[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 4 – 일년에 열두남자 4회

Jealousy rears its ugly head as Mi Roo travels back through memory lane for that one elusive guy from her past.


Double X is buzzing with the success of Sofia’s Aquarius column.  Min Joon sneers at the success of the column and that Mi Roo’s receiving accolades even though she didn’t do anything.  Mi Roo agrees.  Her job is to retrieve the article every month and it’s become a hit.  What’s Mi Roo to do?  I guess she’s going to have to live with the success.  Oh well.

Flipping through this month’s Double X, Jin Oh checks out the column and again it’s sounding all too familiar.

Mi Roo slams down the magazine on Michelle’s desk.  She’s fuming mad because Michelle put an ad in for men to apply to on the page.  This puts Sofia’s anonymity in danger.  Michelle just wanted to help since it may be hard to find a new man of a different sign each month.  “It’s not hard at all!  I mean, she says it’s not hard at all so Sofia wants you to cancel the ad.  Put the notice on the homepage and in next month’s issue.”  Michelle complies but what’s she to do with all the applications that have come in already?  It’s about 200.  Mi Roo is still against it but takes the box of applications anyways.

Tan Ya reads through some of them and thinks it’s a great idea to take advantage of this.  Mi Roo worries that they could be creepers and it’s hard to read a person by details on a page.  Also, they want to meet Sofia, not her.  Tan Ya offers to take them off her hands but Mi Roo refuses.  She even pleads with puppy dog eyes.  No way.  The box is off limits.

So what’s the plan for Pisces?  She can’t meet a stranger or someone who expects to meet Sofia.  Do they know a Pisces in their circle?  Hmm, what’s Gwan Woo’s birthday again? Haha, Tan Ya’s so eager to help Mi Roo out that she’s willing to grasp at any straw.  Mi Roo’s not interested so she can take Gwan Woo.  When Tan Ya doesn’t respond right away, Mi Roo presumes she’s interested in the little barista boy.  No way!

Wait a minute!  Won Bin.  Why the hell would Won Bin be interested in her?  Tan Ya: “Not that Won Bin.  Jang Won Bin sunbae.  Your first love.”  The 3rd guy: Pisces, won’t ever forget those sad eyes of Terius (a character from the cartoon, Candy).

Tan Ya: “It’s perfect.  It’s someone you know, he’s not a serial killer and you don’t need to sleep with him… because you’ve already slept with him.”  “Huh, what?”

Mi Roo had bragged that they had sex after going away on a trip together.  While the original plan was to return home, their car had broken down and they had no choice but to spend the night somewhere as it would take some time before they could fix it.

Won’t Mi Roo be curious to see what he’s like now?  Then Mi Roo has another flashback.  Back to the time when Jang Won Bin (Kim Jin Woo) had broken up with her.

Back at home, Mi Roo looks through old photos of Won Bin and his college band.  Off to the side, Jin Oh is also in the picture and she grumbles how he always interfered everywhere.

A college-aged Jin Oh is on stage trying to sing but the crowd just chants for the band, Thunderbird.

Won Bin taps Jin Oh on the shoulder.  Jin Oh’s just killing time until the real act appears.  In the audience, Mi Roo hops around to the music while Tan Ya snacks on chips and looks on suspiciously.

Jin Oh’s down in the mob trying to keep back the screaming girls from storming the stage.  Oh god, good luck dude.

Mi Roo makes some calls to some old college buddies to see what Won Bin is up to these days.  Some rumors include that he went to Argentina, that he became a priest or that he died.  Did that last rumor come from Jin Oh?

Mi Roo blames herself for what happened to Won Bin.  His family was going through a hard time and if she only stuck by him it wouldn’t have turned out the way that it did.

Enter Jin Oh who’s still fuming over the Aquarius guy article.  Tan Ya casually mentions that if one breaks up with his significant other, then one should probably find a café that’s not frequented by his ex.  He responds, “Is it a café that’s only frequented by the ex-girlfriend?  It’s also a café that’s frequented by the ex-boyfriend.  Why don’t they go find another café?”  Tan Ya’s about to curse him out but opts for switching her tactics.  “So I heard you found a new girlfriend.  I don’t see her.  Did you breakup already?”  He tells her to stop butting into other people’s business.

It reminds Mi Roo to ask why he’s spreading rumors that Won Bin had died.  At first, Jin Oh pretends that he doesn’t remember so she jogs his memory.  “Oh that player?  He died?”  He smirks.  Since Jin Oh still keeps up with the other Thunderbirds, he must have heard something.  Jin Oh supposes that she just wants to reconnect with Won Bin so she can sell the story to Sofia bringing up the fact that he knows the Aquarius guy in the article is the guy she was making out with on the street that other night.  He continues to insult her saying has life gotten so hard that she feels the need to stoop to selling her love life to Sofia?  Or rather, is she Sofia?

Mi Roo reacts by splashing water on him.  Jin Oh seethes saying how she just thought he was the world’s only pushover so she treated him like crap according to her whims.

About to see a fight start, Tan Ya steps in and tells him to step outside.  He refuses.  Tan Ya tells him that she’s tried to let it go but now she wants to give him a piece of her mind.  Jin Oh’s unwilling to back down saying that just because Tan Ya took some fighting lessons she thinks she’s all that?  Men just take it from her because they were cutting her some slack.  Mi Roo tells him to shut up.  Now Gwan Woo steps in.  He calmly tells Jin Oh that he’s gone too far.  Haha, Jin Oh’s being ganged up on.

Jin Oh now turns to dissing Gwan Woo saying that he should just stick to selling coffee.  From their expressions, everyone is boiling mad but that doesn’t stop him.  Now Jin Oh definitely needs to find a new place for his morning cup of joe.

Leaving the café, looking a little worse for wear, he thinks about how he never said that Jang Won Bin was dead.  Although he might have wished him dead.

Back in college, Jin Oh was the nerd that looked up to Won Bin.  He wanted to learn how to play “Hotel California” and Won Bin assumes that it must be for a girl.  Jin Oh had a total man-crush on him.

Checking in with Mi Roo about the Twelve Men column, Michelle asks if Sofia has met Pisces yet.  Mi Roo says that she’s still got a week.  Michelle points out that there’s not much time for Sofia to meet the guy and have relations if she doesn’t get moving.  So she pulls out some pictures.  They’re all models that could potentially be good candidates.  Mi Roo tries to protest but Michelle stops her.  She knows; Sofia doesn’t want anyone else to get involved.  This is just for insurance.  Selecting one picture from the stack, Michelle says the Si Hoo even knows Mi Roo.  Si Hoo?  Mi Roo doesn’t remember but Michelle thinks it’d be a good idea to introduce him to Sofia.

On her way out of the office, another cop car pulls up in front of Mi Roo.  He asks where she’s going.  Isn’t this a misuse of his time when he should be… you know, protecting the city?  He thinks so too, so can she please ask him mom for him?  So where is her mom anyways and while he tells her that he’ll drive her, she insists on going on her own.

The back window rolls down and her mom’s in the backseat.  This cop car taxi service could prove to be useful if Mi Roo can get a date out it.

While in the car, Mi Roo’s busy texting with Tan Ya about whether she was able to track down Won Bin oppa.  At the same time, Mi Roo’s mom is trying to have a conversation with her only her daughter’s not really listening.  I feel bad.  She doesn’t get any attention from her husband or her daughter.  Mi Roo changes the subject to her dad.  Where is he?  Her mom doesn’t know so Mi Roo continues to press for answers, which irritates her mom.  He’s probably off on some island taking pictures.  All she wants is to have a date with her daughter.  She suggests that they go see a movie, something romantic and beautiful like Meryl Streep in Bridges of Madison County.

In a darkened theater, a tear rolls down Mi Roo’s face and she turns to see her mom dozing off.  OMG, this is my relationship with my mother.  Why pay $15 to see a movie if you’re going to fall asleep?  You’re not even talking to each other.

Suddenly Mi Roo gets a text from Tan Ya.  If she finds Won Bin oppa, then Mi Roo needs to hand over the model photos that Michelle gave to her.  Agreed!

After the movie, the two head to a café.  Mi Roo’s still texting and her mom has this far-off look.  Her mom wants to know what Mi Roo thinks about her and her dad separating.  What?!!  Mi Roo asks if her dad did something.  Rather it looks like the passion has cooled in the marriage.  Mi Roo defends her dad saying that he’s not the type to cheat.  Her mom knows that her dad isn’t like that.  Mi Roo sighs but there’s no time to dwell on her parent’s marriage.  Tan Ya’s found Jang Won Bin.

He’s in a band on the Hongdae rock scene.  Mi Roo marvels at how close he’s been and she never knew.  Now that Tan Ya’s done her job, the model pictures.  All of them.  Pretty please!  Hee.  His band’s name is Tipasa.  It’s from one of Mi Roo’s readings in college about a town in Algeria.  In the poem, the gods would come down and live there in the spring.  In the sunshine, with the scent of absinthe in the breeze, the beautiful blue waters, where the wildlife can roam freely and the flowers bloom in the sun.  Mi Roo wants to go there someday.  Moreso than places like Hawaii, New York and Paris, Tipasa seems like a town stuck in ancient times and she feels that she’d be able to find herself there.  After all these years, he’s remembered and named his band after it.

After several drafts, Mi Roo settles on writing a short and sweet note to be left on the band’s contact page.

Jin Oh’s also doing a little research of his own.  So where is Jang Won Bin these days?  Back in college when Won Bin asked to borrow money from Jin Oh, he was reluctant to give it.  But it looks like Jin Oh had lent him the money after Won Bin had complimented his guitar playing saying with some more practice he could probably master “Hotel California” in a week.  Years later, Jin Oh’s pissed that Won Bin never paid him back.  Obviously it’s deeper than that but that’s the excuse Jin Oh is going to stick with for now.

In a small Hongdae club, Tipasa plays to a crowd of adoring female fans.  Returning to his room, he sees the message that Mi Roo’s left for him.  He responds, “How can I forget you?  Roo…”  Seeing the response makes her heart flutter.  He’s the only guy that calls her Roo.  They start corresponding with each other and then Mi Roo decides to send her number.  He calls her right away.

Tan Ya gleefully browses through the model pictures and picks out the Pisces, since Mi Roo no longer needs it.  She returns the other pictures since Mi Roo won’t know if she’ll need them.  Mi Roo is unsure about going to the concert.  She put Won Bin behind her and to rehash old memories is kinda like taking a backward step.  Also, she’s got to confess something to Tan Ya.  That fateful trip back in college, she never slept with Won Bin.  Tan Ya thought that that was Mi Roo’s first time so that means Jin Oh took her virginity?  Mi Roo was embarrassed that she was a late bloomer so she lied.

Okay, Jin Oh’s bold.  He returns to Café Star Space and obnoxiously puts in his order.  Why did he come back?  Jin Oh’s looking for info on Mi Roo’s whereabouts and Tan Ya inform him that she came and went.  To where?  Tan Ya is mum but Jin Oh guesses that Mi Roo’s meeting Won Bin for the Sofia column.  She slept with that Physics Professor and she’s planning to meet Won Bin again so she can sleep with him too, right?  Hmm, the way he’s making it sound is like this column is pimping Mi Roo out like a prostitute.  I could see where he’s coming from though.  Tan Ya reminds him that they’re no longer together and since he doesn’t own Mi Roo he should mind his own business.  She adds another dig at him, “She’s dreaming a good dream that she hasn’t dreamt in a long time.”

Jin Oh calls Mi Roo up and tells her that she can’t meet Jang Won Bin.  Anyone else but him.  She tells him to get lost but he’s right in front of her place.  Why does he care that she’s meeting Won Bin anyways?  Jin Oh tells her that 7 years ago he… borrowed 200,000 won (approx. $200) and… Jin Oh can’t say the words but I will.  He can’t stand the money he lent was used so that Won Bin could sleep with her.

Mi Roo asks if this is just about the money because Jin Oh’s cheap.  Then fine, she’ll pay the money back.  She’s just tired of all this.  Jin Oh will take the insults as long as she doesn’t see him again.

Jin Oh recalls how he secretly had a crush on Mi Roo in college.  He had to watch Won Bin going after Mi Roo from the sidelines.  What’s even worse is that Won Bin played “Hotel California” for Mi Roo, which he had been practicing for her.  Yaaa know, in my opinion, I’d go with a different song.  The lyrics to that song are super possessive and creepy, if you ask me.

Hae Ra and Jin Oh are back at the BBQ restaurant and he comments how good Hae Ra has gotten at eating grilled pork rinds after initially being grossed out by them.  She says that she’s grown to like it because Jin Oh likes it.  Eww, I don’t like women like that.  It’s find if your S.O. introduces you to a new cuisine and you end up liking it but the way she says it, it makes it sound like she needs a man to make up her mind on her likes and dislikes.  It’s like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride and when she didn’t know how she liked her eggs.  It always coincided with how her S.O. liked their eggs cooked.

Jin Oh begins to tell her about his first love, Mi Roo.  Though he not in love with her anymore, Hae Ra wants to know what she was like.  He describes her as an idiot who believes that she was the main character in a fairy tale.  But because of that, he felt like prince charming.  Everyone’s got a first love, right?  Even Hae Ra.  From her look, it seems like her first love is fast becoming Jin Oh.  Does he know what he’s walking into?

Back to their college days, Jin Oh sits with all the Thunderbird members as Won Bin recalls his night with Mi Roo.  With the exception of Jin Oh, they all have questions for him.  Did he purposely broke the car down so they’d have to spend the night?  How was it?  Was she a virgin?  Of course not. Jin Oh slams his fist on the table… and orders another kettle of makkeolli.  He’s gotta sit there listening to Won Bin’s fake conquest story.  What’s even worse is that Won Bin thanks Jin Oh for lending him the money that made this happen.  He slams his fist down again, startling everyone and… orders a plate of kimchi.  Then Won Bin says that since he’s done the deed with her, he’s bored so he won’t be seeing her again.  So the guys ask him to pass her around.  Guys are so fucked up sometimes.  What the hell?

Jin Oh walks into the band room and sees Won Bin making out with a girl.  Na Mi Roo?  Nope, it’s someone else.  Catching sight of Jin Oh, he tells him to shoo and Jin Oh exits.  Just then, Mi Roo rounds the corner and heads straight for the band room.  He prevents her from going in.  She asks for Won Bin.  From the tears in her eyes it seems that he hasn’t called in a while.  The door opens and immediately Jin Oh shuts it close.  He fibs and says that he saw Won Bin at the open-air theater and sends her away so she wouldn’t have to be humiliated at the sight of Won Bin with another girl.

Back in the present, Won Bin’s rocking out on stage.  Mi Roo cheers for him and it’s almost like she’s back in college.

Jin Oh remembers that Mi Roo was crying in the open-air theater alone after not finding Won Bin.  He pulls out his guitar and starts playing “Hotel California” for her.  Poorly but it’s still endearing.  Just as he’s about to sing, she yells at him to stop mocking her.  Thinking about Tan Ya’s words that Mi Roo’s going to be dreaming a good dream that night, he can’t take it.  He needs to find her now.

Won Bin and Mi Roo catch up at a pojangmacha.  She tells him that he hasn’t changed at all but he doesn’t take it as much of a compliment.  He bemoans that he must be bad luck to the people around him since he made it so difficult.  If he did anything right, it was that he broke up with Mi Roo.  Whhaaaat a liiiine!

Jin Oh shows up at the club looking for the two.

Mi Roo asks if he really liked her.  If he didn’t then he wouldn’t have given up on her.  He tells her that he didn’t really like her… he loved her.  UUUGH!!!  This guy is the king of lines.  All this cheesiness is giving me hives.  I’ll admit that the guy is pretty hot when he’s rocking out on stage but without the band, he’s got nothing.  He tells her that he broke up with her because he was protecting her happiness.  She calls him a coward but in a cutesy voice so she doesn’t entirely mean it.  She says that she was young then and hated him but now she can understand where he was coming from.  Since it’s cold out, he suggests that they find a warm place so they could catch up all night long.

He takes Mi Roo to his place.  It’s the band room which also serves as his apartment.  It’s exactly the type of space you’d picture the artistic type like him to be living in.  Small and humble are the surroundings.  Won Bin’s cell goes off and he answers it.  It’s another girl but he quickly brushes her off.

Strumming the guitar for Mi Roo, she asks if he remembers the old her.  He doesn’t think she’s changed.  Has he thought of her often over the years?  He tells her that the reason why he named his band Tipasa was because there was a girl he knew who wanted to go there.  They recite the lines from the Tipasa poem and he says he hasn’t forgotten her.  Mi Roo: “This is the one!  My fate.”  Won Bin moves in for the kiss.


How can you not find the cheesiness of a player like this funny?  What the drama is doing well is bringing out all the different personality stereotypes of men.  Although after seeing the 2nd and 3rd guy, it seems like all men are dogs.

I mentioned that I was annoyed with the fact that Mi Roo is so naïve.  However her naiveté works in this episode with Won Bin.  Seeing him again brings her back to her 21 year-old self.  Being 21 and falling in love feels very different than being 29 and falling in love.  But it’s Mi Roo’s way of rediscovering herself.

This episode brought up the subject of change.  Sometimes when you reminisce about your past, it can seem like the past was simpler and more innocent making you want to return to it.  But change is a part of life which is something that I hope Mi Roo discovers.  Without it, there’s really nothing left to do but die as you can’t live a standstill life.  It just doesn’t work that way.  And I’m eager to see a wiser, more grown-up Mi Roo.

On the other hand, Jin Oh still has feelings for Mi Roo.  I liked seeing his college self as I felt that we only got to see the version of Jin Oh from Mi Roo’s point of view.  Before it seemed to me that he was with Mi Roo out of convenience.  There are some people that just don’t like to be single.  While he was a complete nerd in college, he went to great lengths for Mi Roo and it showed that he really did love our heroine.  She may never know what he did for her but it just made him more appealing.  It just took an old frenemy to show up for him to realize it though.

We also got to see the mother/daughter relationship in this episode with Mi Roo and her mom.  Mi Roo’s got her own problems and going through her quarter-life thing and her mom is going through a middle-aged crisis herself.  While the experience is different, I think they could be helpful to each other.


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