Just Bananas About: Week of 11/7/11

Usually I reserve the weekends to catch up on episodes of High Kick.  Since they’re about 20 minutes long, they’re really easy to watch back to back.  Out of all the pairings on the show, my favorite has got to be Park Ha Sun and Yoon Ji Suk (Seo Ji Suk).  They are both teachers at the high school but Ha Sun is the kindhearted teacher, while Ji Suk is the hotheaded teacher.

Ji Suk introduced Ha Sun to baseball and they’ve bonded over their love of the sport, often watching games together.  More recently, Ji Suk has become aware of his feelings for Ha Sun but when Ha Sun was inadvertently saved from drowning by Go Young Wook, her entire world seemed to be rooting for Ha Sun to accept Young Wook as her boyfriend.

Aaaah, I’m sure it upset many people and I know that the Young Wook/Ha Sun couple won’t last but until they officially break up, it has me going throwing dagger eyes at Young Wook.  Even to the point where I’m forgetting how much I loved Go Young Wook when he was in Roo’ra and loving him these days on various variety show appearances.  Aaah, conflicted!

Roo’ra – 내가 잠못드는 이유 (The Reason I Can’t Sleep)

Last Friday, Ha Sun had promised Ji Suk to go to a game with him.  As the game was one of the finals the tickets were hard to come by but Ji Suk got them because Ha Sun agreed to go see it with him.  At the last minute, Young Wook wanted to go to the movies with Ha Sun and he and his fellow dormmate guilted her into agreeing to go with Young Wook.

So Ha Sun cancels on Ji Suk at the last minute and her reason being that Ji Suk can see the game with anyone since he’s got lots of friends but Young Wook only has her to hang out with.  Ji Suk tells her that he refuses to believe that she won’t come and he’ll wait for her outside the stadium no matter what.  It was so heartbreaking to see him waiting outside as baseball fans pour out of the stadium cheering that their team has won.  Ji Suk can’t even be happy about the game as he’d been stood up.  I get that Young Wook is her “boyfriend” but I can’t help being frustrated with her.  There’s being kind but then there’s also letting everyone else bully you into doing what you don’t want to do.  I wish she’d stand up for what she wants because people like her are really aggravating after awhile.  Here’s hoping that she becomes aware of Ji Suk’s feelings for her because I think they would make an adorable couple.

On a short side note, Jung Jae Hyung’s cameo was hilarious!

He had becoming more well known due to his appearances on Infinite Challenge, especially as Jeong Hyung Don’s partner for the West Coast Highway Festival as the “Parisian Pigs”.  Ha, I love how that translates well into English alliteratively.  He became a loveline for Ahn Nae Sang’s wife, Yoon Yoo Sun.  Their scenes were all very French as they met when he bicycled past her and dropped his French bread.  She alerted him and then they went out for a cup of coffee and fawned over Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose as he did his cute nasal French laugh.

She was smitten until she found out that he was hired by the debtors seeking to nab her husband.  While it was short, I wouldn’t be opposed for him to make a comeback.


Okay, confession time.  I had downloaded two episodes of Material Queen which is a Taiwanese drama about 2 months ago.  Maybe more?  It’s been awhile but I literally had no time to watch it until last week.  First impression?  Well, it’s terrible.  It’s truly is terrible but it’s kind of that terrible show that I can’t take my eyes away from.  The story almost seems like it’s taken from the French film, Priceless (aka Hors de Price), starring Audrey Tautou and Gad Elmaleh.  I totally recommend the movie rather than this drama but I can’t help be taken by Van Ness Wu who plays the main guy, Cai Jia Hoa.  In certain lights, he kind of looks like TVXQ’s Yunho and then in other lights, I’m charmed by his incredible geekiness.

The drama still hasn’t finished and the story is as follows: Lin Chu Man (Lynn Hung) is a fashion model and only cares about marrying a rich man because her mother had abandoned her at an orphanage so that she could go off and marry a rich guy herself.  All grown up, she’s incredibly materialistic but it’s because she can only rely on the value of materials rather than people.  She meets a young, billionaire named “William Norman” but in actuality, Cai Jia Hoa has been paid to pose as him.  He is a poor musician student.  Chu Man risks her job, marriage prospects all to go after William but when he confesses the truth, it’s too late for her to reclaim her old life back.  We’ll see how far Van Ness Wu’s charms will get me through this drama.


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