Mid-Fall TV Report


We’re about halfway through fall and it looks like a good time to do another round of mini reviews of some the shows I’m watching.  My Banana’s post today  and some of my First Impression posts gave you an insight to some of the stuff that I’m watching but I wanted to add to that with a wider range of stuff that I’ve been keeping up with.



I was drawn to this drama because of the large, fantastic cast involved with it.  The story is intriguing which involves conspiracy behind serial killings during King Sejong’s reign before he releases the Korean alphabet to the public.  I think Jang Hyuk is excellent at being able to bring his dry wit to a dramatic performance but he’s always been excellent at that.  Song Joong Ki brings a new level seriousness to his acting as young King Sejong and I’m delighted to see him growing as an actor.

CAN’T LOSE! – 지고는 못살아!

I’ll get into more of this show when it finishes airing this week but so far, I found it to be realistic, compelling and funny.  On a personal note, I do find it unnerving that Choi Ji Woo’s Lee Eun Jae is so much like me.  To the point where everyone around me is commenting on how much she’s like me.  I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good or bad thing.


The first episode of this drama bored me and angered me to tears.  Come on, it’s an action drama.  How can that be boring?  But there was so much set up in the first episode that I nodded off in the middle.  Combined with uneven editing and illogical plot points, I didn’t know if I wanted to continue.  It took me 3 weeks to resume the drama and I did a marathon this weekend.  The episodes that followed aren’t as terrible as the first episode but when you have a bad start, it’s hard to tell if the drama is going to make anything work until episode 16.  What’s a shame is that Lee Sung Jae is a talented actor (not to mention they’ve got some really great veterans lining up this cast) that I’m worried about the stain it will leave on their acting resumes.  What we do have working for us is seeing Choi Siwon’s abs whenever the “opportunity” presents itself, despite his disappointment about not being able to show much of his sexy wrists during Athena. (Start at: 9:17)  Plus, U-Know Yunho is kind of dreamy when he’s not… you know, acting.



I love Zooey Deschanel.  She’s so cute and perky and every time I see her cotton commercial, I can’t help but sing along.  If you haven’t heard her band, She & Him, I definitely recommend it.  However, I found the cheesiness of the pilot episode to be cute but a bit annoying instead of funny.  I did keep watching though and while the sitcom isn’t perfect, it still manages to make me laugh out loud.  So I’m going to stick with it and see if it continues to pan out.


My love for I Am a Singer outweighed my love for Glee last season.  And to be honest, I still wasn’t as enthused when the season returned.  Until “Asian F”.  I really liked the development with Mercedes’ character, Mike dealing with getting an “Asian F” or A- and must put any artistic pursuits on hold, and Kurt giving Blaine the support to take on the role of the lead in the school’s play.  We’ll see how this all pans out but so far “Asian F” stood out for me in the three episodes they aired so far this season.


They’re all out to bring Nucky Thompson down.  I love all the politics involved and I especially love the dynamic between Chalky and Nucky.


Fringe really turns the whole world upside-down.  Short recap: Two parallel universes, Alternate versions of yourselves, Hate each other but manages to keep the peace similar to the Cold War era and Peter Bishop no longer exists.  Got it?  With the fact that Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) no longer existing, they’ve changed the game once again.  Today, there are a lot of shows in which you have to watch week after week in order to know what’s going on.  Unlike Lost, I think a new viewer could start watching the show from Season 4 and enjoy it just as much while having a unique, unbiased opinion of the characters.

British TV


There isn’t much on the anglosphere of the tv-verse these days. Series 2 of Luther is airing on BBC America but not having the time to see Series 1, I put that on the back burner.  And there’s a lot of stuff that I’ve already put on the back burner.  However, I did make some time to watch Bedlam which is a creepy series about a group of people living in an apartment complex that was previously an asylum.  I’m not in love with it.  I don’t scare easily and the series definitely doesn’t scare me.  The stories are somewhat interesting and most of the main characters don’t really factor into plot of every episode with the exception of Jed (Theo James), as he’s the one that can see ghosts.

Whitechapel hasn’t started airing yet but I’m looking forward to it.  It stars the deliciously handsome, Rupert Penry-Jones (MI5, Persuasion).  It’s supposed to be a mystery series that combines the Victorian intrigue as the detectives hunt for a serial killer who is copying Jack the Ripper with the backdrop of East End London.  The show just aired Series 2 in the UK last year and I believe BBC America will be airing 1 & 2 back to back at the end of this month.  From the producers of Downton Abbey, I’ll definitely give this miniseries a chance.

Speaking of Downton Abbey, it returns to PBS’ Masterpiece series in the US on January 8th.  In my last mini review from the summer, I mentioned the miniseries Sherlock.  Unfortunately it looks like they postponed airing it this summer until next year.  I hate the wait but I’m sure it’ll be good.


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