Just Bananas About: Week of 1/30/12

Two dramas have really been at the top of my list these days and for entirely different reasons.  The Moon that Embraces the Sun and History of the Salaryman.  Have you been watching?

First, The Moon that Embraces the Sun.  Yes, a lot has been said about the fabulous young cast.  I can’t wait for the upcoming episode of Strong Heart as some of the cast will appear on the show.  However, it’s now the adults’ turn.  They’re all very talented in different ways and therefore bring different aspects of charm to their characters.  But leading the pack is Kim Soo Hyun.  He’s very talented.  And this last episode ended with a swoonworthy scene.

RAWWWWR!  Kim Soo Hyun, when did you get all grown up?  (Note to self: He’s a lot younger than you.  A LOT.  AHHH LOT.)  Now, I understand why Han Ga In was worried about the scenes with him as she’s about my age.  Dammit, she’s married to Yeon Jung Hoon in real life so you got hotness at home and work?  Lucky girl.  So anyways…  the story goes that Wol (Han Ga In) has no recollection of her younger self, Yeon Woo.  She believes that she is a shaman with no powers until she is kidnapped to help the king from his nightmares unbeknownst to him.  When it seems that she is actually helping, she starts to think that maybe she does have powers.

On this night, she is talking to Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun) while he’s sleeping and it seems that she is strangely drawn to him but doesn’t know why.  As she holds his forehead she gets flashes of her past with him but doesn’t recognize herself.  Then he wakes up.  He grabs her and asks, ‘Who is she?  What are her motives?’

See the whole scene here:


Next up, History of the Salaryman.  I can’t describe how much I’ve been enjoying this drama.  The difficult business terminology, depth of characters, the complicated relationships, and dark humor.  I’ll admit that not very many people will warm up to this drama easily.  You’ve got to enjoy sarcasm and dark comedy.  And lots of bleeping.

Plus, the storyline is very complicated and I thank god for the lower thirds that re-introduce all the characters every episode.  This drama is a sageuk that takes place in modern times.  The writers took the story of Qin Shi Huang (the first Chinese Emperor), Liu Bang, Xiang Yu from Chinese history and applied it here.  Set in the corporate world, it brings the element of trying usurp the reigning king and incorporates corporate espionage.  Ingenious.  However since many of the characters names reflect the actual people from history, that’s why all the names sound a bit strange to the Korean ear.

Although I must say that naming the main character Yoo Bang (Lee Bum Soo) aka boobs…  I almost spit up from laughing so hard.

Other names that deserve notable mention: Mo Ga Bi, Chun Ha group’s Jin Shi Hwang’s secretary, means the boss or gang leader; and Yeo Chi, Jung Ryeo Won’s character, means a type of Korean grasshopper.

Besides finding out what’s going to happen next in the drama, I look forward to the epilogue that plays during the credits.  These shorts are like Psych shorts that appear at the end of their episodes.  They don’t really have anything to do with the plot at large but they are segments within the timeline of the drama that we didn’t get to see previously.  It is just pure comedy.  I mean, anything where you have Lee Duk Hwa take off his toupee begs to be seen.


2 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 1/30/12

  1. Nancy!

    Hahah.. posted only because of that last scene! Heee! Omo. me too cant get enough of it. So jealous of Han Ga In cuz of that sexy vampire and hot Kim Soo Hyun by her side at this moment. Rawr.

    Anyway, I’ve watched two times of the adults episode. 6-8. One time without subs and one with subs. I’ve been having a hard time letting go our young casts. Hehe. But like everyone been saying like they cant connected adult with the young casts. I feel entirely different. (Though I’m having a hard time connecting Wol’s brother and Princess Min Hwa and the two together) Han Gain did her best and definitely can feel the two together.

    Can’t wait tonight! Weee~


    • I like some of the older cast members. Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, Jung Il Woo are great. As for Wol’s brother and Princess Min Hwa. It’s hard to see them together but it was already established with the younger cast that there is a big age difference there. I mean that was a pretty normal thing for the Joseon era, very young woman with men that are 10 years and older. But geeez, Wol’s brother is not cute. It’s kinda like… whhhhat happened to him? However, I think the older Min Hwa is doing a great job matching the younger actress so I like her. Who else? I love who they cast for Janshil. She is spot on! And Queen Bo Kyung is gorgeous as an adult. She was not very pretty as a kid. **Soorrry! Hehe. Woon needs to keep his hair up. Every time it’s down I just want to cut his hair. I don’t like it. Although the older actor does just as good as the younger one. The older Seol is okay too. Although I thought she would look older than how she appears right now. Maybe it’s because she’s so short? It’s weird because the two actresses are 15 years apart in age. That just means that older actress aged very, very well. LOL.


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