Just Bananas About: Week of 3/26/12

FI-NA-LLY!  The first couple of Vampire Idol finally got together last Friday and today’s episode should be all lovey-dovey, cuteness.  I have been on pins and needles for weeks waiting for these two to get together.

Vampire Woo Bin (Kim Woo Bin) started liking and seeing a person dressed in a rabbit costume despite the fact that Rabbit doesn’t talk but mimes everything.  We discovered that the person inside Rabbit was actually Yoo Bi (Lee Yoo Bi).  She falls for Woo Bin first but then Woo Bin starts viewing Yoo Bi as something more than a friend.

As he began trying to discover Rabbit’s real identity and hoping it would be Yoo Bi, she was too afraid to let it be known as she didn’t know if Woo Bin would reciprocate her feelings.  So we began to see lie after lie, which included allowing their company president Oh Sook to take the blame for being Rabbit and Yoo Bi getting Soo Yeon (Kim Soo Yeon) to be Rabbit.  It seemed like this charade went waaay too long.

After discovering Yoo Bi’s lie, Woo Bin was hurt and went through a deep depression.  Yoo Bi tried to apologize and give gifts but Woo Bin wouldn’t budge.  He was too hurt.

Finally, he steals Min Ah’s (Bang Min Ah) car that Jong Hyun (Hong Jong Hyun) was trying to make into a flying car and flew around the world to clear his head.

Meanwhile, Yoo Bi mopes around the dorms which worries the other people.  If only she was more brave and didn’t have to lie so much to Woo Bin.

When Woo Bin returns after the trip, he’s given some advice that loving a vampire isn’t easy so if he’s not going to commit then make it clear to Yoo Bi.

He decides that Yoo Bi’s too important to just let go.

Now I can’t wait for to see some other couples get together.  I think Soo Hyuk (Lee Soo Hyuk) and Min Kyung (Kang Min Kyung) would be so cute together.  Although Kwang Hee (Hwang Kwang Hee) might have something to say about.  I actually prefer him with Soo Yeon as they could just keep saying, “Terrible, Horrible!” to each other.  Jong Hyun and Min Ah are amusing but I don’t really count them as a couple yet as Jong Hyun keeps pushing her away.  But I believe that Bbang Min Ah will get her man eventually.


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