Jive Monkey Playlist: 1/20/12

Sweet Sorrow, a harmonious group of 4 that specializes in a cappella.  They are: Kim Young Woo (Baritone, 2nd Tenor), In Ho Jin (High & 2nd Tenor), Song Woo Jin (Baritone, Bass), Sung Jin Hwan (1st Tenor).  I don’t think I ever really downloaded their albums because my introduction to them was through OSTs.  They always seem to have this jazzy, musical feel to them and I love that with their four voices combined their music consistently have this full sound to them.

The four met in college through their Glee Club at Yonsei University and tried to form a sub-unit 8-person a cappella group.  As time went on, only the four of them remained.  The turning point was when they won first place in a 2004 music competition and they started to receive recording contract offers.  There even kept their original group name which comes from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.

Most recently, I thoroughly enjoyed Sweet Sorrow’s collaboration with Jung Joon Ha for West Coast Highway Music Festival for Infinity Challenge.

Jung Joon Ha also acts in musicals so it seemed appropriate for him to be teamed up with Sweet Sorrow.

Sweet Nose Sorrow – To Have Affection

(**Because Jung Joon Ha’s singing is nasally, the team name was changed to Sweet Nose Sorrow or Sweet 콧 (Kot) Sorrow.  Also, the name of the song is a play on Jung Joon Ha’s name as it is frequently referenced that he’s interested but hasn’t gotten married yet.)

스윗 콧소로우 – 정주나요

And just a couple weeks ago, when Infinity Challenge decided to parody the popular variety show, I am a Singer, with their own version called I’m Sort of a Singer, Sweet Sorrow was there to cheer on Jung Joon Ha.  (Btw, that was a really good episode (Ep. 283 01/07/12) of Infinity Challenge as I just spent last weekend doing a marathon run of them.)

I think it was at the end of one of these episodes that I got to see the music video for “First Date”.  First off, the song is adorably cute and just makes me happy all around.

It kind of reminds me of simpler times and is a bit reminiscent of The Beatles’ “All You Need is Love” with the brass instruments and the choice of wearing suits with a skinny tie in the music video.  Doesn’t it make you want to skip?

스윗트 소로우 – 첫 데이트

첫 데이트

모닝콜 없이도
눈이 번쩍
라랄라라 너와의 첫 데이트
이불을 박차고 널 만나러 간다
Hello, Hello
스땁따루라 뚜라랏따
오늘 그녀와의 첫 데이트!

진짜 좋은 노랠 틀고
귀찮은 로션도 꼼꼼히 발라주고
어떤 옷이 날 더 살려줄 지
입어보고, 또 벗어보고, 또 입어보고
자, 이제 거리로 나가볼까?

눈부신 햇살이 노래하네
라랄라라 너와의 첫 데이트
가벼운 발걸음, 널 만나러 간다
Hello, Hello Hello

왠지 로맨틱한 거리
나 오늘 왠지 좀 괜찮은 남자 같아
유리에 비친 내 옆모습을 바라보고
씨익 웃어보고, 살짝 고쳐보고

오늘은 얼마나 더 예쁠까
손 꼭 잡고 거릴 거닐고 싶은데
수줍어하던, 쑥스러워하던
그녀가 웃어주면 좋겠어
아 사랑에 빠졌어

괜히 또 바보처럼 웃었어
라랄라라- 너와의 첫 데이트
조금만 기다려, 너에게로 간다
Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello

거의 다 왔다며 웃는 그녀의 문자
서성대는 내 맘 벌써 두근두근

그녀가 내게로 걸어오네
라랄라라 그녀는 반짝반짝
웃음 띈 얼굴 뒤로 가슴이 뛴다

Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello
라라라라 랄라라라라라
라라라랄라랄라 라랄라라라

Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello
스땁따루라 뚜라랏따
오늘 그녀와의 첫 데이트!

First Date

Even without a morning call,
my eyes are wide awake
Lalallala, First date with you
Kick off the blankets, heading out to meet you
Hello, Hello
Stoo-dap-dah-roo-rah Ddoo-rah-rat-da
Today is my first date with her!

Turning on a really good song
Though annoying, I meticulously apply lotion
Which outfit will make me look better
Try on, and take off, and again try on
So now, should I go out to the spot?

The bright sunlight is singing
Lalallala, First date with you
With a spring in my step, heading out to meet you
Hello, Hello Hello

In some ways, a romantic setting
Today I’m a bit like a great guy
Looking at a glass reflection of my profile
Try smiling slyly, fix myself up a bit

How much more beautiful will you be today?
Tightly holding hands, I want to stroll
Whether I’m bashful or embarrassed
I hope she smiles
Ah, I’ve fallen in love

Hopelessly laughing like an idiot
Lalallala, First date with you
Just wait a little while, I’m coming to you
Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello

A text saying that you’re almost here
Flustered, my heart is already thumping

She is walking towards me
Lalallala, She sparkles
Behind my smiling face, my heart is beating

Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello
Lalalala Lallalalalala
Lalalalallalalla lalallalala

Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello
Stoo-dap-dah-roo-rah Ddoo-rah-rat-da
Today is my first date with her!


2 thoughts on “Jive Monkey Playlist: 1/20/12

  1. I discovered Sweet Sorrow through Infinity Challenge and I was floored. They are really good. I didn’t even know they were the group who sang some of the background music used in Running Man.

    And I love the song they made for Jung Junha. It’s really catchy and the chorus was stuck in my head for days.


    • Yes, it’s sooo catchy! I still love the song they did for the War of Money’s OST and… that movie Daniel Henney was in. Seducing Mr. Perfect. “당당한 그녀가 아름답다 (A confident woman is beautiful)” Something like that.


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