Mmmusings… – TOP is the Lee Kwang Soo of Big Bang?

Oh TOP.  Siigh.  Kinda wish you were more like your IRIS counterpart but at least you make me laugh.  I love it when you imitate YG President, Yang Hyun Suk, and when you tell us stories about maknae, Seungri.  Or even better, when Seungri tells us stories about YOU.  What are you up to when you’re not with the boys? (start at 3:27)  Because I totally pictured you with various ladies on your arm and an open bottle of Cristal.

But now, with the upcoming, highly anticipated episode of Running Man featuring Big Bang, you’re telling me you’re the Lee Kwang Soo of Big Bang?  I did not see you as the clumsy type but I know it’ll be hilarious.

Until then, I guess I’ll just picture you as the resident “Bad Boy”.


6 thoughts on “Mmmusings… – TOP is the Lee Kwang Soo of Big Bang?

  1. So stoked for this episode! I just casually watch Running Man (I haven’t gotten the episodes from my dear dear friend) but I’m sure I will watch this as soon as it gets subbed. Heehee. 😀


  2. I loved these two Big Bang episodes in Running Man. The boys were so funny and adorable, and I loved how Seungri followed Ji Hyo and said in a creepy voice “Don’t be scared, noona”, hilarious. For long I hesitated before starting to watch RM, but as soon as I found out that Big Bang was in it I had to watch. Now I’m loving RM.


    • I love RM. If you have a chance I would go back and watch some of the older episodes. I really, really liked the “Find the Guest” challenge. I think one of the first episodes that featured that was with TVXQ. And that episode as a whole was pretty good. Basically, the stars have to hide amongst the crowd and the RM members have to find them before the stars complete their mission. The stars’ mission would be to find items randomly hidden in places that would contain the RM member’s name on them and that member will be out.

      Also in the beginning, every place the members would go to would be a Korean landmark and they’d do different missions there. So you get a little bit of Korean history while having this game element. I really liked that aspect of it but they eventually ran out of landmarks they could safely run in or request to use.


      • Yeah I watched the several “Find the Guest” challenges and I especially enjoy the race missions. I usually pick random episodes when I want to watch RM, but I prefer the episodes where they do race or spy missions, I find those the most entertaining. One episode that I thought was super hilarious was the hip-hop special where they had Tiger JK, Simon D and several other hip-hop artists in the show, that episode was really funny as the RM cast also tried to act all “gangsta”. I mean Kwang Soo and Jae Suk pretty much looked like two fruitcakes trying to do the pimp-walk.


      • Haha, the hip hop episode was great! “Swag!” It was so funny yet uncomfortable when Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae started fighting passive aggressively in the car. And then when they were in the playground and Choi Ja ripped his pants and they had to tape it! Hilarious!


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