[Review] Poseidon – 포세이돈


Han Sang Goo (Choi Jung Woo), director at the Korean Coast Guard, aims to bring down everyone who attempts to bring in illegal immigrants, drugs, guns trafficked across the seas.

In order to do that, he gives Kwon Jung Ryul (Lee Sung Jae) the opportunity to put his own team together.  He puts together member from his own team, Oh Min Hyuk (Han Jung Soo) and Lee Choong Shik (Jung Woon Taek) with Kim Sun Woo (Choi Si Won), Lee Soo Yoon (Lee Si Young), Oh Yong Gap (Gil Yong Woo).

Kim Sun Woo was a promising commando in the SSAT (Sea Special Attack Team) but when he becomes entangled in an incident 2 years ago where a female Coast Guard member had died, he is demoted to the Gunsan maritime police office.  When Jung Ryul comes to him offering a position in his new task force.  Sun Woo and Jung Ryul both share a similar history.  Choi Hee Gun, the elusive head of a criminal organization, ordered the execution of their loved ones.

After following up on investigation, Kwon Jung Ryul’s wife gets kidnapped and subsequently killed leaving him a widow and his daughter without a mother.

Let’s start with the first episode as there were many problems with it.  The editing was choppy making abrupt cuts.  Then the story jumps from an intensive action scene to a lighthearted scene introducing Kim Sun Woo as the playboy character.

It takes too long to get to the center of the drama’s plot because they devote so much time into demoting Kwon Jung Ryul’s character after a failed sting operation before the director allows him to create his own task force.  So there’s too much talking in trying to set this drama up.  I probably tried to watch the first episode 3 separate times because I was dozing off so much.  Hmm, maybe I’m watching too much TV?  I don’t know.  But it’s an action drama/thriller.  When you show action that’s too much fluff and less about advancing the plot, it’s a turnoff.  It took another 3 weeks before I started the drama again.

The subsequent episodes were better but there are too many characters in the drama and it’s hard to care about all of them because they don’t serve too much of a purpose.  We even got additional characters appear towards the end of the drama.  So there were many stories that never fully panned out.  For example, they set up numerous lovelines in the beginning but then dropped.

Perhaps it was a device to keep us on our toes but that backfired as soon as the drama switched gears, you knew exactly what conclusion the drama was seeking.

As for the acting, you can tell the difference between the veteran actors and the idol actors here.  The idols still have a long way to go.

Choi Si Won’s acting is adequate.  Although there is a scene or two where he does bare his abs but I can’t help thinking of his Strong Heart interview where he wanted to show his muscles naturally through action scenes in Athena.  Except there were no action scenes for him.  And so when he does bare them here… hehe, it just seems deliberate.

But despite many people saying U-Know Yunho doesn’t act well, I think this role suited his limited range.  His character was stiff and lacked emotion.  Plus, I think he does perfectly well in action scenes.  Have you seen the 이것만은 알고가 (Before U Go) music video?  I think he looks great in it.

However, let’s talk about Yunho’s disappearance in the drama after episode 4.  He wasn’t there long enough to create significant conflict for our main characters.  No love triangle, no betrayal of friendship.  The issue of his character didn’t even resurface until the final episode.

On a personal note, I can’t complain about too much because if he didn’t disappear from the drama I wouldn’t have been able to see him live TWICE.  Hehe…

So without a love triangle, we have a cutesy dynamic between Lee Si Young’s Lee Soo Yoon and Choi Si Won’s Kim Sun Woo, right?

Eeeh, not enough.

Wish there was more.  There was a near-kiss and at the end we were supposed to assume that they got together.

The focus remained on bringing down Choi Hee Gun and his organization.  However, the mystique of Choi Hee Gun does not equal the awesomeness of Keyser Soze.  This major plot narrative was somewhat captivating at the start and there were some interesting villains in the Choi Hee Gun ranks.

But because of the predictability of the twists it resulted in an anticlimactic finish.

The most interesting, visually stimulating scene in the drama is the shower death scene of one of the villains juxtaposed against the baptism of the two kids Sun Woo and Soo Yoon had saved.  However, you have to wait until the final episode in order to see it.  Whaaack.

Most people would have checked out of the drama long before that scene.



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