Just Bananas About: Week of 4/9/12

Shinhwa.  They’ve returned.  I don’t know why they weren’t ever on my radar.  I remember that they debuted almost around the same time as H.O.T. and so I must’ve felt that they were of my younger sister’s generation rather than mine as she was all about… Kangta??  I don’t remember.  (So says the girl who returned to liking idol groups again.  Whatevs.)  I just recall H.O.T. was not my cup of tea but it must have been those loud outfits they had to wear while promoting Candy.  Then again, seeing this old picture of Shinhwa, maybe that was the reason that turned me off K-pop.  Lol.  There is no excuse of 90’s K-pop fashion.  It was pretty awful.

And ever since, Shinhwa’s album releases never happened to have coincided during one of my Korean phases until now.  I’m more familiar with Shin Hye Sung as the solo singer, Eric the actor, and Andy the We Got Married star (although I hated his pairing with Solbi).  I don’t really know Jun Jin, Lee Min Woo, Kim Dong Wan other than when they frequently joke around through Twitter. and text  Their camaraderie is kind of hilarious led by the jokester Eric.

So I downloaded this comeback album because I wanted to see what the buzz was about.  I was totally prepared to feature them on my Friday’s playlist post because there are several songs I really like.  They’re energetic and fun and coincidentally the lyrics of the songs I like all happen to be written by Lee Min Woo.  Sometimes the melody is so catchy, the beat is so addictive that you don’t really pay attention to the words until you have the lyrics right in front of you.  This was one such case for me.  The lyrics are pretty conventional.  Womp, womp.  Just not worthy of a playlist post, in my opinion.  Oh well.

“Venus” is Shinhwa’s title song from this album and this is their music video.  The song’s enjoyable but it makes me wonder if they’re a bit too old to be doing stuff like this.  It’s kind of like the NKOTB/BSB tour.  If you don’t know what that means then thank the stars you’re not old enough yet.

Really, I love “Be My Love”.  Another song written by Lee Min Woo and the lyrics are totally banal but I love the 70’s disco vibe in this song.  It just seems like a feel-good song and even the beginning monologue… Shinhwwwa is so cheesy that it’s funny.  The 70’s was all about the cheese.  I could totally imagine some cute dance à la “The Electric Slide” to go along with it.  Aish, I don’t care if the lyrics are bad.  I wish they would release a music video for this song because it’ll be a lot fun.

Shinhwa – Be My Love

신화 – Be My Love

And if I had to choose a backup song to like, it would be “Stay”.  It’s clubby, the chorus is catchy and just the thing to get groovin’ at the gym.  There’s not much more to the song though.

Shinhwa – Stay

신화 – Stay

I’m not saying the rest of the album is bad but I definitely listen to these two numbers on repeat.


2 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 4/9/12

  1. Thanks for the recommendations. Even though I don’t understand any Korean, I find I like some of the groups and appreciate blog sites, such as yours, and the great tidbits into new music to discover. I’ve passed on some of your recommendations to my other friends. We’re recent (well, maybe 5 years and less, recent) to the K-Pop and K-Ent world.

    Hmm…NKOTB/BSB…I’m guessing you’re my younger sister’s age. 🙂 Were you a Debbie Gibson fan, too? :O)


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