Monkey Poo: The Fall of MC Mong

Looks like the final verdict is in.  He fought and fought and appealed and now he’s got to serve his sentence.

Rapper/Singer MC Mong was put on trial for accusations that he was going to the dentist to get his teeth pulled so that he could avoid serving in the military.  By law, every Korean male must serve 21 months in the military (currently, there’s talk of dropping that mandatory service down to 20 months for the future). Usually by the time they are 30, most males have finished their military service and MC Mong is 32.

In actuality, they can serve any time between 18 and 37 years of age but once they call you, you gotta come in and do your examinations and other prerequisites before entering into the service.  It wasn’t definitively proven that he was going to the dentist to get this work done in order to avoid the military service.  However, the fact that he took repeated trips overseas and exams to obtain a federal employee position was proof enough to say that he had been trying to delay his service.  The court of appeals ruled that they went lenient with him as this is his first offense and that he needed to serve his sentence of 6 months in prison, probation for 1 year and 120 hours of community service.

Today he tweeted: “For over a year, I’m sorry for troubling you with news and cases involving my hateful self.  I’m not sure what I can say at this point.  I’m sorry and again, I’m sorry.  I’m foolish, stupid and thick-headed.  What can I say?  Since I’ve created this chaos, I have to bear this sin forever.  Even if I’m brutally punished, it’s all my fault and I can’t blame anyone else.  And I’m sorry for revealing only the stuff I didn’t do to save my pride.  I have a lot of things I want to say but what right do I have to say anything that will save my face?  It’s all my fault and the love I received was so generous, it felt like heaven.  However, whenever I was on stage singing or making people laugh on broadcasts, I was honestly giving my all.  I used to really like people but now I can’t even meet them eye to eye.  The love you all gave me was truly an honor.  Now, I’m going to help out those who are less fortunate than myself and I will live another life and think of that as happiness.  I am truly, truly, sorry.  Sorry.  I apologize.”

After this, I’m not sure how he’d be able to return to the entertainment world.  The Korean public can be quite unforgiving.  It’s a shame because I think he’s a real talented rapper and composer.  I also really enjoyed him on variety shows like 1 Night 2 Days.  However, he’s still got a lot of supporters out there, myself included.  I guess time will tell.

MC Mong (feat. Park Jung Hyun) – 죽도록 사랑해 (Love You ‘Til I Die)


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