Monkey Poo: JYJ lashing out at stalker fans

While celebrities receive a lot of love and fame from fans, there’s also the flip side of that.  Some fans take things too far and stalk, steal and invade the private lives of the celebrities.  It also happens here in the States too.  But now the spotlight is turned back on JYJ after the release of some audio files.

So Dispatch news reported and released some audio files of the boys cursing and maybe even hitting the so-called stalkers.  It seems the most violent of them were from Kim Jaejoong who at length cursed out these people and may have even resorted to some kind of physical retaliation.  If that’s the case, then I agree that he took it too far unless they were physically assaulting him and it was in self-defense. You can read up about it here.

However, it seems that these recordings were made in 2009 during the whole TVXQ breakup which is a detail that is left out of the Dispatch article.  So my question is why did it take so long to reveal this piece of news?  Dispatch says they’ve been investigating this for awhile but the timing of this release is suspiciously close to the release of Yoochun’s new drama, Rooftop Prince.  Yoochun is no stranger to being exiled by the media as he had to deal with being banned or shut out from appearing on several variety programs during Miss Ripley.


4 thoughts on “Monkey Poo: JYJ lashing out at stalker fans

    • Yeah it’s scary. But it’s hard to grasp the full story with this audio because the recording sounds one-sided. While it is unacceptable if one of them resorted to physical violence, I think there are multiple ways to interpret this audio. We just don’t know. However, I do question the timing of this news. There always seems to be a release of a JYJ scandal whenever one of them tries to do a drama or a concert. They are even banned from all the music shows. Is it SM’s powerful reach? Who knows? But I am suspicious of the way this was reported.


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