Mid-Winter TV Report (2012): Part 2


So as promised, here is a continuation of my last TV Report.  I know it’s waaaay overdue.  We’re into the American TV season a bit more and I wanted to update you all on what I’ve been keeping up with.


DREAM HIGH 2 (드림하이 2)

This one definitely has its problems.  Bad acting, stereotypical characters but it’s still early in the game for it to redeem itself.  At least make it up with the musical numbers because I’m definitely looking forward to those.

UPDATE: I just finished watching Ep. 5 and I am glad to see that the drama has improved.  There is more depth to the characters and the drama showed some improvement in the editing as it made the performances relate to the tension within the plot.  I feel that they should have done this sooner but I’m glad that we’re not halfway through for them to start making their point.


Started last week and I can’t say much about the drama just yet except that it’s cute and I like the supernatural element to it.  What if you can go back in time knowing what you know?  Will you do it all differently?  I like Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Ye Won, I love that Go Kyung Pyo from SNL Korea is in it but Park Eun Bin is very bleh.  Her acting is so plain so far and if I’m going to accept her as the romantic lead then I need to want her character to be together with Yoo Seung Ho’s.

VAMPIRE IDOL (뱀파이어 아이돌)

The humor is still on the very cheesy side but the writing has definitely gotten better.  Also, we got some character development.



I still like the show since I reviewed it in my First Impressions post.  However the show is going to have to start answering some questions soon as I could see my patience wear a bit thin if I don’t see that it’s going anywhere.


Our doctors are still sleeping with each other and still dealing with trauma.  Really nothing much has changed at Seattle Grace.  The most interesting episode was the What If? episode.  What if Meredith’s mother got together with Webber and had a loving familial relationship with Meredith?  What if Addison had stayed together with Derek?  What if Owen had gotten married and had kids with Callie?


Right before Christmas break, Amelia was dealing with a drug problem and Pete and Violet were having marriage problems due to his anger management issues.  I was sooo ready to move on from that drama.  Not that it didn’t make me cry but I felt like a big catastrophe has been hitting our main characters one right after another.  We are still dealing with Addison and her wanting to be a mom but is unable to let go of Sam, who doesn’t want more kids.  I am a little glad for the introduction to Sam’s sister played by Anika Noni Rose.  I’ve been hating Rose’s character on The Good Wife but I like the actress so I’m glad for a little reprieve from Wendy Scott-Carr.


The Syfy American version has definitely veered away from the British version.  And so far, the ride has been interesting.  According to the writers, this season is all about falling into temptation.  I just hope that that doesn’t lead the show to a very dark territory next season.  Yes, the show is dark in general but it balances the dark moments with sarcastic repartee from our roommates.


Oh my god.  The twists keep coming.  I mean if you aren’t watching, then WHHHY aren’t you watching this show?


Okay, so Percy is out and Amanda is in.  Aaah, I was so sure that Percy was the uber-bad guy but it seems that he may not be?  Alex’ story about how her family was executed wrapped up somewhat as we found out what really happened.  However, there was a twist to that story.  (Isn’t there always?)  So it’s not over yet but we have to wait to see how it’s going to affect the New Division.  Strangely enough, Nikita and Michael takes a backseat this season as these other story elements play out.


The first half of the season was a bit lukewarm for me.  I started to not care about what was going on with our characters because it felt repetitive.  However, this half is all about looking at what the future holds and that revamped the series for me currently.


Another two shows that is a bit lukewarm for me.  The characters don’t seem to be going anywhere.  After all that build-up during the summer season on Royal Pains, what the hell happened to Boris and Marisa this season?  At least on White Collar, we see that Neal might be on his way to get his sentence commuted.  It seems likely that it will be commuted but where does that leave our buddy dramedy?


I mean, DAMN!  Have you seen this week’s EW cover?  Elena’s got both men twirled around her finger.  Well rather she’s got both men at arm’s length which annoyed some fans saying that it’s unfair.  However the Original Vamp Family is united and back in town.  Eager to see what havoc they will wreak.


Yay!  It’s finally returning this Valentine’s Day and I can’t wait.  What the hell took so long?

British TV


Downton Abbey wraps up next week on Masterpiece Classic.  However, I couldn’t wait and I had to watch everything a couple weeks back.  Let me just tell you, it’s worth finding out what happens to this family and their servants.  The final 2-part episode is all about 2nd chances.  And it’s worth noting every single quip from the Dowager Countess (Dame Maggie Smith).  FYI, Shirley MacLaine has been casted for next season as Lady Crawley’s mother.


One thought on “Mid-Winter TV Report (2012): Part 2

  1. I was going to drop Dream High 2 after the first two episodes, but I like Ji Yeon and Jung Jin Woon enough to keep trying. I’m glad to hear that it does improve. I doubt I’ll ever love it as much as the first season. Also, I need to catch up on Vampire Idol. I enjoyed what I saw of it, but haven’t had a chance to catch up. 😦


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