[Review] Only You/Always – 오직 그대만


So I finally saw this movie this past weekend.  Been meaning to get around to it.  The movie was what I suspected of it.

Only You (feat. Alice Mun)

Only You (feat. 앨리스 문)

It’s about a love story between a down and out ex-boxer, Chul Min (So Ji Sub), and a telemarketer who is going blind due to an accident, Jung Hwa (Han Hyo Joo).  Chul Min begins a new gig as a parking lot attendant when Jung Hwa hops into his booth ready to watch a drama on TV.  It seems that she used to watch dramas nightly with the previous attendant who had to quit his job because he was moving to another city.  Chul Min isn’t a guy who is optimistic after the cards he’s been dealt in life.  However, he is taken aback by Jung Hwa’s spirit.

Despite the banal plot, you can expect to see some great performances.  Director Song Il Gon especially highlights their performances by the slow pacing and long, silent takes.  It really gives the actors time to shine.

I’ve seen some bad portrayals of blind people in films but Han Hyo Joo is surprisingly really great at it.  Her gaze always seemed far off without the need to constantly turn her head.  So Ji Sub is your average, underdog hero.  And he’s not particularly bad at playing roles like this but it’s a little run-of-the-mill type of role for him.

For me, I enjoyed the lighter moments of the movie.  The scenes where Chul Min and Jung Hwa get to know each other and date.

Since I’m not really digging So Ji Sub’s frizzy perm here, I laughed outloud when Jung Hwa showed up to the date with that god-awful perm.  Those moments are the things that make segments of the movie cute.

Also, there are some great supporting moments by Park Chul Min, Kang Shin Il, Yoon Jong Hwa and Jo Sung Ha.  They interject the melodrama with some humor, dignifying our hero, providing our hero with a nemesis and adding mystery, respectively.  However their appearances are too short, not lasting long enough to make a dent of an impression.

So on the one hand you have great acting but it doesn’t make up for a predictable ending.  Those kinds of twists have been done before and have been done to death.  Before you watch the movie, you know exactly what the plot points are, what the twists will be, when they’re going to happen and how it’s going to wrap up.  I can take 1 out of those 4 things but knowing everything sucks the fun out of the movie.



7 thoughts on “[Review] Only You/Always – 오직 그대만

      • 😦

        Thanks! I have some idea about the lyric but needed some words that I have no clear. My listening isn´t good enough.(I´m a Spanish speaker)

        And what you say about the singer is amazing…. only 15 years!


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