Mmmusings… – New MCs of Strong Heart

So the news of Lee Dong Wook taking over for Lee Seung Gi on Strong Heart has been circulating for awhile.  Now it’s been announced that Shin Dong Yup is going to be joining him.  (Actually 3 hours ago, one article stated that it hasn’t been fully confirmed yet so there are some conflicting reports.)

Lee Dong Wook was the official MC when he was in the army but I don’t think you could take that and really call it experience.  Army culture’s a bit different from the rest of the world.  However, I’ve seen him in interviews and variety.  He’s pretty lively and talkative so he might be okay.  It’s hard to know for sure.

I like Lee Seung Gi but there was definitely something missing without Kang Ho Dong.  Yes, Kang Ho Dong’s personality was loud but Seung Gi felt a bit lonely up there on his own.  He does a pretty good job but I miss the riffing between the two MCs.  You just don’t really have that when you’re solo.

With the news that Shin Dong Yup will be joining, that’s what really peaked my interest.  Shin Dong Yup was THE MC back in the day.  He did everything before Kang Ho Dong was Kang Ho Dong and just as Yoo Jae Suk was really starting out.

I just remember crushing on him back in junior high and having to catch Sunday, Sunday Night with Lee Young Ja every week… on VHS from the Korean video store.  (Do people even know what that is anymore?)  He was even very popular at the start of this century as he was the first host of Happy Together.

He kinda took a backseat when he had to deal with his business fraud scandal but I see him heading on that upwards slope again.  What with MCing Kiss and Cry with Olympic Figure Skater Kim Yuna and now doing the sitcom, Vampire Idol.

If he does take on Strong Heart, I’m sure he’ll be great as he has this natural ability in getting people to tell their story and he’s hilarious doing it.


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