Just Bananas About: Week of 9/19/11

Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries premiered last Thursday.  Elena is worrying about her missing boyfriend, Stefan, but in the midst of this her friend, Caroline, is pushing her to celebrate her 18th birthday.  So when Caroline phones to talk about the party happening later, she also passes along another tip on Stefan’s whereabouts from Sheriff Forbes.  Elena heads over to the Salvatore house to tell Damon when she encounters a nekkid Damon.  Hehe… HAWT way to kick off the new season.

I’ve been watching Ian Somerhalder for some time now, back since his days in Young Americans series.  To be honest, I was a big fan of Lost but not a big fan of his character, Boone.  I don’t know he just didn’t do it for me.  However as Damon, I got to see a completely different side to him.  His blue eyes, the mischievous smirk and general badass exterior/sentimental interior of Damon just drew me to him more than it did Stefan (although Stefan’s turned to the dark side this season.  hmm…).

What put the icing on the cake for me was when I read Ian had played a practical joke on set for his nude scene.  The AD suggested the idea to Ian and with the assistance of the prop guy, they put elephant ears on Ian’s thighs so when Nina Dobrev turned around she’d see, *ahem*, a cute, little elephant??  There are rumors that the two stars have been secretly dating for awhile now but when Nina turned around, well they say that the reaction was priceless.  LMAO.  Alas, I don’t think they used that cut in the show.  To check out a preview of the scene and other season 3 plotlines, check out the video below.


In case, that didn’t satisfy you… double post time!

On and off, I watch BBC’s Top Gear.  While I am not a car person, you don’t have to be a car person in order to enjoy the show.  The three hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, bring their distinctly, unique pov’s to the show and the cars the shows are featuring that week.  Clarkson comes from a journalism background featuring in motoring and was part of the original Top Gear program before they revived it in 2002.  Hammond has the automotive industry in his genes as he is the grandson of workers in the Birmingham automobile industry.  He’s nicknamed the “Hamster” because of his small stature.  May is a journalist that frequently wrote for some well-known car magazines and comes from an engineering background.  Through these three, I get to learn (although I don’t retain that knowledge for later use) about how a car works but they manages to make it extremely relatable.  Combined with their hijinks, it’s hilarious to watch these three grown men play with their toys.

Following the UK formula, they’ve brought the show to Australia, Russia, U.S., China and… Korea!  I tried to watch the American version.  It just wasn’t the same and I was skeptical before I started the Korean version.

The Korean version started airing in late August and is lead by actor and car/bike enthusiast, Kim Kap Soo (seriously, is there a program where this man isn’t on?  when does he sleep?), former singer/rapper and professional race car driver, Kim Jin Pyo, and actor and celebrity racing circuit member, Yeon Jung Hoon.  Pleasantly, I found that these three have a similar camaraderie feel as the original with Kim Kap Soo giving a definite big brother vibe to the younger two.

My favorite part of the show are the celebrity guests they bring on.  Similar to a talk show format, a celebrity guest comes on to inform us as to what’s going on in their lives.  BUT the show has them run a lap on the show’s track and see if they could run it in the shortest time.  FYI, each celebrity is given 3 tries and the best time is recorded.  In the first episode, they bring on actor Kim Su ro and hilariously on his first try, he runs his car off the road at the first turn and into a mound of dirt serving as the track’s safety barrier.  They now call that the “Kim Su ro corner”.

The following week’s guests were 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Lim Seulong.  While Lim Seulong not only drove well, he drove fast but Jo Kwon had a little trouble in the rain and ran his car into a marsh declaring that the “Jo Kwon marsh”.  For a look Kim Su ro’s hilarious, inaugural race, check out the video below:


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