[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 3 – 일년에 열두남자 3회

It’s just one misunderstanding after another.  Mi Roo’s dipped her toe in the dating pool water but she doesn’t know how to read all the signs.


Freaking out over the fact that Mi Roo gave the wrong card to Hyun Woo, she dials Tan Ya.  Both of Tan Ya’s phones start ringing at the same time and she opts to pick up the FonTanYa line.  Excited about her first customer, she gets into character with her sex phone operator voice.  She promises to do whatever the caller desires but gets hung up on instead.  Did she push too hard?

Her regular cell phone rings again and this time she answers Roo’s call.  Roo wants to know if the Physics Professor had been calling.  What did they talk about?  Tan Ya: “I’ll do whatever you desire.  I’m so hot right now.


Thinking back to their conversation earlier that day, this time she imagines how Hyun Woo must have pictured her.

Catwoman Roo: “Because of the rumors, I also met with the teachers.”
Hyun Woo: “Teachers, too?”
Catwoman Roo: “They loved it.”
Hyun Woo: “Surely it’s just by phone, right?”
Catwoman Roo: “No.”
Hyun Woo: “Then, in person?”
Catwoman Roo: “Absolutely.  I think there’s a limit to what you can do on the phone.”

Tan Ya can’t stop from laughing.  She offers to call back and tell him about the mix-up.  Roo’s face brightens and Tan Ya says that she must really like the Physics Professor.  Mi Roo: “He’s not the Physics Professor.  He’s Hyun Woo-ssi.”  She gags at Mi Roo’s eagerness but calls Hyun Woo anyways.  But instead of telling him the truth, she just drives the FonTanYa character further to Mi Roo’s horror.

Back at the café and sitting across from Hyun Woo, Mi Roo’s unable to lift her head to face him.  He assures her that he knew that the person on the other line wasn’t Mi Roo and felt there was some kind of mix-up.  He asks about her profession and she tells him that she’s an astrologer, handing over the correct business card.

He guesses that she must have liked stargazing so that’s why she got into astrology.  Barista Gwan Woo brings by their coffees and informs Hyun Woo that it was Mi Roo that named their café, Café Star Space.  It’s because there was a back hill near her childhood home where she could see the stars and the neighbors all called it Star Space.

Gwan Woo points down to their cups.  He’s drawn hearts with the steamed milk and gives a thumbs up before walking away.  Seems like he approves of the two.

Hyun Woo asks what Aquarians are like.  Pro: They’re cool.  Con: They’re selfish.  They know nothing but themselves.  They protect their boundaries and they always maintain a certain distance from other people.  Despite the cons, Hyun Woo agrees that he has those attributes.  Mi Roo goes on and on and it’s obvious that she loves astrology.

Getting up, Hyun Woo invites her to join him at the art museum where there’s a Monet exhibit.  She admires that Hyun Woo has elite interests comparing him to Jin Oh’s extracurricular interests.  Looking at the paintings, Mi Roo says she loves Monet and recycles some reflection of the painting from the Monet pamphlet.

Only, they’re not looking at a Monet painting.  The exhibit starts on the 2nd floor.  But Hyun Woo doesn’t embarrass Mi Roo by correcting her.

He tells her that even he isn’t an expert which makes her swoon even more.  It’s a combination of being gentlemanly without being pretentious.

Hae Ra trails after Jin Oh as he exits the hotel.  Surprised, he obliges to take her to the mall to go shopping.  She stares intently at a dress but she’s reluctant to try it on.  Because Anna Wintour wore the dress, it only comes in one size.  Gathering courage, she takes the dress to the dressing room and she’s moved to tears that she can fit into the dress.  Aww, I’ve been there.

Jin Oh also tries on a suit while at the mall but it’s too expensive for him.  He tries to pass it off as the color doesn’t agree with him but Hae Ra promptly takes out her card and pays for it.  She wants to pay him back for taking her around.

Walking along with Hyun Woo, Mi Roo spots Jin Oh and Hae Ra walking towards them.  They look very coupley and Mi Roo’s upset.

She asks Hyun Woo to embrace her in 5 seconds.  He’s wise to the situation and after hugging Mi Roo he pulls her into a steamy kiss.  Seeing them, he’s all “aww, it’s cute seeing people in love” until he realizes it’s Mi Roo.  However since he’s with Hae Ra, he keeps moving along.  Mi Roo’s surprised but Hyun Woo tells her that it felt like the situation Mi Roo was in needed a stronger visual than a hug.

As Jin Oh is dropping Hae Ra off at the hotel, she asks to see him tomorrow but on a personal level.  He’s firm but kind with her.  As an employee of J Hotel, he can’t date hotel guests.  They part and immediately his attentions turns back to Mi Roo and that guy making out on the street.

Tan Ya wants some deets on Mi Roo’s dates.  Stunned, she reports that she kissed him.  What a minx!  Tan Ya’s shocked that Mi Roo kissed on the first date as she’s not the type to do that.  Mi Roo reflects on how the Aquarian came into her life like fate and doesn’t know what’s in store for their future.  It’s all coming up roses.  The important thing is that there’s no use standing around and enjoying the scenery.  She might as well jump all in.

She and Hyun Woos schedule a snow date but Mi Roo sends the response back to Jin Oh.  By accident?  It does the trick as he’s thoroughly annoyed.

Michelle asks for a status update on the Aquarius guy and she reports that it’s all going very well.  Michelle smiles in approval but the Double X Mean Girls are confuzzled by the pleasantness all of a sudden.  They wonder if Mi Roo has something on the editor and Mi Roo takes it all in stride.  She tells herself that in order to catch a man, you have to love yourself.  The real war for women isn’t here in the office but it’s with themselves.  She’s not going to avoid the Aquarian.

After their date, Hyun Woo tells her that there was something he wanted to do with Mi Roo and takes her back to his place.

She’s alarmed and can’t believe that he wants to sleep with her when it’s only their 2nd date.  Hyun Woo asks if she wants to go pick the constellations.  In Mi Roo’s defense, it sounds like a total line.  Mi Roo’s furious but then her thoughts turn to which bra and panty set she put on that morning.  Ha!  Guys, I know it’s a disappointment to discover this but women aren’t always coordinated like a Victoria Secret catalog.  Some days are just granny panty days.

Tan Ya had given Mi Roo some pointers on playboys.  Not all playboys are bad guys as long as it’s a consensus.  I was surprised at Mi Roo’s naiveté here but I think it’s because she’s been with Jin Oh for so long that she not familiar with the dating game anymore.  Tan Ya advises that she tell him that she does want to do it but not now.  So Mi Roo does just that but with dramatic flair and exits the vehicle.  A guy normally would apologize in a situation like that but Hyun Woo just laughs.

The reason he brought her over to his place was because he rented a telescope and wanted her to show him some constellations.  He tried to get some suggestions from an astronomy student but it went over his head.  He’s interested in seeing the Pleiades cluster.  Mi Roo finds it for him and she relays the legend about Pleiades.  Atlas had 7 daughters but the hunter, Orion, had a crush on them.  He pursued them for 5 years.  So Zeus sympathized with the daughters and so he made them into stars which formed the cluster known as Pleiades.

Looking touched, Hyun Woo moves closer to Mi Roo.  It’s a little too close for comfort though; her heart begins to beat faster.  But Hyun Woo’s slick and moves in for a kiss.  Just then, Hyun Woo’s friends walk through the door.

Tan Ya’s disappointed.  Why did they show up just then?  Mi Roo reminds her that she was the one who said Mi Roo should turn him down.  Oooh yeah.  Tan Ya then proceeds to advise her on the 3rd date.  Of course, there may be a difference between Date #2 sex and Date #3 sex but the ultimate goal is the same.

Right, Gwan woo?  Since he’s a man, he should know.  Sitting with the 2 women, Gwan Woo’s looking a bit uncomfortable about the conversation.  He says that not all men are the same.

Mi Roo chimes in and says that she doesn’t want to go that route with Hyun Woo.

Mi Roo and Tan Ya come home to find Jin Oh waiting there.  Tan Ya’s got Mi Roo’s back but Mi Roo tells her it’s okay.  That doesn’t mean Tan Ya isn’t going to leave without having the last word.

Alone, Jin Oh lectures Mi Roo about dating just anyone.  Mi Roo argues that it’s not okay for her to date but it’s okay for him?  Jin Oh maintains that it’s not the same.  He just happened to meet his girl but Mi Roo was full-on making out in public with her guy.  He saying this as a friend but she just throws his advice back at him.

Two masked figures are practicing kendo.  One of them is Mi Roo’s mom.  Leaving the studio, she hears music and a man’s voice calling out dance steps.  Curious, she peeks in.  Some dancers are taking a lesson.  Noticing her by the door, he calls out to her.  A bit embarrassed to have gotten caught watching, she politely bows and makes her exit.  I guess the instructor is used to seeing people like her.  Returning home, she finds her husband passed out on the living room floor with orange peels littering the coffee table.

Hyun Woo and Mi Roo go out for a shopping date.  Stopping at a party store, the two look at all sorts of things but during checkout Mi Roo waits patiently for him to pay for her.  He just buys his own stuff.  When Jin Oh and Mi Roo used to date, Mi Roo hated how cheap he was.  However, she convinces herself that it’s different this time because they’re dutch paying.

In the car, Hyun Woo tells her to look at the item that he just bought.  It’s a static electricity orb that she was admiring back at the store.  He says that since she’s an astrologer she be without it so he bought it as a gift for her.  She beams at his thoughtfulness, “What planet did you come from?”

Hyun Woo gets a call from his friends that are over at his place again.  They’ve been waiting for him and didn’t know he had other plans.  Mi Roo asks if it’s a special day.  It’s his birthday.  Bummed that she didn’t know or prepare anything, she insists on getting him a present.  Well, he did have an expensive gift in mind.

Oooh but those damn friends.  Hyun Woo should really consider changing the passcode to his place and establishing boundaries because it’s affecting his sex life.

Together, they all celebrate his birthday at home and have some cake.  One asks if Mi Roo’s really an astrologer which prompts the obnoxious, loudmouth friend (You know you all have on.  If you don’t, then it’s you.) to condescendingly ask if she really believe in that and if it’s real.

Secretly, Hyun Woo texts Mi Roo telling her to not concern herself with that friend.  He’s always like that and sends a little wink of encouragement.  Okay, is it bad that even I’m swooning a little at this?  Being around a new lover/boyfriend’s friends for the first time isn’t easy and while I get the player vibe from him, he’s so damn charming at it that I don’t mind.

Meanwhile, the loudmouth is still going on and calls all astrologers conmen.  Calmly, Mi Roo offers to give him a reading.  She takes out the static electricity orb that Hyun Woo gave to her and asks the loudmouth to close his eyes and place his hand on top of the orb.  What’s his birthday?  “September 3, 1986… 3PM?”  Giving Hyun Woo a signal, she puts on a little show and receives a text from Hyun Woo about the loudmouth’s first love.  Everyone is privy on the joke except for the loudmouth since his eyes are close.  Leaving the party, he’s a little bit more somber from thinking about his first love again and a bit more humbler.

Mi Roo and Hyun Woo head back to the apartment and he says, “You know what? I never opened that present before.  Can I open it?”  Thinking back to what Tan Ya had told her about the 3rd date, Mi Roo goes AAALL in.  They stumble towards the bedroom and Mi Roo’s in disbelief that she’s really doing this.  Before you know it, clothes go flying and she likes it, she really, really likes it.

Thinking to herself, she concludes that she must be an easy lay.  Then changes her mind.  It’s okay because she loves him.  Post-coital, Mi Roo turns to him and says, “I love you.”

At the gym, Tan Ya is working out very audibly to the delight of the men.  Mi Roo tries to quiet her but Tan Ya’s more interested in hearing about the 3rd date.  So was it good?  Mi Roo’s not sure.  His response was very strange.

After the love confession, Hyun Woo responds by jumping out of bed and asking if she wants some tea.  Haha, the response is obvious, isn’t it?

Mi Roo had tried to make some small talk.  It’s late.  Maybe she should go.  Instead of asking her to stay, he agrees.  She asks Tan Ya if she did something wrong.  Errr, how about not telling him that you love him on the 3rd date??  Tan Ya tells her that men are all the same.  They fire things up as quickly as they cool things down.  And they like to do it all over again.

At the café, Mi Roo checks if Hyun Woo had come by.  Gwan Woo hasn’t seen him.

At home, Mi Roo mopes in bed.  Unable to take it any longer, she call him up but his phone is off so she leaves an angry message.

She’s even moping at work.  One of the Double X Mean Girls comes up and asks what she’s doing for the editor but Mi Roo’s coy about it saying that she should ask the editor herself.

Mi Roo calls Hyun Woo’s house and a woman answer the phone.  Not happy, she asks if Hyun Woo’s home and the woman asks who’s calling.  Upon hearing Mi Roo’s name, she realizes that it’s one of Hyun Woo’s friend from the birthday party.  She hands over the phone.  Hyun Woo picks up and says he’s got guests over and she should come over too.

Arriving at Hyun Woo’s place, he tells her to get comfortable and talk with his friends while he’s cooking.  He’s very nonchalant about it all.  But she’s not here to see his friends.  She wants to know what Hyun Woo’s feelings are.  He tells her that he likes her, wants to hang out with her, eat with her and sleep with her.  Basically, they’re friends with benefits but nothing more.  She’s not happy that he controls everything.  He starts it when he wants to start thing and ends it when he done with it.  Don’t her feelings matter?

Hyun Woo coldly tells her that he though Mi Roo was cool and if he misinterpreted that then he’s sorry.  Ouch.  Though you knew this was coming, it’s still a little harsh to hear.  The 2nd guy: Aquarius, a man who invites women over his home where he lives alone.  Though you’re allowed to enter my home, don’t enter my heart.

Mi Roo’s anger flares up and she starts hitting him over the head with various vegetables.

Only it’s just in her head.  She thinks that the good thing about meeting Hyun Woo was that she was able to forget about Jin Oh.

Over soju and grilled pork rinds, Mi Roo whines to Tan Ya about her dating woes.  Tan Ya’s heard it all before but she sees that Jin Oh has shown up with Hae Ra.  Completely drunk, Mi Roo makes a fool of herself in front of the two.  So Tan Ya drags Mi Roo out and tsk, tsks her.  Mi Roo is a bit sad but she’s trying to accept that they are both moving on saying the girl with Jin Oh looked pretty.

So now, Mi Roo puts her focus on the Sofia column for the month.

“It’s funny.  When we were together, I thought the relationship would last.  Immediately after breaking up, he immediately falls in love again.  As always, women believe in love and men believe in sex.  For those women that have an Aquarius lover, don’t believe that just because you slept with them that he decided to let you in.  Whoever tries to enter deep into his heart will be met with counter fire.”

As Michelle reads this, she sighs.  Has it touched a soft spot for her?

Outside Hyun Woo’s office, a female voice calls out for him.  It’s Tan Ya.

“My friend cried a lot because of you.  Who do you think you are?  It’s fine to date.  It’s fine if you want to sleep with her.  But…”

She leaps into a flying kick.

“…you got terrible breakup manners.”


Mi Roo’s learning the dating game.  Not everyone wants to be in a committed relationship.  I agree with Tan Ya though.  The way Hyun Woo left things was just bad manners.  He’s so confident in everything else but a wuss when it comes to confessing what he wants from Mi Roo.  He should have just told her when she said, “I love you.”  Or told her before he slept with her that he wasn’t interested in a relationship.  This is like the SATC Berger Post-It incident all over again.

Although, I do have a bone to pick with Mi Roo.  She says the L-word after sleeping with him once?  Sometimes Mi Roo is a little frustrating to watch because she’s so naïve.  While Tan Ya’s a great friend, sooner or later she’s going to have to stop fighting Mi Roo’s fights for her.  It’s like my unintentionally flirty friend.  She just doesn’t understand innuendos.  So when she invites a guy over to uncorked her wine bottle for her, she really wants them to JUST uncork the bottle.  And when he makes a move, I know I’m going to be hearing about this later.  You know, you give advice but if they’re not ready to listen there’s nothing for me to do but listen and try to be a good friend.  Even though, I’m smacking my head saying uh-duh.  Some people just need to figure it out for themselves.


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