Just Bananas About: Week of 10/31/11

Happy Halloween!  This Sunday we were treated to a continuation of Kim Sun Ah guesting on Running Man.

PLUS a surprise return.  I had been waiting for this episode for awhile as the episodes were pushed back a week due to baseball.  Damn you, baseball!  First my programs got disrupted in the States due to football season causing The Good Wife to air later than it should, ruining my perfect DVR system and now you gotta mess with my programming in Korea?  I kid, I kid… I like baseball.  But back to Running Man

So the first mission of Running Man yesterday was the rude awakening mission.  A PD wakes Yoo Jae Suk up and gives him the mission card.  He has to pick a random task from a piece of paper. Each task had a room number and a small mission.  All the members had to wake each other up and complete all the tasks before 30 minutes on the timer was up.

Yoo Jae Suk wakes up Gary (who likes to sleep in the nude) to take the dead skin off his elbow.

Gary had to wake up Ji Hyo to wash her feet, albeit with freezing cold water.

Ji Hyo had to wake up Jong Kook to brush his teeth.

Haha is dragged out of bed so that Jong Kook could wash his little bro’s hair.

Haha wakes up Suk Jin to wash his hands.

Suk Jin goes to Gwangsoo, who’s already up, and the guys attack him to take his top off…

…so Suk Jin can wash his back.

Gwangsoo wakes up a cranky Sun Ah who tries to fight back…

…to get her hair up into pigtails.  Let’s just say that wasn’t pretty.

And then Sun Ah goes to wake up Kim Joo Hyuk to wash his face.

Only, he’s not there!  In his place is Jooooooong Ki.

A former member of the Running Man group who’s got several nicknames but today they’re calling him Flower Boy Joong Ki.  He’s currently being fabulous in the sageuk, Tree with Deep Roots, playing the young King Sejong.  But for many Running Man fans, it’s great to see a familiar face.  Especially someone to pal around with our poor Gwangsoo, since they’re the same age and the youngest.

Not only that but it suddenly felt like an old episode of Running Man as the members split up into teams to race each other with pit stops which included a jumping rope mission and an eating mission.

The eating mission had our members trying to eat dotori mook noodle soup (dotori mook = acorn starch jello) under 100 seconds with an unknown utensil hidden in numbered boxes which they had to choose.  Have you ever tried to eat a bowl of jello in a broth with a teaspoon or toothpick without putting your lips to the bowl?

What it ends up being is hilarious television.

It definitely worth watching to see what happens until the very end.  How will Sun Ah kill with her aegyo-ness?  Who wins the race?  I guarantee it’s a photo finish.


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