Mmmusings… – Cha Tae Hyun’s not a good fit for 1N2D??

Okay, saw these headlines and it immediately perked me up.  So the Season 2 members just finished their first filming and I can’t wait for the premiere coming up this Sunday, the 4th.  They’ve also did their press conference today and I’m taking the opportunity to just translate the broad strokes.

Mathyung Kim Seung Woo led the conference with, “The first filming went very well.”  Cha Tae Hyun: “I think the 2nd episode will be better than the 1st.” When Sung Shi Kyung was first asked to do it by PD Choi Jae Hyung, PD Choi was very upset and drinking because there was an article about him saying the he’s a skilled producer and a nice person but not a ratings winner which garnered some laughter from the press.  However, Sung Shi Kyung was a little worried following on the heels of a popular show and so he just wants to do his best.  Joo Won wanted to depart from his actor roots and when would he have another chance to do something like this?  For Kim Seung Woo, “Did Kim Nam Joo personally have a say in him being casted in 1N2D?”  She said that he might die of starvation.  (LOL)

Cha Tae Hyun continues by saying… or whining rather that “1N2D doesn’t fit his personality and I’ve repeated this many times.”  But Sung Shi Kyung retorts that, “I think that he’s the one person that matches the program the most.”  To which Kim Seung Woo adds, “He’s like one of the original members!”

For Joo Won the first trip was fun.  Like Shi Kyung had relayed to him, the trip felt like it was 3 Nights and 2 Days long.  It physically drained them to the point where their voices were a bit hoarse in the morning and while there were many hardships, it was a lot fun… which he relayed to his parents???  (Aww, he still reports back to his parents.  How cute.)

You can always expect Kim Jong Min to say the most random comments ever.  His thoughts on the new members?  While Sung Shi Kyung is a Ballad King upon viewing a sleeping Sung Shi Kyung, he thought a giant had come into the sleeping tent.  He worried how he’d fit in the tent.  Kim Seung Woo, although he’s 44 years-old, he’s like a 4 year-old.  Cha Tae Hyun is the variety program’s… Einstein.  Joo Won is so pleasant that Jong Min feels he could teach Joo Won a lot of things.  (Please let public speaking NOT be one of those things.)

Joo Won relayed that although he’s the youngest, he’s very different from Lee Seung Gi and vowed to try and do the program his own way.

According to Lee Su Geun, apparently Cha Tae Hyun has earned a new nickname already.  “Cha Gwi Chan” which means “Annoyed Cha” or “Irritable Cha”.  Sung Shi Kyung is like the new Eun Ji Won who can argue his way out of everything and thinks that perhaps Sung Shi Kyung may have missed his calling by not being a lawyer.  And Lee Su Geun hopes that Kim Seung Woo continues to be healthy.

Finally, Lee Su Geun then illustrated what 1N2D means to him by saying they are like 단무지 (danmuji) or pickled radish to him, the meaning of which will become clearer once we watch the show.  Eee!  Excited about what we’ve got to look forward to.


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