Just Bananas About: Week of 3/12/12

It’s always hard to get back into things after the weekend.  But it’s even harder when you lose an hour.  Aaah, Daylight Savings Time.  There isn’t much talk on the internetscape about cable network’s tvN drama, Twelve Men in a Year.  I had actually saved the episodes and planned to watch them all in one sitting.  There was a lot going on Wed/Thurs on TV so it’s been tough to keep up.  However, because of the MBC strike and the lack of new Infinity Challenge episodes, it was a good time to catch up on this drama.

I didn’t take to it at first because… the main character, Nam Mi Ru (Yoon Jin Seo) actually grated on my nerves in the beginning.

I preferred her best friend, Park Tam Ya (Go Joon Hee) much, much more.

I also feared that this drama would be like I Need Romance, which I did not take to AT ALL.  However, the drama is more Sex and the City and it’s based on a German novel by the same name by Martina Paura. So at least you know that it’s got a popular novel to work with.


The clear concept of the drama from the get-go was easy to digest and so far, I’ve enjoyed the slew of characters that have made their appearance so far.

Nam Mi Ru is a writer for a woman’s fashion magazine and more specifically, she works on the horoscopes column.  Her editor asks her to get infamous, anonymous writer, Sofia to write a monthly sex/love column.

Well, we’re told that Sofia had decided to escape to Africa and so in drunken desperation, Mi Ru writes a horoscope-themed article about her recent breakup with her boyfriend, Cha Jin Oh (Ohn Joo Wan), who’s a Capricorn.

This sparks an idea in her editor, Sofia should date all the different types of men according to the zodiac calendar and write about her experiences each month.  Which means that Mi Ru needs to date 12 men in 1 year.  Her best friend and photographer, Tan Ya, supports, advises and helps her when she can.

It appears that Mi Ru is going to eventually end up with Jin Oh at the end.  He was very much a schmuck in the beginning but I am warming up to him as the drama doesn’t paint him as a bad character.

And to be fair, Mi Ru was bit of a psycho girlfriend which lead to their breakup.  Frying that expensive watch you bought for him and even fought against a sale hungry crowd for because you didn’t get the gift that you wanted.  Hilarious.  But totally psycho.

I also suspect that Sofia is going to end up being a person she knows or met along the way.  However, I love how this drama has a slew characters that make an appearance in Mi Ru’s world and in that sense, it feels a bit more like real life.  Not everything seems so coincidental in order to fit a small cast of characters in the writer’s world.

I just finished watching episode 8 last night and the subsequent previews for the next episode.  I’m excited to see Tan Ya getting sumthin’-sumthin’ in the coming episode.  I feared that she would be the vivacious best friend that just hangs out on the sidelines.  However, their younger but cute, local barista, Gwan Woo (Kim Sung Je) seems to be down in the dumps after things didn’t go so well with the girl that he was seeing.

So it seems Tan Ya is going to cheer him up.  But is it love or just a one night stand?  Eee!  I can’t wait.

This drama is definitely worth checking out.


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