Just Bananas About: Week of 3/5/12

It’s been a really great K-variety weekend with 2 highly anticipated shows, Running Man featuring guests Big Bang and Season 2 of 1 Night 2 Days.  Here’s a short recap of both shows which are also rating competitors.  I’ll go with Running Man first as I don’t have to do a whole introduction.

Big Bang has been making their variety show rounds and Running Man is just one stop among many.  The Running Man members come to the set dressed in all black and looking very cool riding in Jeeps.

Until the Big Bang members walk off of helicopters.  Today’s mission is fight between teams.  Simple as that.  The Running Man members vs. the Big Bang members.

First they will roll a dice to see what kind of weapon to choose.  Judging from the boxes the Running Man member guess it’s their name tags and depending on what they choose, it’ll determine the size of their name tags.  Big Bang gets first choice but they don’t immediately choose the smallest box.  So the Running Man team takes it and when they open it up they see it’s a “Kkwang” or a “Losing Ticket”.  Similarly the 2nd box is a “Kkwang” as well.  So whatever the weapon is, Big Bang has both of them.  The weapon happens to be a bomb.  It is placed behind the person’s nametag and whenever that nametag is ripped off, the person who is also ripping the nametag off gets killed off as well.

Since there are more Running Man members than there are Big Bang members, the producers decided to even things up.  Two of the Running Man members must travel together linked by a paper chain on their wrists.  If they break the chain, both members will be eliminated.  Yoo Jae Suk gives the choice to Big Bang and they choose Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo, lovingly known as the lion and giraffe.

So they are armed and ready and both teams head to the Natural History Museum.  Big Bang are the seekers and they must find 5 lottery tickets among the many that are hidden in order to win before the Running Man members, who are all wearing bells, rip off their nametags.  Taeyang is quick to find the first real lottery ticket.

In the middle of the game, Seungri finds some bells and puts one on in order to trick the Running Man members into thinking he’s a spy.  Gary is oh-so-gullible but other Running Man members start showing up.  Finally, Jae Suk sees a whole bag full of bells on the floor near Seungri and the entire group surrounding Seungri immediately grab him and rip off his tag.

For no reason whatsoever, Kwang Soo rips off Jong Kook’s name tag.  Which prompts Jong Kook’s dongsaeng, Haha to rip off Kwang Soo’s name tag.  I just find it funny that they managed to corner Taeyang in a room and the Running Man team’s worst enemy ends up being themselves.  Kwang Soo trudges to jail ready to face Jong Kook’s ire.

GD runs around trying to find the tickets but keeps getting caught by Haha. Instead of trying to rip his tag off right away, Haha asks him, “Jiyong, have you seen G-Dragon?”  Is this a ploy to get GD to write Haha a song?  Because I’m not convinced it’s working.  GD just sees this as Haha toying with him and tiring him out.

Unfortunately, Big Bang loses the game with only one ticket shy of winning. But it’s not over yet as the Big Bang episode continues next week.  This time Big Bang will be preying on the Running Man members’ name tags and GD vows revenge on Haha.


Welcome the new members of 1N2D!  But first only the 3 members from Season 1 show up at Incheon port for the intro to which Su Geun says, “Welcome to 1 Night, 3 Guys”.  During the intro, Kim Jong Min says it’s not only important to orient the members but to establish their position with the new PD, Choi Jae Hyung.  Unlike how Na PD always seemed to have the upper hand previously, Kim Jong Min suggests that they need to put Choi PD in his place from the start.  Hehe.

While these guys are at Incheon port, various producers head to the new members to catch them off guard.  Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Seung Woo are both at the hair shop getting their hair and makeup done.

I love that for Seung Woo’s intro, they list the many dramas and movies he’s done rolling his credits over the oh-so-cool footage of him in Iris but he’s only done one other variety show, Kim Seung Woo’s Win Win.

They surprise Joo Won at home which scares him when he sees a camera sticking in his face as he walks out the door.  And Sung Shi Kyung was up late the night before because he couldn’t go to sleep so hence we get an eyeful of Shi Kyung’s bedhead which is so gleefully awesome.

Today, each of the new members will head first to an island off of Incheon and the Season 1 members will pick them up on their way to Baek Ah Island.  Unfortunately, not everything goes off without a hitch and the boat that the original members are on must return to port to pick up Tae Hyun, Seung Woo and Shi Kyung.  Instead of picking them up, they will travel together to go pick up Joo Won whose boat is the only one that departed on time.

Jokingly, Su Geun scolds Choi PD saying that Na PD was very good about making sure these details were figured out ahead of time.  Oy, I guess this PD is going to have his hands full with these boys.  They are sure not making it easy for him.

During the boat ride, Su Geun suggests a game.  The last person standing game will determine which 2 members will get to lie down, 2 members will get to sit down and 2 members must stand all the way until they reach Joo Won.  In order to play, they need to count off and stand up.  If more than one person stands at the same time, those people must play the round again.  The last person standing loses.

Uhm Tae Woong and Cha Tae Hyun lose right away and are left standing.  Kim Seung Woo is overly excited but instead of standing up he leaps up, causing him to hit his head on the ceiling.  Regardless, his tactic works and he gets to lie down.  Finally, they allow the two losers to play again, this time to Rock, Paper, Scissors and one of them will get to sit down.  I guess Cha Tae Hyun is going to have to start getting used to losing.  He freely admitted that he’s not fond of traveling nor is he good at playing games.  Lol.  No wonder he thinks he’s not a good fit for the show.

Joo Won is off on the island trying to find some way to get lunch.  A nice elderly man invites him and the crew to his home to have some ramyun.  As the 1N2D boat appraoches, Joo Won cleans up and quickly heads back to the port.  Finally all the members are together.

The boys reach Baek Ah Island and the first thing they need to do is play Bok Bul Bok for lunch which includes several rounds of the Chicken Fighting Game and Pushing Out beyond the boundaries game.

What’s hilarious is that the Season 1 members should be used to this stuff.  However, the new members will not go down without a fight and all 3 of the Season 1 members lose along with Tae Hyun.  The good lunchbox is normal kimbap with sausage and an omelet.  The bad lunchbox includes kimbap with ONLY yellow picked radish to which Seung Woo comments, ‘Some KBS staff member must have been giggling as she was making this.’

After lunch, the boys hike up to see the “Moving Rock” on the summit of the island.  A little bit of exercise and some male bonding.

When they return, they see a well with freezing cold water.  Su Geun suggests playing Rock, Paper, Scissors again and the loser washes their hair in that water.  I have to admit that Su Geun is trying very hard to make the program continuously entertaining and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  But Cha Tae Hyun is irritated at this suggestion of the game and it’s just hilarious to see his expressions.  He plays and luckily enough he doesn’t lose.  Tae Hyun’s expression goes from extreme irritation to extreme happiness.  He’s so gleeful that he didn’t lose that he provokes the loser, Tae Woong, by sprinkling cold water, little by little.

They play another round and this time the loser must face washing their back with a bucket full of that water.  Only this time, Tae Hyun loses.  Are we really that surprised?  A pail of water gets poured over Tae Hyun and he can’t take the cold.

Halfway through, he jumps up and starts running around half naked.  As he’s running away, he suddenly stops and runs back in the other direction because a goat on a leash starts charging towards him.

More hilarity is expected to ensue next week and I can’t wait.  Sure, Choi PD has to warm up to the new gig and work out the kinks.  However, Su Geun is taking the lead at the start and we’re all the better for it.  As cranky as Tae Hyun is about the games, he provides lots of laughter and despite his age, Kim Seung Woo’s efforts are not going without being noticed.  I’m really liking the camaraderie so far.


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