Monkey Poo: Cloudy Skies for Celebrity Mudslinging

I honestly thought that this was either a publicity stunt or a prank pulled by Rapper Lee Haneul (aka Rapper Sky) from DJ DOC.  I was waiting for news stating that this is all a joke and he was just kidding.  I was in denial but I’ve accepted it.  A former DJ DOC member, Park Jung Hwan is suing current DJ DOC members’ Lee Haneul and Kim Chang Ryul for defamation of character.

On Happy Together, Lee Haneul and Kim Chang Ryul stated that Park Jung Hwan had to leave the group for being “rhythmically challenged”.  I actually don’t remember Park Jung Hwan and I had been following them since they debuted.  Perhaps, this deserves a trip down memory lane to my old tapes of groups and singers I followed in the 90’s.  Oh god, does my VHS deck even work?!

Anyhoo, he’s pissed but Lee Haneul has said far worse things over the years.  Remember the whole Baby VOX/DJ DOC scandal back in 2004?  That was pretty bad for both parties.  But this seems kinda tame compared to that.  It has been stated that since the apologies of both Lee Haneul and Kim Chang Ryul were insincere, Park Jung Hwan is going to continue with the lawsuit.  So Lee Haneul is leaving the industry.

I’m a bit sad to hear the news.  Lee Hanuel does have a big mouth and what goes around, comes around.

DJ DOC – 머피의 법칙 (Murphy’s Law)

DJ DOC was a groundbreaking group as they opened the way for Korean hip hop.  I really liked how they studied the hip hop movement in America, made it their own and made it successful in the Korean arena.  Perhaps Lee Haneul really regrets what he’s done or maybe he’s just tired of the entertainment industry as a whole but my childhood will mourn him.  (Appearance wise, I think he’s seen better days.  Ahem.)

However, that’s not the only mudslinging going on recently.  Teddy Riley was chastised by netizens for criticizing the Wonder Girls saying they were a flop in States.

Well, you know what?  I think they opened the doors a little more.  Opening for the Jonas Brothers is big fuckin’ deal when you think about it.  No K-Pop star is going to suddenly leap into the big time in a snap.  Part of the reason is not all the members are fluent in English but with each group that is given exposure in the States, they are slowly gaining recognition.  I’m surprised to find my non-Korean friends asking me about Rain, Wonder Girls and SNSD.  There was a really great op-ed on Soompi news I read this past summer on it: [Opinion] K-Pop ISN’T taking over the world? Don’t make me laugh.

In my opinion, the K-Pop songs that are released for American audiences aren’t among my favorites.  I find the melody to be undynamic, the lyrics to be repetitive (probably because they need to keep the English simple?).  So suffice it to say I skip “The Boys” track on the latest SNSD CD.  I prefer to listen to “Oscar”.


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