Just Bananas About: Week of 12/12/11

So Korean cable has been doing really well these days.  Not only have they created a whole new line of channels but the programming is actually great.  I’d have to give props to one such station, OCN.  Week after week, I have to watch Vampire Prosecutor and Ten, one is almost done with it’s drama run and the other just kinda started.  It feels a little like American programming in that there is a single episode every week instead of the usual two.  Plus, the fact that they are on cable seems to allow the writers a bit more freedom to do stuff that can’t be shown on the major networks.

Vampire Prosecutor had a strong start.  I have to admit that not every episode, every Sunday, had me at the edge of my seat, however, it was consistently original and entertaining in the way the stories unfolded.  I especially loved the episode from last Sunday.  A girl dies at the filming a dating reality show and it seemed that the team couldn’t put together why or how the timeline for the killing unfolded.  It seemed everyone either had an alibi or no motive.

[SPOILER] The fact that the story unfolded like Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express” thoroughly impressed me.  All along I had been rooting for more episodes about the main characters.  After all, this is a Korean drama that was nearing its end.  However, the way the story was told and edited was so engaging.  OCN needs to really get going on doing a 2nd season.  Yesterday and next week’s final episodes digs into the story about Prosecutor Min’s past, how his sister died and the Black Raincoat Killer.

I wasn’t originally planning on watching Ten.  The huge draw for me was honestly Ahjussi.  The lovable Ahjussi (Kim Sang Ho) from City Hunter.

However, the story for the first episode totally blew me away.  It involves the death of a man who may have killed himself by leaping off a cliff.  Except signs point to the fact that he may have been pushed.  The prime suspect is the girlfriend, however she’s dead too.  Until they discover that she may not really be dead.  Confused?  Yeah, me too.   The first episode is 2-hours long but it’s definitely worth the ride.  I’d say it’s a must watch.  The consequent episodes weren’t as great… or let me rephrase, didn’t wow me as much as the first episode but the stories are all pretty interesting.  For a cop drama, this is a really good one.  Why wasn’t Sign or Crime Squad half as good as this drama is?  Without having to be as a graphic, they would have been way more compelling.  So far, I totally recommend it.

Plus, Detective Park (Choi Woo Shik) is sooo cute.  I love that just because he’s the youngest in the group, it doesn’t mean that he follows the seniors like a lovesick puppy.  Well maybe just Professor and ex-detective Yeo Ji Hoon (Joo Sang Wook).  Detective Park is smart in his own right and can even get one over on Baek Do Shik (Kim Sang Ho).


Speaking of cute, this is a recommendation from a friend and it’s definitely worth sharing.  It’s some music videos from Huh Gak called “Hello” and “죽고 싶단 말 (I Told You I Wanted to Die)”.  Huh Gak is a good ballad singer but for me, it’s less about the song and more about the story in the music video.  The story is split into 2 parts and features acting talents from B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung, Sunny’s Kang Sora and… Lee Hyun Jin from You’ve Fallen for Me!  I loved him in that drama and only wished the drama gave him a bigger part, a bigger story.  He would have rocked it in that drama and he definitely does a great job here.  The music video is beautifully shot and it’s a bit of  K-Drama in a miniature way.


One thought on “Just Bananas About: Week of 12/12/11

  1. Ah, Lee Hyun Jin. hehehhe. I wish dramagod give him mercy and let him have a better role, if not as a lead, as a 2nd lead is fine. Cuz I’m fine with having a 2nd lead syndrome. =p He appeared a lot in family drama, right? I’m pretty sure all ahjummas knows him! XDDD

    Can’t wait for 2012 awesomeness! Although what’s line up for now, nothing perks up my interest yet. -.- I don’t know what’s lining up for KBS, MBC or SBS anymore…

    3 main channel is already enough for me but.. with cable tvs? *faints*


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