[Review] Sherlock – Series 2


You know, I’ve been fangirling about this series for a while now.  After a brilliant first series, there was always the risk of the 2nd one being a dud.  Holmes and Moriarty face off in a battle of wits at the end of Series 1.  I mean, how do you move on from that intense cliffhanger?  As a viewer, you know they can’t kill Holmes.  So how to conclude this scene?

With humor of course!  Simple but brilliant.  Almost fell off the treadmill with laughter when Moriarty’s phone rings and they have that whole exchange.

The big thing this year was the introduction of Irene Adler.  There were a lot of articles, talk in the forums about it.  People were wondering if Lara Pulver could pull it off.  I didn’t recognized the name but upon seeing her I remembered her from BBC’s Robin Hood and most recently from HBO’s True Blood.  I was one of those skeptical ones but I think she did a fantastic job.  She was witty, sexy, intelligent, unpredictable with a dose of malignancy.  “Scandal in Belgravia” all hinged on the successful reception of that character.

“The Hound of the Baskervilles” is, personally, my favorite Sherlock story.  I don’t know what it is about the mystery of the countryside but it’s a change of pace from the other stories. Cinematically, this episode has a different feel to it with the moor being a character all on its own.  I made the mistake of trying to watch this episode on my phone at first but big screen is the way to go.

I love Russell Tovey but is every hound/werewolf drama going to star him?  Okay, he doesn’t play the hound but the episode seemed a bit like a weird crossover with Being Human.

Despite that, Tovey was a good casting choice for “The Hounds of Baskerville”.  Here, we not only get to see a different side to Sherlock but it really showcases how the writers modernize the novels and use science, deduction and reasoning to explain the mystery.  All in all, I like the suspenseful and quaint feeling of this episode.

Finally, we wrap the all too short 2nd series with “The Reichenbach Fall” and it mostly features Moriarty as he openly challenges Sherlock. I was surprised at the casting of Andrew Scott for Moriarty as I had recently seem him playing Paul McCartney in Lennon Naked right before I saw the first series.  Since then, I cannot fathom how he could be anything else other than Moriarty.  He’s too cunning and terrifying.  And funny.  I love it when villains can make me laugh.

Out of all three episodes, I still love the first one the best.  There is a constant tug-of-war happening throughout the episode.  You think it’s going one way and then you are turned on your head.  To the very end, you’re not sure how it is all going to play out.

My favorite scene has got to be the showdown between Mycroft and Irene with Sherlock tucked away silently in the foreground.  It seems that Irene had bested Sherlock and he’s brooding over it.  As much as I like it when Sherlock meets his match, I still want Sherlock to checkmate the opposition.

And as the viewer you’re just standing by for Sherlock to find that key that will unlock the entire mystery and when he does here, you’re not disappointed.

Sherlock is a very mental person and what this show does best is illustrate how he organizes the clues and filters out unnecessary information.

I look forward to Series 3 and to finding out what happens next because apparently all the viewers have missed a vital clue that explains the ending.  Or did we?  Theories abound.



3 thoughts on “[Review] Sherlock – Series 2

  1. I am glad you did not mention much about the 3rd episode since I have not watched it yet. Two of my friends are going to watch the series one since one of them is a big fan of Moffatt so it was easy to convince her. Moffatt owes me a bit since Doctor Who was bit disappointing last season. I am savoring the episodes as they are so few; can’t wait until the 3rd series. Thanks


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