[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 5 – 일년에 열두남자 5회

From a past love to a sex bomb, explosions are about to go off in Mi Roo’s next quest to get laid.  This episode shows a whole new meaning to “watering the plants”.


Mi Roo and Won Bin recite the Tipasa poem and it’s like they’re in college again.  She’s touched that he still remembers and that’s when Won Bin moves in for the kiss.  Just then her phone rings and it’s her mom.

Jin Oh sprints for Won Bin’s place only he’s already got another girl there.  Using the same tactics, guitar strumming and reciting poetry, the girl is smitten.

He charges through the door, thinking he’s saving Mi Roo in the nick of time, he surprised to see that she’s not there.  Oops, again.  It’s a sight that Won Bin is familiar with and calls him by his college nickname, Idiot.  Ha.  Nothing’s really changed from college.

Mi Roo’s at the hospital because her dad got into a car accident.  He says that a truck just hit him slightly… oh so slightly, yet he’s wearing a neck brace.

Her mom’s visiting with the other accident participant, a young woman.  She asks if the woman is all right in that cop tone of voice.  Immediately, the woman starts getting defensive and claims that she didn’t do anything wrong.  So Mi Roo’s asks about her age and she replies that she’s 29, which is Mi Roo’s age.

Cut to Mi Roo questioning her dad.  Her dad explains that she’s a friend’s daughter and that he was teaching her how to drive.  Yeah, like that sounds believable.

It was just a misunderstanding and Mi Roo’s dad needs her to explain it to her mom.  Just then, Mi Roo’s mom walks in, only to retrieve her bag before going straight back out.  Mi Roo chases after her and retells her dad’s version but she doesn’t want to hear excuses.  Why doesn’t Mi Roo ever take her side?  Mi Roo is shocked.

Jin Oh demands to hear the truth from Won Bin.  Does he love Mi Roo?  He doesn’t and Jin Oh points out that Won Bin never loved her in college either.  He warns Won Bin to stay away from Mi Roo but Won Bin argues that he never bothered her.  Well, what about the money he “borrowed” from Jin Oh in order to take Mi Roo to Sokcho so he can sleep with her?

Won Bin’s surprised that Mi Roo never told him the truth and recalls that night for Jin Oh.  He had tried to sleep with her but she just wasn’t ready.  He was embarrassed so that’s why he ended up lying to the rest of the boys.  The time and money he put into Mi Roo wasn’t paying off so he stopped pursuing her for easier lays.  Girls like Mi Roo are too tiring to date.

But this time she came of her own accord and she’s most likely not a virgin now so if it were Jin Oh in his shoes would he just send her away without trying “something”?  Out of protectiveness over Mi Roo and anger, Jin Oh takes out Won Bin with a punch.

Minutes later, a bruised and bloodied, Won Bin is still having drinks with Jin Oh.  Jin Oh picks his head up from the table and he looks worse off than Won Bin.  I love that guys can duke it out and then be okay on a certain level with each other afterwards.  Women just aren’t like that and even I find that a little tiring about our sex.

So Won Bin wants to know what the deal is between Jin Oh and Mi Roo.  Are they dating?  Or is he still in love with her?  Jin Oh says he isn’t.  Won Bin: “Then what the hell?”  I mean, it’s a valid response.

Won Bin’s phone rings and it’s Mi Roo calling.  Jin Oh asks if Mi Roo is planning on coming back but Won Bin just tells him that she had promised to call.  Jin Oh takes the phone and stomps on it.  Haha, Jin Oh’s not taking any chances of the two reconnecting.

Jin Oh offers to give him 1,500,000 won (approx. $1,500) to stay away from Mi Roo.  Won Bin thinks he’s teasing so Jin Oh ups the offer to 1,800,000 won (approx. $1,800).  Won Bin tries for 2,000,000 won (approx. $2,000) and Jin Oh argues that with the 200,000 won (approx. $200) he borrowed in college, it’s an even 2,000,000 won.

Won Bin relents and accepts the offer.  Though he accepts, he calls Jin Oh an idiot saying that he was only planning to one-night-stand Mi Roo and leave her.  Despite getting a beat down from Won Bin for punching him earlier, Jin Oh’s not afraid to start another fistfight.  But Won Bin tells him he was just kidding.  He was planning to leave her alone without starting anything.

So what is Jin Oh’s deal with Mi Roo since he claims he doesn’t love her.  Jin Oh responds that Mi Roo is a dreamer.  (And he’s going to do what he can to make sure Mi Roo’s dreams aren’t crushed?  If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.)

During a model photo shoot for the magazine, Michelle is on the phone trying to track down someone.  It’s her high school sweetheart, Kang Dong Gun.  She calls the number but when he answers she hangs up.

A bit embarrassed, she takes the pent-up energy to take it out on one of the models, Si Hoo (Kim Kwang Soo).  Si Hoo takes a break and playfully tells her that after the Supernova showcase, they’ll be a hot commodity so if she wants an interview for the magazine, Double X needs to schedule that now.

She’s not interested in playing around but he presses on about Na Mi Roo doing the interview.  She tells him that Mi Roo doesn’t play with children like him.  Crestfallen, he pouts.

Her phone starts ringing and she assumes it must Dong Gun redialing her after hanging up on him.  She goes someplace private to answer the call, putting on her sweet voice and blushing.

Mi Roo’s still trying to get in touch with Won Bin but there’s not answer.  He’s not playing at the club anymore and he also let out Tipasa’s band room.  Mi Roo’s out of options in terms of contacting him.  “3rd guy: Pisces, won’t ever forget those sad eyes of Terius.  Though you can love, you can’t live with this man.”  Aaah, he’s the one that got away.  If only she knew the whole story.

At home, there’s a letter waiting for her from Won Bin and he writes:

Hey Mi Roo.  I’m leaving for Argentina.  In my heart, I’m holding onto treasured memories with you and heading towards sunny Piazzolla.  Though I won’t be able to see you again in this lifetime, in the next lifetime I’ll pray that I’ll spend eternity with you.  I truly loved only you, Mi Roo.  I love you.  I will love you.  From forever yours, Won Bin.

Mi Roo bids him fare thee well.  Gag me.

The truth of it is that the letter was crafted by Jin Oh for Won Bin to write.  After wondering why Won Bin needs to tell Mi Roo that he went to Argentina, Jin Oh tells him it’s because it’s the furthest from Korea.  Hahaha.  Won Bin giggles at Jin Oh’s sappy choice of words but does what he’s told.  Now it’s time to get paid.

Jin Oh puts down a small box.  He’s kidding, right?  It’s the engagement ring that he gave to Mi Roo.  The ring is worth exactly 1,800,000 won.

Tan Ya worries that Mi Roo’s depressed over Won Bin and suggests going out drinking.  Nope, Mi Roo’s not sad.  They didn’t officially break up.  They will be connected from wherever they are, forever.  Soulmates.  Blech…

But Tan Ya reminds her that he left without sleeping with Mi Roo but she doesn’t care about that.  Tan Ya’s happy that Mi Roo is finally getting the picture; Sex and affection are two separate things.  But Mi Roo just sighs.

Michelle walks into a restaurant and scans the crowd for a familiar face.  Sitting alone, a middle-aged man turns around and sees her.  He gets up to greet her and she’s nervous at the sound of man calling out her name, Duk Ja.

She looks up but it’s not the sight that she expected.  She panics and tries to make a run for it, pretending she didn’t hear him.

However, he’s able to catch up with her outside so she politely apologizes for not recognizing him.  He kinda compliments her.  It’s the equivalent of saying, ‘Oh you’ve changed so much from your awkward high school days.’  Umm… thanks?  However, it’s not in a malicious way.

They exchange pleasantries and when Dong Gun starts talking about his life, she stops him.  There’s an emergency work thing that she’s got to attend to but she promises to call.  Just remembering something, he tells her to stay put and rushes back into the restaurant.  Seconds later, he brings out a shopping bag.  He bought her a brand name bag.  She tries to respectfully refuse the gift but he insists that she needs to have it.

When they were young, he saw that she had a worn-down bag and always wanted to buy her a new one to replace it.  So this is his way of making up for it.  Knowing that she needs to get back to work, he lets her go but she’s ashamed of being embarrassed of him.  It’s kind of endearing that he’s all smiles despite that she’s trying to give him the brush off.

Leaving the hospital, Mi Roo’s dad tries to cozy up to his wife but she’s unwilling to budge.  Instead, Mi Roo runs over to help her hobbling dad.  He continues to sweet-talk her mom in the car but she just tells him to shut up, especially since she doesn’t want to fight with Mi Roo in the car.  This is clearly a generational gap.  Our generation is more willing for everything to be out in the open and the older generation believes that it’s not proper to air their dirty laundry, even if it’s between parents and their offspring.

Mi Roo’s reflects on how at one point her mom was her dad’s only.  Time has changed that and it doesn’t seem possible that monogamy is something that can last for eternity.

She writes in her column to not hold onto your first love as it is a foolish pursuit that won’t get you anywhere.  As soon as you want to reel it in, it’s like a fish that slips out of your grasp.  And even if you catch it, they won’t be happy where they are.  So if you love them, sometimes you just need to let them go.

Michelle is teary-eyed reading this and thinks back to the night when she met up with Dong Gun.

Mi Roo knocks on Michelle’s door.  Michelle had asked to see her.  Back in editor-mode, Michelle points out that the Pisces column is peculiar.  It’s supposed to be a Sofia-style, erotic column but the article lacks… the sex.  Mi Roo doesn’t really have an answer but she argues that every column doesn’t need sex in order for it to be erotic.  Readers can find it erotic with just the emotional aspect of it.

Michelle agrees with her and will let it go for this article.  However, next month’s column is about an Aries man.  Aries men are known for their stamina so she’s expecting to see the sex-ploit of Sofia to entice readers.

Tan Ya agrees that the article lacked sexiness so Mi Roo just sighs.  What is she supposed to do?

Just then, Tan Ya spots Alex Kang (Julien Kang), the gym’s hot trainer.  Mom’s Canadian, Dad’s Korean, he’s a Korean citizen.  Ha, why not call his character Julien at this point.  Mi Roo’s a bit uncomfortable dating a foreigner but Tan Ya convinces her that he’s raring to go.  Plus, he’s an Aries.

4th guy: Aries, a guy who loves with his body (meaning: he’s physical).  Mi Roo feigns disinterest but Tan Ya tells him that not only is he good-looking but he’s muscular.  Tan Ya brought her to this gym just so that she could meet him.  Ogling his half-nakedness, Tan Ya wishes that instead of that dragon tattoo she could have just put her butterfly tattoo there.

Mi Roo gawks at his sexy, muscular, sweaty body and gets caught staring.  Alex just shoots back a smoldering look.  Lol, this is so campy that I love it.

Later in the parking lot, Tan Ya and Mi Roo wait around.  Mi Roo’s not sure about Alex being the Aries guy because types like him are burdensome.  Mmmhmm, muscles sure are burdensome.  Tan Ya reminds her that Mi Roo thinks all Aries are the same and Tan Ya just picked him out especially with her in mind.  So Mi Roo better not pussyfoot around.  Mi Roo decides he’s not for her and starts the car so Tan Ya takes the matters into her own hands.  She honks the horn as he’s walking to his car and calls him over.  It prompts Mi Roo to duck.

Alex is surprised to see Tan Ya, he didn’t see her working out at the gym today.  Tan Ya flirts, “Really?  We kept staring at you.”  Alex laughs back but who’s we?  Tan Ya introduces Mi Roo but Mi Roo’s got her head down from embarrassment.  Tan Ya coolly explains that she’s looking for her lost panties.  Bwahaha!  It’s just one suggestive comment after another.  No longer can Mi Roo leaves this to Tan Ya anymore and she introduces herself.

Tan Ya relays that this is the friend she previously mentioned to Alex and that she needed him.  Need him for what?  Tan Ya says, “Of course, she needs you desperately.  What do you think about this style?”  He’s all in and while they’re at it why not start right away?  Mi Roo protests and so Tan Ya says why not?  Alex suggests that they do it in the mornings and 3 times a week.

Mi Roo:

Shouting, Mi Roo asks what?  Why, training, of course.  He is, after all, a trainer.  Why?  What were YOU thinking?  Diiirty.  Mi Roo is taken aback and Tan Ya can’t help but laugh at her.

The next morning, Mi Roo shows up for her first training session.  Alex does a body assessment of Mi Roo and tells her to put all her trust in him.  He leans in and whispers that in one short month, he’ll make her into a different person.  Alex’s style of training is a little too close for Mi Roo’s comfort.  Or she can’t help gravitating towards sex when it comes to him.

Hae Ra visits Jin Oh in the employee dining hall but he’s worried about how it will appear to other people.  So Hae Ra suggests that they just get permission from the hotel.  She just takes the lead without waiting to hear Jin Oh’s answer.

But the answer is no.  If she wants to go out, Young Ho suggests that she use the limousine service.  Hae Ra doesn’t want to back down so Young Ho asks why she keeps bothering Jin Oh.  Is he Hae Ra’s new plaything?  No, she insists that she likes him.  Young Ho tells her to just be quiet, stay in her hotel room and study up on hotel business.  She stomps away after not getting her way.

Young Ho calls for Jin Oh.  Jin Oh’s boss is surprised and privately asks Jin Oh if he’s got connections which means he’s on the fast track to replace him.  Jin Oh is  just as surprised by the Executive Director Goo’s request to see him.

Young Ho flips through the proposal but he’s not really interested in it.  Testing Jin Oh, he asks him to summarizes it in 3 sentences.  Jin Oh gets the job done.  Although as Young Oh counts it down for him, for the 3rd one he kinda looks like he’s flipping Jin Oh off.

Now onto the real question, what’s Jin Oh’s relationship with Oh Hae Ra?  Jin Oh tells him that she’s just a VIP guests and giving her special treatment due to her connection with him and the hotel.  Young Ho doesn’t want flattery but rather the truth.  It’s been 10 years since she’s returned to Korea so how do they know each other?  Or how did he entice her?  Jin Oh tells her that he got to know her after seeing her name on the guest list for the Double X party.  Young Ho mockingly congratulates him on his method for sweet-talking the next heir of J Hotel and making it seem natural.  Then gives him a stern warning that Hae Ra only sees him as a toy and not to dream too big.  If he takes a misstep, he could end up fired so just enjoy it for the time being.

Mi Roo receives a text from Alex reminding her to eat light for lunch and he also sent something else for her.  Pictures of Alex’ muscular torso.  I suppose if Mi Roo can’t eat what she wants for lunch, she can drink this in.  To Mi Roo, this is the equivalent of getting emailed porn.

Min Joon sees the pictures and sneers that Mi Roo’s got quite a hobby.  Alex texts again to remind her about their next training session.

Mi Roo thinks Alex is strange, telling Tan Ya about how he sent her naked pictures.  Tan Ya: “Naked?  Everything?  Below too?”  To Tan Ya’s dismay, it’s just his upper body.  Tan Ya tells her not to sweat it as she’s gotten pictures like that in the past.  She advises Mi Roo to just enjoy them.  Mi Roo thinks it makes her look like a pervert but Tan Ya counters that it’s not every day that she gets to see a body like that.  Fine, Mi Roo’s okay with a sexy, muscular guy but the fact that that’s the only thing going for him is a problem.  There’s nothing going on his head.  Tan Ya tells her not to stereotype and assume that just because he has a nice body, he’s not smart, too.  But Mi Roo’s mind’s made up by the way he’s acting towards her.  At the lingerie shop, Mi Roo selects a bright red bra and panty set and tests out the look against Tan Ya.  Wait a minute, this isn’t Mi Roo usual taste.  Does she need this for Alex?  Mi Roo asserts that she doesn’t need to buy lingerie for a guy to see them.  She’s buying them for herself and promptly heads for the cashier.

Tan Ya notices Mi Roo’s dad in the distance.  Upon closer a look, they see him buying a bad with the same young woman from the hospital.  The friend’s daughter, my ass!  Mi Roo’s about to give him a piece of her mind but Tan Ya restrains her.  It’s about surveillance right now.  Tan Ya’s impressed that he has a woman on the side but then seeing how insensitive she’s being, she retracts her statement.

Mi Roo and Tan Ya continue to tail the two.  They see him dropping her off at a bar.  They head in to spy on the other woman, who works there as a bartender.

Tan Ya offers to beat her up for Mi Roo but she tells Tan Ya to go wait in the car.  She gets up and confidentaly heads toward the bar to confront the woman.  Realizing who Mi Roo is, the woman smirks and tells her that there’s nothing going on.  He’s just a frequent customer at this bar.

Mi Roo points out that they go on trips together and that he buys her gifts.  The woman has no shame as she responds that her dad must like her but that doesn’t mean she has to reject the gifts.  So Mi Roo threatens that her mom is not only a cop but works at the headquarters.  Still, the other woman doesn’t care and their fighting raises the ire of the other patrons.  Mi Roo’s unwilling to back down and warns that she came with back up.  She turns back but Tan Ya’s no longer there.

Back in the car, Mi Roo’s upset that Tan Ya left without her but she reminds her that it was Mi Roo that told her to wait in the car.  Tan Ya tries to tell her it’s not her business but Mi Roo insists on tattling to her mom.  Tan Ya snatches the phone away and greets Mi Roo’s mom by saying, “Mi Roo wants me to tell you that she loves you!”

Hanging up, Tan Ya turns back to Mi Roo saying she’s got to confront her dad first.  Mi Roo says her dad is a professional avoider and will lie to protect himself at all costs.  Tan Ya’s got an idea on how to confront him with proof.  Tan Ya took pictures of the two at the department store.

Mi Roo’s mom hears music emanating from the dance studio.  The instructor is practicing steps by himself.  She’s captivated and when he catches sight of her, he greets her politely and asks if she’s interested in enrolling.  She says she’s not interested but heard the music and was curious.  He tells her that it’s okay and invites her to come and watch the dancing whenever she wants.  As a bunch of dance students file into the studio, Mi Roo’s mom uses that cue to make her exit.

Mi Roo’s training hard at the gym and Alex makes his way over and asks her out for dinner.  Wanting to know why, he claims that it’s just dinner.  She’s fine with dinner but she tells him not to send her half-naked pictures anymore.  Alex apologizes for sending them but it was because they were very popular with his other trainees.  While other people may have enjoyed the, that’s not the kind of woman Mi Roo is so can he please refrain from sending them to her?  Alex switches the subject back to dinner and before Mi Roo knows it, he insists on having dinner next Thursday.

As Mi Roo is leaving the gym, a woman comes up to her to give her the down low on Alex.

“Spray gun?  Why is he known as the spray gun?”  There’s a rumor at the gym that he’s such a play that he goes from “flower to flower watering the plants”.

Tan Ya: “How could that guy… be so great?”  Mi Roo reminds her that they are different.  Whether it’s for the column or not, she refuses to stoop to that level.

Tan Ya tells her that sometimes you need to try a guy out in order to know what you want in them.  But Mi Roo can’t concentrate.  All she can hear is Gwan Woo spraying the plants and she takes it out on him instead.

Tan Ya reminds her about this month’s column but Mi Roo’s not sure on what to do for the sex part of it.  She leaves which leaves Gwan Woo wondering what he did wrong.  Tan Ya tells her that it’s not him but the spray bottle.

Browsing a fashion magazine, Hae Ra jumps right up when she sees Jin Oh.  She goes on about the latest Victoria Secret fashion show and her role model, Anna Wintour.  Jin Oh’s had enough after his last encounter with Executive Director Goo.  He firmly puts her in her place saying that if she wants to go shopping, she should request for a driver and the hotel’s limousine service.  And if there’s something she needs she could go to any other hotel employee for their assistance.  He also tells her that he’s an employee at the hotel and not a toy for Hae Ra to play with.

Hae Ra trails after him like a rejected, sad puppy but Jin Oh doesn’t give in.  He confronts her on being the daughter to the president of J Hotel and how Young Ho assumes he lured Hae Ra for his career.  Hae Ra feels bad but Jin Oh’s too angry for her to persuade him otherwise.

One, two, one, two… A hand pulls down the sheets covering a lingerie-clad, sleeping Mi Roo.  She wakes to see Alex there.  Alex tells her not to think of anything but the two of them.  Spraying the water bottle.

One two, one, two… He kisses her and though Mi Roo thinks she mustn’t do this, her hand squeezes Alex’s muscular arms.

Mi Roo wakes up, dazed and confused.  She was so worried that it was a dream… no she meant, real.  Freudian slip?  What does this mean?  Is she unintentionally attracted to the idea of having meaningless sex with Alex?  Just then she spots a spray bottle sitting on her nightstand.


Sometime I like that Mi Roo’s unconscious speaks a lot louder than her words.  She says one thing but secretly desires another thing or perhaps it’s Tan Ya advice that’s stuck in her head but her dreams/fantasies make the drama that much more interesting.  Sometimes the dating game is an objective pursuit and what could be more objective than having a muscular gym trainer… “train” you?  I apologize but this episode totally has me doing the suggestive eye wiggle more than usual.  What’s also really hilarious is Mi Roo discovering her sexuality.  From realizing that yes, she does like sex with Hyun Woo to objectifying the body with Alex, the drama goes where the average Korean drama doesn’t go when it comes to relationships.  This is Mi Roo’s nature calling.

While Mi Roo was dealing with her past love, we also got to see Michelle dealing with her past love.  The lesson of that story was that gravity does take a toll on looks, doesn’t it?  But seriously, Michelle is this attractive, professional woman and she’s disappointed to find out that Dong Gun hasn’t aged so well.  Yeah, it’s superficial of her to run out on him but I think we’ve all been there.  I like Michelle’s story for several reasons.  As an editor, she’s identifying with Mi Roo and the 12 Men assignment.  As a woman, she’s come to a realization that her own love life isn’t something that should be dug up from the past.  And Mi Roo was able to inspire Michelle to become curious and reflective about her own love life.

On the issue with Mi Roo’s parents, I’m surprised that Mi Roo still has a somewhat good relationship with her dad, despite him being a compulsive liar.  Also, I like how the drama is addressing the issue of the mom reevaluating her life and trying to reintroduce that passion that has dwindled because of her marriage.

Finally, there’s the issue of Hae Ra.  She’s fallen for Jin Oh and while I don’t hate her as a character, I don’t love her either.  She’s got a complex about her looks and therefore she makes up for that by acting immature so that she’d get her way with things and people.  I feel bad that Jin Oh has no choice but to oblige her and it’s just not fair.  I’m glad that he tries to put Hae Ra in her place and firmly but respectfully tell her to not mess with his career.  Hae Ra’s confused about what it means to be in love and she’s not ready to let him go any time soon.

This episode was chock full of various woman who are going through different periods of their lives and how that correlates to their love life.  From being inexperienced with love to someone who’s thought she had 30 years of monogamy, the drama’s approaching the topic of women in love from all different angles.

3 thoughts on “[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 5 – 일년에 열두남자 5회

  1. Again, what a wonderful recap! Thank you so much, really, for recapping this. I am enjoying each and every recap of this drama. Heehee. But I was shocked that they go to lengths to show contemporary ideas since I think Korea is very conservative. That in itself is a feat, I guess, since most kdramas show love/dating as all pixie dust and rainbows. (Whuuuut am I saying?) Anyway, thanks again! 😀


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