[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 6 – 일년에 열두남자 6회

The drama goes from campy to dark and Mi Roo learns to stand up for herself.


Working out alone at the gym, Mi Roo keeps looking for Alex.  He runs in late from traffic.  Getting right to it he asks, “So shall we do it?”  “What?”  “Training.”  Mi Roo’s a bit jumpy from the dream the night before.  Alex moves in closer and starts counting one and two, like her dream.  Wrapping up her workout session, Alex reminds her that she promised to have dinner with him.

Roo phones Tan Ya to join them because she’s uncomfortable being alone with Alex.  Unfortunately, she’s unable to convince Tan Ya before Alex comes out.

At dinner, Alex suggest lowering their speech to banmal since they’re the same age since it’ll be more comfortable for them to get to know each other.  She agrees hesistantly.  Reviewing the menu, Alex opts for some healthy options but Mi Roo chooses fried chicken because she worked out hard.  He concedes telling her that they can splurge only for today and that makes Mi Roo a bit more comfortable with him.  She realizes it’s not fair to judge a book by its cover or guy by his abs.  Take your pick of idioms.  Mi Roo even feels comfortable enough to let him drive her home.

Seeing Hae Ra’s name pop up on the caller id of his cell, Jin Oh decides to ignore the call.  Hae Ra goes back to Young Ho to convince him again that Jin Oh wasn’t trying to bait her since he didn’t know that she was the president’s daughter.  But it’s to no avail.  Though her uncle has no interest in Hae Ra’s love life, he doesn’t believe that Jin Oh’s completely innocent.  She’s persistent though and wails (possibly stomps her feet) that Jin Oh’s not willing to meet with her because of Young Ho.  He reminds her that her mom is returning to Korea from Manila in a couple of days and if she sees the two of them, she’ll just fire Jin Oh anyways.

Returning to his apartment, Jin Oh’s beat.  He looks over his shelf of manga action figures and realizes that Mi Roo still has the Gundam robot.  Grabbing his jacket, he heads back out.

Mi Roo asks Alex if he knows about the rumor going around amongst the health club women.  He knows that they call him “Spray gun”.  A woman he knows told him that but the nickname doesn’t bother him as long as he doesn’t behave that way.  Mi Roo tells him that he though Alex was a dog but now she doesn’t think he’s so bad.  “Oh yeah?  So should we sleep together?”  He smirks and Mi Roo just laughs it off.

Just outside of Mi Roo’s place, Jin Oh texts her about the robot when he catches sight of her pulling up in Alex’s car.

Alex wonders if Mi Roo never thought about sleeping with him.  She doesn’t know how to respond and Alex calls her on it.  She tries to formulate a response but he moves swiftly to kiss her.

From across the way, Jin Oh witnesses the scene and his anger flares up.

Mi Roo finally pulls away and asks what he’s doing.  At the same time, her phone beeps to notify her of the text.  He tells her that if she doesn’t like, she could always tell him to stop.  If she doesn’t, he’s going to do whatever he wants.  Flustered, she exits the car.

Jin Oh’s geared up to fight and goes out to knock on Alex’s window.  Rolling it down, Jin Oh asks if he’s American and Alex responds that he’s Korean.  In broken English, Jin Oh manages to pieces some words together about how it’s improper to be making out in public.  It just ends up confusing Alex.  He asks Jin Oh to just speak Korean since the Konglish isn’t working.  Bitterly, Jin Oh interrogates on Mi Roo and how they know each other.  Alex gets out of the car and now Jin Oh sees that he’s no match for him.  Perhaps, Jin Oh didn’t realize fighting wasn’t his strong suit when he tried to beat Won Bin?  Alex says that he’s Mi Roo trainer and wants to know what this is all about.  Jin Oh tucks his tail between his legs and retreats and so he lives to fight another day.

Recapping the night for Tan Ya, she thinks Alex is crazy because he’s so forward.  Does he assume that Mi Roo is an easy lay?  Tan Ya tells her that Alex just thinks she’s sexy.  Mi Roo tells her that Alex forced her to kiss him which sparks Tan Ya’s attention.  Then, she retracts it.

Forced?  No, that’s not it.  Impelled?  That’s not it, either.  All of a sudden?  Now Tan Ya sees it’s nothing to get all up in arms about.  But Mi Roo insists that it wasn’t nothing.  It happened without warning.  So did Mi Roo like the kiss?  And Mi Roo exclaims that that’s not the point.  Mi Roo’s feeling a bit unsettled but Tan Ya wants to know if she’s going to continue seeing Alex.  She is since Mi Roo can’t make a column out of a single date.  Adamant that she’s not attracted to Alex, Mi Roo is firm in her belief that she’s seeing him only for the column.

Mi Roo’s phone beeps again and she’s forgotten that Jin Oh had texted him.  Tan Ya shouts at her to not call him back but it’s not that, he had wanted to get his Gundam robot back and he’s outside.  Tan Ya’s astounded that Mi Roo had hung on to it.  Mi Roo heads outside but doesn’t see Jin Oh there.  He’s actually right around the corner trying to formulate another text after seeing her with Alex.  However, he’s having difficulty writing anything without seeing like a jealous ex.

Back with Tan Ya, Mi Roo worries that he may have seen her with Alex.  Finally a text comes through and it reads, “You must be busy today so I’m leaving.  Please return my Gundam.”  Tan Ya’s surprised that Jin Oh’s matured but actually he’s in the car privately freaking out.

Apprehensively, Mi Roo gets on the scale and she’s happy to see that she’s lost weight.  Alex is happy for her too and shows it be picking her up.  Alex asks if she’s free on Saturday.  He tells her that she’s got something to look forward to since he’s going to make her the best.  (Note: he’s a bit vague here.)  Even Mi Roo’s questioning his meaning since everything he says sounds and looks suggestive.

The woman who previously gave Mi Roo the lowdown on Alex is again lurking by the locker rooms waiting for her.  She asks if the two are meeting on a personal level and she warns her that Alex is a bad guy.  It would serve Mi Roo well to stay away from him.  Mi Roo nods her head in agreement but the chick is giving off a slight psycho vibe.

Tan Ya tells her to dismiss the comments since women are notorious for breaking the rule.  Which rule?  While some women agree to remain casual, there are those that let their feelings get away with them.  Which means, that she’s responsible for renegotiating the rule but if he declines then that should be the end of things.  Psycho Chick is just pushing Mi Roo away from Alex because she couldn’t get him to agree to the amendment.  But Mi Roo reminds her that her friend also got played too.  Tan Ya cautions her not to be fooled by them and Mi Roo just doesn’t want to get involved because it’s too complicated and decides giving up on Alex.  So what is she going to do about the column?  Is she going to meet someone else?  There’s no time so she has to write but how?

Tan Ya’s smile says it all.  She’s got a plan up her sleeve.

This time, Mi Roo’s driving Alex home and it feels like the roles have reversed.  Mi Roo’s asking Alex if he thought of sleeping with her.  Mi Roo suggests going “somewhere” and Alex frets about having sex on the 2nd date.

Mi Roo: “Yes or no?!”
Alex: “Yes.  But isn’t a hotel expensive?”
Mi Roo: “I’ll make you into the best.”

Haha, it’s actually Mi Roo’s fantasy as she crafting what to write for the column.  Tan Ya doesn’t think it’s believable as it ruins the characters.  Mi Roo says that since this is a fantasy, it doesn’t really matter.  Then she imagines herself as vixen sashaying into a hotel with what looks like a pushup bra and butt padding.  Even Tan Ya says this isn’t right.  Mi Roo apologizes, albeit half-heartedly.

Tan Ya’s fantasy is a bit different.  They show up at J Hotel and Mi Roo wants to know why it has to be Jin Oh’s workplace.  Tan Ya think it adds a dash of dramatic fun.  Fantasy Mi Roo drags Fantasy Alex inside and Fantasy Bell Boy Jin Oh shows up to greets them, skipping and shaking his jazz hands.  Mi Roo tells her to delete this as it’s not fun.  Tan Ya apologizes.

Fantasy Mi Roo tells Fantasy Jin Oh to get lost and he skips off with a pout.  In the elevator, Fantasy Mi Roo tries to cozy up to Fantasy Alex but he timidly tries to dodge her advances.  Then she grabs him and pulls a reluctant Fantasy Alex into a kiss.  Mi Roo protests again saying it doesn’t sound real.  But readers want fantasy, right?

Now the roles are reversed again.  Alex and Mi Roo seem more like themselves.  Fantasy Alex leans closer to Fantasy Mi Roo and picks her up to kiss her.  Woah, Julien’s really flexing his muscles for this guest star appearance.  Fantasy Mi Roo questions whether they are going too fast, maybe after a glass of wine?  Is this what Mi Roo wants?  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

When the two reach their floor, Fantasy Bell Boy Jin Oh skips towards them to show them the way to their hotel room.  Mi Roo demands that Tan Ya delete Jin Oh from the picture to Tan Ya’s dismay so he Roger Rabbits his way out of there.  Haha, that’s so old school that I love it.

Fantasy Mi Roo is about to drag Fantasy Alex into the room when Fantasy Michelle appears and tells Fantasy Mi Roo that it’s all fake.

Except that last bit actually sorta happens.  Michelle’s just finished reading Mi Roo’s short story and she rejects it.  She wonders if Sofia flaked out on the column this month and Mi Roo stutters that she doesn’t know, of course.  Michelle’s going to take matters into her own hands and meet with Sofia.  No way!! Mi Roo tells her that Sofia won’t see anyone except herself; even when she saw Sofia, she was all covered up preventing Mi Roo from seeing her face.  So Michelle tells her to convey a message, “Without firsthand experience, a column that’s produced in one’s mind will not be accepted at Double X.”  So Mi Roo assumes that there won’t be a column for this month.  Nope, Sofia’s still got a week to produce it.  Huh?

Mi Roo’s tired of living this double life and she plans on confessing to her editor.  Tan Ya tells her it’s too late as this won’t end merely by being fired.  This is a betrayal not only to Double X but to the many readers of the column.  Mi Roo puts her head down in despair.  Tan Ya tells her to just meet with Alex and write an honest column.  Mi Roo doesn’t want to so Tan Ya says she doesn’t get it.  If she doesn’t like Alex, that’s one thing but Mi Roo admitted liking Alex for his honesty and his ability to make her feel comfortable.  Now she’s just making excuses because she’s afraid of seeing him again.  The person who isn’t honest is Mi Roo.  “And you’re a scaredy-cat, too!”

Once again Hae Ra is waiting for Jin Oh hoping to catch him as he’s leaving work.  He decides to go around to another exit and although she catches sight of him, it’s too late as he’s already driving off.  In the car, Jin Oh gets a text from Hae Ra asking him to meet her at their usual BBQ restaurant tomorrow night.  She has to tell him something.

Looking at the pictures of Alex’s torso again, this time Mi Roo’s got an audience.  The other girls at the office flock around and coo as they try to take a glimpse of those pecs.  Mi Roo aims to make an effort to be more honest.  Just because she started to like a guy with a good body doesn’t make her easy.  One of her other co-workers asks if she has more pictures.  Yes, she does.  8 pictures altogether and as she flips through them, the women squeal in delight.

Getting dressed for her date, she reminds herself to not be afraid or push Alex away anymore.  She’s going to have fun and when she doesn’t want to go further, she can tell him to stop.

Alex shows up for their date with a rose and Mi Roo thanks him.  To herself: “A guy who only had a good body isn’t charming at all. But a guy who ALSO has a good body makes her swoon.”  It’s a movie theater date for them and Mi Roo peers over to see Alex napping.  Not wanting to focus on the cons, she tells herself that it’s okay if he falls asleep occasionally because he works out all day long.  At dinner, she also notices that they can’t really eat delicious (insert: fattening) food because he has to watch what he eats.

Instead of focusing on the cons, Mi Roo decides to ask Alex straight up about the woman who threatened her earlier.  The woman’s feelings were hurt because he happens to be so aloof and is able to move on so easily.  Alex gives his side of the story.  According to him, woman need to be in love in order to have sex with men so they project their own desires onto him.  He’s just an honest guy who tells the woman upfront that he wants a casual relationship.  If they don’t want to, then that’s the end of it.  If they don’t like it, then they should have stopped things from progressing.  He doesn’t understand why they should be hurt if he was straightforward with them.

Mi Roo weighs in, “If you’re so honest with everyone, they do they all fall for you?”  He responds that his success rate is 9 out of 10.  The last one has to go out at least 20 times before they can sleep with him.  He’s not interested in that since he’s not looking to get married.  So Mi Roo wants to know about the other 9.  He admits that it’s not easy; he’s got to sprinkle some magic.  Mi Roo wants to know what kind of magic and he says that spoilers are no fun.

Later in the car, Mi Roo tells Alex that if his ultimate goal is to sleep with her to give up as she’s not going to sleep with him.  Alex wants to know why since she’s thought about sleeping with him.  Although people thinks about sex doesn’t mean that they always do it.  So Alex inquires why not and Mi Roo tells him that she can’t do it if her heart’s not in it.  Alex suggests that they make a bet.  Whether she’ll fall for him or not.  Whether she’ll end up sleeping with him or not.  But if she doesn’t want to, all she has to tell him is stop.  Mi Roo remains adamant about not sleeping with him and calls him on the bet.  So it propels him to push down on the gas pedal.  Now Mi Roo really wants him to stop but he jokes that he can’t stop because they just started.

Hae Ra waits alone at the BBQ place and she’s on the verge of tears.  Just then Jin Oh arrives when he had told her that he wasn’t going to show up.  Well, he just proved himself wrong, so there.  Hae Ra tells him that there is something that she needs to say to him and apologizes for not being truthful from the beginning.

Taking Mi Roo to the gym’s swimming pool, Alex has set up a romantic table for two and arranged candles and rose petals into the shape of a heart.  So this is how he won over those women.  He admits that this is his magic that opens the hearts of women.  So Mi Roo inquires about the whereabouts of the other women, are they still in the picture?  He brags that though women are lined up to be with him, there are those that refuse to stand in line and wait their turn.  Eww, that sounds so shovenistic pig-like.  Those women use the fact that they slept with him once to keep him bound to them.

Clinking their wine glasses, Alex tells Mi Roo that she’s changed a lot in two short weeks.  Her body, waist, calves and her… breasts.  He really wanted to touch them.  Omo.  Then he promptly gets up and starts stripping down to… his swimming trunks and jumps into the water.  What did YOU think I was going to say?

The water’s fine and Alex invites Mi Roo to join him.  She says that she doesn’t have a swimsuit but he reminds her that she’s got one in her locker.  Calling her a dummy, he tells her not to be afraid.

Determined not to be a wuss, she changes out of her clothes in the locker room.  Only she’s not alone.

A teary Hae Ra recalls the time Jin Oh was talking about first loves and how everyone has had a first love once.  Only she hadn’t.  She was fat and ugly so she had plastic surgery.  Nobody liked her before and she wanted to completely change her appearance to become a new person.  The first person that told her that she was pretty was him.  So that makes Jin Oh her first and her last.  And then, she resorts to wailing really loudly.  While I started to cringe at the sight of her crying, she then picks up a grilled pork rind and says that she started liking these because of him.  Lol.  It’s so pathetic that it’s funny and kinda endearing.

Alex and Mi Roo splash, swim and play around in the pool until he picks her up out of it.  Sitting next to her poolside, Alex caresses Mi Roo’s cheek and starts to kiss her.  This time Mi Roo’s not scared and she’s into it.

Alex’s hand make its way down to her breast and she stops him.  He assures her it’s alright but she tells him to stop.

He tells her to be honest and again she says stop.   Finally, he forces her into another kiss. Flashes start going off and it seems like someone has taken a picture of the two.

Mi Roo wonders what that is and Alex offers to investigate.  Coming back, he tells her it’s nothing.  It’s someone he knows.  It sounds fishy to Mi Roo and she asks him if it’s someone he knows then why are they taking pictures of them.  He insists that they just popped the flash off but didn’t take a picture because they wanted to play a prank.  He suggests they get back to swimming.

Mi Roo still feels unsettled and so she’s done for the night.  Back in the locker room, she finds her locker open and her clothes ripped to shreds.  Behind her, someone approaches with a pair of scissors and Mi Roo screams.  I guess Alex heard her screams since the next thing you know he’s at the locker room door trying to check if she’s alright.  But the door’s locked.

It’s the Psycho Chick and she’s frightening Mi Roo with a Tazer in one hand and scissors in the other.  If Mi Roo keeps screaming, she’ll kill her.  Mi Roo asks her why she’s doing this and the Psycho Chick calmly explains that she’s warned Mi Roo not to see Alex.  Mi Roo apologizes and promises she won’t see him again but Psycho Chick’s warned her twice already.

Mi Roo’s phone start to ring on vibrate but Psycho Chick blocks her from answering.  It’s Alex.  Instead of being worried about Mi Roo’s safety, he’s more angry about being rejected by Mi Roo.  He almost had her.  Hook, line and sinker.

Psycho Chick asks if Mi Roo is in love with Alex because he sure isn’t in love with her.  Not only can’t Mi Roo see Alex but she better stay unnoticed by him and Mi Roo promises again to do as she’s told.  If Mi Roo sees Alex again, she won’t go after Mi Roo’s clothes but cut off all her hair.  Cowering in fear, Mi Roo nods her head and with that Psycho Chick is gone.

Mi Roo reaches for her phone about to call Alex but then Psycho Chick reappears screaming.

That last bit was just Mi Roo’s fear talking and she remembers that she has to stay away from Alex.  She dials for Tan Ya instead.  Tan Ya’s at a club and can’t hear her phone.

Jin Oh gets off the elevator and he’s got a drunk Hae Ra on his back.  Phoning the concierge, he tells them to come to Room 1110 with the master key.  She pukes.  He tells the receptionist to not ask too many questions and hurry up with the key.

Looking up, he notices that Room 1110 is open and runs in to find Executive Director Goo with a mean looking woman and other entourage.  It’s J Hotel’s president and Hae Ra’s mom.  He immediately plops Hae Ra on the floor and greets her.  She barks at him to leave.  He fumbles over whether it’s okay to leave Hae Ra crumpled on the floor but he’s too scared to really think about it and just leaves.

Leaving the room, his phone rings and Mi Roo’s on the other end sobbing.  He rushes over to the gym’s locker room and Mi Roo sitting alone in the dark.  She tells him to not come in any further and just throw over the clothes he’s got.  Jin Oh asks what’s going on but she just wants him to throw the clothes over and wait outside for her.

She changes into them and wrapped in blankets makes a dash for Jin Oh’s car.  She tells him to go but he wants to know the story.  She shouts at him to start the car.  Driving her home, he presses her to find out the story but she doesn’t want to talk about it.  She’s obviously scared and Jin Oh can’t do much but worry about her.

He walks her into the loft and she rushes into the bathroom.  All he can hear from the living is her crying.  It dawns on him that there’s something seriously wrong and he prepares some honey tea for her cough.

He takes it up to her and she snaps at him for coming up without knocking.  Umm, there’s no door for him to knock on?  She doesn’t stop there.  He should have at least announced that he was coming up.  She’s so upset that she’s not thinking rationally so there’s no appeasing her.  He sets down the mug and she gets into bed.  Jin Oh’s reluctant to leave her alone and while he understands that she doesn’t want to talk about whatever happened that night, he wants her to consider getting back together.  There’s nothing for her to consider as she doesn’t want to get back together.  So he resorts to yelling at her for worrying him.  If he’s going to say that to her, then she tells him that he should leave.  He gets up to go and she asks him where he’s going.  But she told him to leave?  She meant he should leave after Tan Ya has returned home.  It’s a little amusing and a little bit sad.  I guess this is what guys mean when women don’t make sense but to a woman this makes perfect sense.

Mi Roo gets up again.  She ask him what he means about getting back together.  Does it appear that she’s seeing this or that guy because she hasn’t gotten over him?  Because she seems so pathetic, he’s willing to date her again?  Jin Oh insists that’s not his meaning but doesn’t know how to respond.  He says worries about her when they’re apart and so he’ll deal with the nagging if it means he could be by her side.  Weeeell, when you put it that way.  Mi Roo asks about the girl she’s seen him with and he says that she’s just a VIP client.  They’re not together.  So now it’s his turn to ask about Mi Roo’s guy, the trainer.  She says that he just that, just a trainer.  Jin Oh’s about to bring up the time he saw the two of them making out in the car but drops the subject.  Mi Roo gets back in bed and tells him that his Gundam robot is downstairs by the window.

Jin Oh’s spent the whole night sleeping on the console next to Mi Roo’s bed.  He has a rude awakening when Mi Roo’s foot kicks him off of it.  Looking at the sleeping Mi Roo, Jin Oh can’t help but laugh.

Walking out, he sees the Gundam robot right where she said it would be.  He’s about to take it but then puts it back.  It’s almost like he’s leaving a little piece of himself with Mi Roo so while he can’t watch over her, Gundam will do it.  Finally Tan Ya comes home and she asks what Jin Oh’s doing there.  He doesn’t want to start a fight and just tells Tan Ya that she should come home earlier so that Mi Roo’s not alone.

After telling her about the incident in the locker room, Tan Ya wants Mi Roo to point out Psycho Chick to her.  Tan Ya’s in disbelief that someone would stoop to attempted murder just to be with a guy.  Mi Roo tells Tan Ya to stop as she can’t deal with this right now.  Down by the windowsill, Mi Roo sees that Gundam is still there.  Tan Ya tells her that she saw Jin Oh staring at it but he didn’t take it.  She almost mistook him for a thief.

Tan Ya tells Roo to get changed so they could take of Psycho Chick but Mi Roo declares that she’s going alone.  Tan  Ya’s always fought Mi Roo’s battles for her because she was too much of a coward to deal with them on her own.  Mi Roo doesn’t like this version of herself so she’s going to change.  She’s through with the Sofia column and decides that now she’s going to live life as Na Mi Roo.  She’ll just finish up this last column about Aries.

At the gym, Alex’s got a new girl to train and he’s ever so sleazy.  Mi Roo approaches and defiantly asks him to give up the identity of the girl that took the picture of the two of them at the pool the night before.  She’s sure that it must be one of the women that he’s trained.  Alex knows who the girl could be and he’s mentioned her to Mi Roo before: the one who’s become obsessed with him after they spent one night together. He tells her not to worry and that he would take care of her and asks if she’s free on Saturday so they can continue where they left off.  Fuming, Mi Roo tells him she doesn’t want to.  Oh, Mi Roo must have plans and that’s why she’s turning him down.  No, Mi Roo doesn’t like him so she’s stopping it right there.

He’s alarmed that Mi Roo is turning him down but she just throws his words back in his face.  He said that if she ever said stop, then that’s it, he would stop.  He wants to know why Mi Roo’s not interested in him and she explains that even now as she’s saying stop, he considers what’s she saying irrelevant.  Mi Roo’s voice begins to rise and becoming concerned, Alex tries to quiet her.

She talks loudly to make sure everyone will know what kind of guy he is and he’s about ready to drag her out when Psycho Chick comes to Mi Roo’s rescue with the Taser.  Who saw that coming?

Psycho Chick’s got a different look in her eye now.  She’s a traumatized victim.  She tells Mi Roo that she also told Alex to stop but he didn’t.

4th guy: Aries, a guy who loves with his body.  When his body leaves, the heart also leaves.

Finishing up her last entry as Sofia, Mi Roo writes:

Someone wrote that for women, having sex is like growing out your hair.  If you grow your hair out for a long time, there’ll be a day you’ll want to cut it.  If your love for someone grows deeper, you’ll want to sleep with him.  But Aries men won’t wait until the woman grows out her hair.  They’ll take every opportunity to push a pair of scissors on her.

A failed love affair may be an unfair game for women.  The hair of all the women in the world are met by men who don’t turn them down but still these women believe in waiting and growing out their hair for the one.

Unfortunately with the end of the Aries man, I will be leaving the Twelve Men in a Year column.  It might be unfair but I’m still waiting for that one guy.

To those that are reading this column and are waiting for that one person, I hope you all meet them.  Goodbye, Twelve Men in a Year.


No means no!  No means no!  It was a little hard for me to see Julien Kang play this role.  He’s such the cuddly teddy bear on High Kick 3.  However, I respect that he took on a role like this as it’s not easy to play a date rapist.  Julien’s not the greatest actor but I think that’s partly because he’s still not fluent in Korean and his speech comes off a bit stilted.  Plus, because of his model background there are times when I feel he does the Blue Steel pose a wee bit much.  Stop doing that thing with your lips!  It’s super creepy!

I like how the drama addresses the darker side of dating.  Even the way they approach it is interesting because although Alex is very forward, he does make you feel comfortable until you’re suddenly not comfortable with him.  It’s not as apparent when you first watch this episode but upon my 2nd and 3rd viewing, you see all the little signs all along.  Like the honesty thing, he said that quite a bit to Mi Roo.  By the end, you’re going, ‘Buuullshit!  He’s such a fuckin’ liar in saying that if she says stop he would stop his advances because clearly he doesn’t.’  After seeing this episode a few times, those scenes just happen to rile you up because you know what’s coming.

This episode also addressed the issue of the obsessed ex-girlfriend.  I suppose it’s easier for the drama to tie all the darker elements of dating together so they can get back to the comedy and you do end up forgiving Psycho Chick because she ends up saving Mi Roo.

Finally, finally, finally, Mi Roo stands up for herself.  It’s a relief to see that she’s coming into her own and doesn’t have to rely on Tan Ya’s strength of character to fight her battles.  And if there was one time where you really need to stand up for yourself, this is it.

We didn’t really get to see Mi Roo’s mom in this episode until the end.  I like that it was a reminder that she’s still apart of Mi Roo’s world.  As Mi Roo’s mom is experiencing a failed marriage, she trying to replace that hurt with something productive.  Mi Roo began the Twelve Men column and Mi Roo’s mom is finding a new hobby.


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