Monkey Poo: New Episode of WGM airs tomorrow

Finally a new episode of We Got Married will be airing tomorrow.  A lot of fans have been complaining on the forums and calling MBC by phone telling them to resolve the labor strikes as much of MBC’s variety programming has been affected, including Infinity Challenge and I am a Singer.  I’m not sure what terms are being negotiated but the strike has been going on now for over a month and has also been making things difficult for the production staffs on the drama side as well.  Although, it hasn’t affected the network to the point where they had to cease airing new episodes which is probably a good thing for fans of The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

Tomorrow’s episode used footage that was filmed right before the strike and was edited by non-union staff.  Considering that, I’m a bit worried about how the episode will come together and whether enough footage is there.  It’s been reported that we’ll see Lee Jang Woo taking care of Ham Eun Jung after breaking her foot and Lee Teuk and Kang Sora will finally have their first kiss.  Afterwards, until they resolve the strike we won’t be seeing any more episodes any time soon.  So let’s keep our fingers crossed!


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