First Impressions – Vampire Idol: Ep. 1 – 20 – 뱀파이어 아이돌: 1 – 20 회


The vampire prince and his subjects come to Earth from a distant planet to meet with their favorite girl group, Girls Girls.  When the prince’s father discovers their trip, they get stuck here.  So in order to get by, they decide to become K-pop idols.

Honestly I have really been dragging my feet with the first impressions review of this sitcom.  The first episode was TERRIBLE.  But why do I keep watching it?  I don’t really know but I suspect it’s because I think 3 out of 4 of the young vampires are cute.  Maybe??  Yeah, I’m being totally superficial here but they are purrty to look at.

After the disaster of a first episode, I thought the writing got slightly better in the subsequent episodes.  Perhaps it was because I saw a hint of a loveline but it was a fake out.  It could possibly lead to a loveline down the line but we are so far away from any real development here.

I think Noh Min Woo was supposed to play the prince but what with Full House 2, Lee Jung took his place.  Would it have been better with Noh Min Woo?  I doubt it.  I can’t really see Noh Min Woo playing the wacky, unattractive on Earth, vampire prince.  Although, Lee Jung isn’t laugh-out-loud funny either but that’s not his fault.  The writing is subpar.

I think the best episode so far was the episode where our bloodthirsty Soo Hyuk learns to stop devouring people by befriending a pet chicken, Koko.  At the same time, Kim Woo Bin (Played by Model Kim Hyun Joong.  Not to be confused with Boys Over Flowers‘ Kim Hyun Joong.  Dude needs to change his name!) mistakenly thinks the telemarketer over the phone is in love with him.  From beginning to end, the storytelling was concise and fluid.  The same can’t be said about other episodes.

Shin Dong Yup and Kim Soo Mi were, in my opinion, the best part about the trainwreck of a first episode but there’s really no development in character for them.  Which is unfortunate because they are actually talented.

And someone really needs to fix Kim Soo Mi’s makeup.  They cake on the makeup but she looks so ghostly and old here.  And she’s the one that’s supposed to play the human being.  I think she looked better on the 1 Night 2 Days ‘Actress’ special.  And she barely had makeup on that show.

Kwang Hee is amusing but he’s also a one-note character.  With the same comebacks and insults.  Please, someone stop him from speaking English.  My ears are bleeding.

The other 3 vampires, Lee Soo Hyuk, Hong Jong Hyun, Kim Woo Bin though are kinda charming and entertaining in their own light and really I wouldn’t have made it this far without them.

All in all, I’d most likely pass on this sitcom unless you’re reeeeally, really bored.  I can’t really defend why I keep watching this as I barely laugh.  I’m even embarrassed to let anyone on the train see me watching this privately on my phone.  But it’s short and I usually have it playing as I’m getting other things done.



8 thoughts on “First Impressions – Vampire Idol: Ep. 1 – 20 – 뱀파이어 아이돌: 1 – 20 회

  1. I heard that the broadcast station is cutting this series short and I really like it. Subbed episodes takes a long time to drop but I always look forward to it. I like the bromance in this series I really really hope it does not get cut.


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