Jive Monkey Playlist: 9/9/11


I noticed that all the songs on my playlist were upbeat, poppy tracks or hip-hop.  I do listen to ballads but a lot of them happen to be from OSTs.  This week, I’d like to feature a song and performance that I saw on 나는 가수다 (I am a Singer).  My second Bananas post was about the show and I’m continually impressed that they are able to bring such big talent out on the show.

One such current talent on the show is Insooni.  After Kim Bum Soo, Park Jung Hyun and Yoon Do Hyun finished their gig on the show by either graduating or being eliminated (Yoon Do Hyun!  You were totally cheated out of graduating.  ㅜ_ㅜ), I was shocked to see that Insooni would be filling one of those spots.  Funnily enough, Comedian Park Myung Soo joked early on that he would retire if the show was able to get someone like Insooni on the show.  When she appeared, she picked him as her manager so that she could torture him.  Hehe…

Insooni debuted way back in 1978 as part of the group Hee Sisters but went solo in 1980.  Since then she’s known as an R&B diva and what makes me really like her is that despite her diva status she is willing to change up her music styles.  I’m sad that I didn’t get to see her perform at Carnegie Hall.  I’m sorta hoping that she’d do a hiphop number on the show at some point.

Her first performance on the show was a song called “아버지 (Father)” from her 17th album.  Honestly, the performance made me sob — it was that good.  I still get goosebumps listening to it.  Enjoy!

인순이 – 아버지

FYI, at the beginning she narrates a little bit about her own life.  Born to a Korean mother and an African American father in the US military, she was primarily raised by her mother.  She says, “When I was young, the view of my father from the back was the world’s biggest mountain.  The father before me is suddenly a low hill.  Please, don’t say you love someone in the past tense.” 


한걸음도 다가 설 수 없었던
내 마음은 알아 주기를
얼마나 바라고 바래 왔는지
눈물이 말해 준다

점점 멀어져 가버린
쓸쓸했던 뒷모습에
내 가슴이 다시 아파온다

서로 사랑을 하고 서로 미워도 하고
누구보다 아껴주던
그대가 보고싶다
가까이에 있어도
다가서지 못했던
그래 내가 미워 했었다

제발 내 얘길 들어주세요
시간이 필요해요

서로 사랑을 하고 서로 미워도 하고
누구보다 아껴주던
그대가 보고싶다
가슴 속 깊은 곳에 담아두기만 했던
그래 내가 사랑 했었다

긴 시간이 지나도
말하지 못했었던
그래 내가 사랑 했었다


Couldn’t take a step closer to you
I hoped you would understand me
How much I hoped and longed for it
My tears speak for me

Gradually drifting away,
from the back your forlorn look
My heart is hurting again

Loving each other and hating each other
Cherishing you more than anyone else,
I miss you
Even when we were close,
since I couldn’t approach you
Yeah, I hated myself for that

Please listen to my words,
I need time

Loving each other and hating each other
Cherishing you more than anyone else,
I miss you
Deep in my heart, I only bottled it up
Yeah, I did love you

As time passes by,
the things I couldn’t say
Yeah, I did love you

The voting for her first performance didn’t count towards the elimination round as it was strictly a performance round.  She ranked in first place for “아버지 (Father)”.  And for kicks, here’s a look at another performance of hers.  This performance is the first part of the two-part competition.  It’s worth listening to so that you could get an idea of her funkier side.  The song is a Korean cover of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” called “난 괜찮아 (I’m Okay)” originally sung by Jinju.


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