First Impressions – I Need a Fairy: Ep. 1 – 7 – 선녀가 필요해 1 – 7회


What is it with Korean sitcoms and their wacky beginnings?  High Kick 3 starts in the future and brings our characters together through a tunnel that connects the two houses.  Vampire Idol brings our 4 vampires from a distant planet to earth and they become idol trainees.  Just once I’d like to see a primetime sitcom like The Office, Modern Family or The New Girl on Korean TV but because ½ hours tend to be aired earlier and 5 times a week, it’s just different.

The premise of this sitcom comes from the basis of a Korean fable called “The Fairy and the Woodcutter (선녀와 나무꾼)”.  Fairies come to Earth to bathe in the mountain pool (Think: Exotic Mountain Spa) and one of them gets their clothes stolen by a Woodcutter.  The lonely Woodcutter was given advice by a (Insert: magical, talking) deer.  The deer’s advice was to steal the clothes which would prevent her from returning home and get the fairy to marry the Woodcutter and then have at least 3 children before telling her the truth.  So after having 2 children, the Woodcutter sees that his wife is crying over the fact that she cannot bathe with her family and friends and he feels guilty so he tells her the truth.  She gets back her clothes, takes her children in each of her arms and flies off, leaving the Woodcutter with nothing.  If he had waited until they had 3 children like the deer said, then she wouldn’t have been able to leave as she only had 2 hands.

Sure, the story may seem innocent and cute in cartoon form.  As you can probably tell, I didn’t care for this story as a kid.  It bothered me when I’d read the book that the Fairy was satisfied with her life except for that day when all the other fairies returned to bathe in the pool.  I just wanted to smack some common sense upside her head. And the ending aggravated me even more because the fairies decided to use a bucket device to scoop up the spa water to prevent more pervy men from stealing the fairy’s clothing.  However, the Woodcutter uses it to take a trip up to heaven to join his fairy wife and live happily ever after.  So the lesson of the day, ladies, is don’t marry a schmuck.  And guys, don’t be a pervy, controlling schmuck.

Luckily, the sitcom veers in a slightly, different direction from the fable.  A mother (Shim Hye Jin) and daughter (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) fairy get stranded on Earth after their clothing gets stolen while they were bathing in a mountain pool.

However, the pool is located near a saguek drama set and gets stolen by two fairy extras who admired the quality of the clothing.

Cha Se Joo (Cha In Pyo) is the drama’s producer who sees the daughter, Chae Hwa, and becomes attracted to her.  He’s surprised to see the two show up on his doorstep claiming that he’s responsible for their lost clothing.  The two end up living at his house until they can find their clothes and can return home.

Truth be told, Cha In Pyo’s first drama where he met his wife, Shin Aera, was my first drama so there’s loyalty there.  I even have his solo album but don’t ask me why.  There’s an unspoken allegiance there.  He still looks good for his age and I love that he and his wife adopt children.  Okay, TMI, TMI, TMI.

So Cha Se Joo is the “woodcutter” in this sitcom as he often resorts to sharpening pencils in order to relieve stress.

The stress mostly comes from his son, Cha Gook Min (Park Min Woo, Flower Boys Ramyun Shop), who wants to give up going to college in order to pursue acting.

In order to punish his wayward son, Se Joo gives Gook Min a piece of log in order to cut down into a pencil.

I didn’t think I’d like Cha In Pyo in a sitcom but he’s hilarious.

Veteran actress, Shim Hye Jin, also brings the funny but she’s no stranger to comedies.

Chae Hwa’s mother, Wang Mo, tracks down the people who took the clothing and finds out that the clothing was stolen from the original thieves, donated to the poor which was then in turn shipped to Africa.

So she decides to earn money for passage to Africa and finds that it’s not an easy task.  She tries to get 100 won (approx. 10 cents) from shopping carts by offering to put them back after people are done with them.

After that’s unsuccessful, she gets a part time job popping rice and selling them but she works the machine near a very busy street and inadvertently causes a traffic accident.  With her forceful personality and unfamiliarity with Earthly customs, Shim Hye Jin always manages to make me laugh with her delivery.

The large cast also features: Lee Doo Il as Se Joo’s brother, Cha Se Dong; Yoon Ji Min as Chae Hwa’s rival, Ma Tae Hee;

Park Hee Jin as aging idol trainee aspiree, Geum Bo Hwa;

Park Min Woo as Se Joo’s son, Cha Gook Min; and Woo Ri (You’ve Fallen for Me) as Se Joo’s daughter, Cha Na Ra.

Now that High Kick 3 is almost done, I think I will be staying tuned to this sitcom next.



3 thoughts on “First Impressions – I Need a Fairy: Ep. 1 – 7 – 선녀가 필요해 1 – 7회

  1. Do you happen to have eng sub of CIP’s “Healing Camp” guesting? I heard that CIP talked about Shin Aera. I’m a Shin Aera fan and it’s difficult to find eng sub of her interviews, NG’s, etc.


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