Mmmusings… – Bohemian vs. Victorian

SHINee released their new mini album earlier this week after weeks and weeks of promo teasers and photos.  I don’t know… I just don’t like the Bohemian look.  I’m not a boho girl.

Plus, the individual, half-naked teasers seemed… a bit awkward for me.  It’s not really the image that I come up with when you know the title is “Sherlock”.

But the album came out and I was happy to discover that the song, while not really catchy, it’s definitely an energy booster of a song.  “Sherlock” itself is a combo of the songs “Clue” and “Note”.  Little disappointed in that since I’ve been waiting for their comeback and both songs don’t really sound that different from each other.  But now we got the music video.  Unfortunately, the bohemian wardrobe still makes their appearance but the other half is that Sherlock Victorian look.  They look so cute and dapper.

Check out the music video!


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