, their first hit was their title song from their first album, 16/20.

The song was about a relationship between a 16 year old and 20 year old (20 is when you’re considered an adult in Korea).  The 16 year old understands why the 20 year old doesn’t want to be in a relationship as there is an age difference, afraid they would be criticized for their “shocking” relationship.  She doesn’t want an immature guy so they’ll wait until they’re both older.

Another hit was “나는 나 (I am me)”.  Their songs were so typically 90’s as most of their songs were about coming of age or establishing individuality.

My favorite is still..

Juju Club – 공주병 (Princess Complex)



긴바지를 찢어 입었고
빨간두건도 지금 쓰고 있어
노랗게 머리 염색을 하고서
모델같은 표정을 지어 봐도

잡지 속의 이쁜 애들처럼
이뻐보이지 않는 이윤 뭘까
그렇다고 포기 할순 없어
나는 정말 멋있어 보이고 싶으니까

친구들은 이런 말을 해
넌 너무 튀어 보이려 한다고
하지만 난 그런 말 신경안써
난 튀어 보이는게 정말 좋아

난 언제나 나를 믿고 있어 오오
언젠가는 이뻐질 거라고 오오

그래서 난 포기 하지 않아
나는 정말 멋있어 보이고 싶으니까 오

Princess Complex

I wear my ripped jeans
I’m wearing my red bandana now
I dye my hair blonde
And when I see my model-like expression, oh oh

Like the pretty girls in the magazines,
oh oh
What’s the reason I’m not as pretty,
oh oh
But I can’t give up
Because I really want to look cool,
oh oh

My friends tell me
You’re trying to stand out too much
But I don’t care
I like standing out

I always believe in myself, oh oh
That someday I’ll become pretty, oh oh

That’s why I don’t give up
Because I really want to look cool, oh


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