Just Bananas About: Week of 11/14/11

Woooooah.  It’s been a week of Keyser Sozes!

Last week’s 1 Night 2 Days had everyone scratching their heads and the previous week’s Tree With Deep Roots had people searching for the real identity of Jung Ki Joon.


Running Man tried to do a Spy/Keyser Soze episode but I don’t think it really worked or if anything it had me scratching my head at Gary’s naiveté.  He thought he had fooled everyone because he was given the role of the spy or the mole in the group but everyone knew he was the spy and just went along making Gary think he had tricked them.  At the end, Gary walks out alone in the typical Keyser Soze style.  Huh?  Was there something we missed?  But that was never answered.  Nor was Gary told that he had been tricked.

What did work for me was 1 Night 2 Day last week.  After arriving at the Oh-ji Village (Remote Village), the boys did some Small Room Olympics, Lee Soo Geun predicted what his fellow members would do and finally played some Rock, Paper, Scissors before going to bed.  The last game was to find the loser and the loser would be responsible for cooking the breakfast the following morning.  But of course with Na PD, there is always a catch.  Lee Seung Gi loses the game and he is the owner of a piece of paper that says, ‘I will do it all.’  Now Seung Gi can slip the paper to any of the other boys in the middle of the night while they are sleeping so that he wouldn’t have to cook breakfast.  What happened during that rainy night is the big mystery.

The next morning, they wake up and Seung Gi is asked to check his pockets, which he does.  Surprised, Seung Gi finds the slip of paper still in his pocket.  Wait, what?  What happened?

They just suppose that Seung Gi just fell asleep with the paper but Seung Gi insists that he didn’t have it when he last checked his pockets.

All the boys give their accounts.  Su Geun fell asleep and doesn’t remember what happened.  Jong Min moved several times around the room in order to not get stuck with the paper.  Tae Woong was sleeping across the room from Seung Gi and remembers waking up twice, once when he heard the pouring rain and a second time when Jong Min appeared to be sleeping behind him.  Ji Won remembers Seung Gi giving him the paper but claims that he slipped it into Su Geun’s pocket.

They literally go over all the stories over and over again but they can’t figure out who was responsible for the paper returning to Seung Gi.

Only one way to know.  Watch the tape.  In the middle of the night, Tae Woong wakes up but then leaves the room to go to the bathroom.  But then when he returns, he goes to Su Geun and Seung Gi’s side of the room.  He slips the paper out of Su Geun’s pocket and slips it into Seung Gi’s.  Then slips back over to his side of the room.  What’s scary was that no one suspected Tae Woong. The PD comments, ‘He’s Keyser Soze!  The expression on his face is the thing that’s scarier!’

Nooooo, it can’t be!  He’s a lover a dogs and seemed so earnest when recounting what happened that night.  Noooo.  Wow, what an actor.  He really used those acting skills of his to just make us all believe he was innocent until the producers checked the tape.  He did it so he could eat Seung Gi’s cooking.  Hehe… he just shocked them all and I love that he’s been doing so well on this show especially in Kang Ho Dong’s absence.  He was so quiet and shy in the beginning but he’s really established a strong personality of his own.  Aww, much Tae Woong love from me!


Let me give you a little background into Tree With Deep Roots.  In short, Tree With Deep Roots is about a series of murders that occur on the eve of the release of the Hangul alphabet created by King Sejong (Han Suk Kyu).  That may be the catalyst for the drama but there are so many layers to the drama.   It goes back to Sejong’s past, when his father was king and Sejong was known as Lee Do (Song Joong Ki).

Lee Do often thinks back on a boy named Jung Ki Joon.  Jung Ki Joon is nephew to Jung Do Jun, who built the assembly power in order to restrict the King’s power.  Jung Ki Joon wrote some treasonous letters stating that King Taejong didn’t hold the power in Joseon, rather it was the treasurer.  So when Taejong killed Jung Do Jun, he didn’t erase what Do Jun had done.  Instead, he kept the laws in place and basically took the credit for Do Jun’s work igniting Ki Joon’s anger.  Ki Joon vowed that he would have his revenge.  And now after 30 years have passed, Jung Ki Joon has grown up but no one know what he looks like.

After a nobleman is threatened, Garion (Yoon Je Moon), Banchon’s butcher/medical examiner, is suspected.  After all, one of his knives is found at the house.  Kang Chae Yoon (Jang Hyuk) believes that Garion is innocent.  Why would Garion leave his knife at the nobleman’s home where it could easily be traced back to him?

After Garion’s innocence comes to light, Garion returns home with some compensation money for the interrogation he had to go through.  When some men block him.  It’s Lee Shin Juk (Ahn Suk Hwan) and he wants to talk to him.  It’s because Lee Shin Juk has received a note saying to ‘Save Garion’ but he’s not sure why.  Is Garion part of the secret society known as Hidden Root?  He holds a knife to Garion’s neck to find out why he’s received that note.

That’s when we see that Garion’s face completely change.

Lee Shin Juk finds out that not only is Garion a member but the leader of the group.  Jung Ki Joon has gotten close to the king by becoming one of the Banchon slaves.  Dun dun dun!

If only all dramas had the exciting twists that this drama has as this drama continues to surprise me and keep me on the edge of my seat.  It manages to combine numerous stories but tying them together slowly so their unseen connection is revealed as it continues.  Just like the Usual Suspects.


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