[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 7 – 일년에 열두남자 7회

Mi Roo learns the truth behind the disappearance of her first love and discovers that young lover isn’t as easy to impress as she thought it would be.


Back at Double X, Mi Roo notices that something’s missing from Sofia’s article, the farewell.  She confronts Michelle and Michelle tells her that she’s not sure why Sofia would just give up on the Twelve Men column.  Plus, why would Mi Roo be taking Sofia’s side on this issue?  In addition, Sofia can’t simply give up on the column because she signed a contract and if she doesn’t deliver on all 12 men, there will be financial consequences.

Mi Roo confides in Tan Ya and her response is less than genuine.  Truthfully, Tan Ya wants Mi Roo to continue writing the column because she gets to see a new side to Mi Roo, her sexy and wild side.

Just then Tan Ya gets a call from one of her clients and turns on her charm.  Mi Roo’s phone rings as well.  It’s Jin Oh.  He’s checking to see if she’s alright and asks to meet up.

Tan Ya got a new gig to take photos of an up and coming band.  One of them looks vaguely familiar.

At home with her parents, Mi Roo is stuck in the middle of an uncomfortable atmosphere.  Things are cold and distant between her parents.

After dinner, she goes to her father’s office and sees that he’s packing his bag for another “business” trip.  Mi Roo picks up on the fact that his choice of clothes looks more appropriate for vacation wear.

Mi Roo asks him point blank if he’s still meeting that girl from the hospital and he tells her that he hasn’t seen her once since they left the hospital.  Mi Roo is surprised that she hasn’t mentioned the incident at the bar to her dad.  She tells him that she saw the two of them shopping together at the department store and when he tries to give another flimsy excuse, she brings out the photos as definite proof.

He quickly tears them up just as Mi Roo’s mom enters and says he’s willing to drive Mi Roo to prevent the two women from talking.

President Goo walks authoritatively through the lobby and asks if Young Ho had taken precautions in order to keep Jin Oh’s mouth shut.  Only that Hae Ra’s with Jin Oh again in the employee dining hall.  He tells her that she needs to go but she smiles lovingly back at him.  She says that no one knows who she is so it doesn’t matter if they’re seen together.  However, he points out that they know who he is.  She suggests that he tell everyone that they’re dating.  Jin Oh tells her that he put his life on his career at this hotel, other people in this dining room have done the same thing.  With one mistake, they could be out of the running to top of their career.  Hae Ra tells him that if he marries her then he has a leg up to the top.  Jin Oh says that they can’t do this and it doesn’t matter if he likes her or not.  Hae Ra picks up the phone and it’s her mom calling to see her.

Hae Ra tries to explain to her mom that she’s got a man that she likes.  Young Ho informs her that he’s just a driver/escort to get Hae Ra around from place to place but she doesn’t like that word.  Hae Ra confirms that they’re dating and President Goo takes it out on Young Ho.  A person who oversees hotel business can’t keep Hae Ra in line?  He argues that he’s been busy, too and calls her “noona”.  She shuts him down saying when they’re at the hotel, he should call her president.  Ha, it’s a way for President Goo to keep a tight leash on Young Ho.  She turns back to Hae Ra and reminds her what was expected of her when she returned to Korea.  All she had to do was wait patiently and get ready.  Then she could have married that other guy she liked and taken over the business, her mom had made it so that she could have it all.  Hae Ra protests that she doesn’t like that guy anymore, she wants Jin Oh.  There’s no use talking any sense into Hae Ra, President Goo wants to see Jin Oh in her office now.

Jin Oh’s boss calls him over and asks him again about the influence he has on the people at top.  Jin Oh’s just as confused as he is.  In front of President Goo, she eyes him up and down and tests him on the mission statement of the J Hotel marketing team.  Young Ho interrupts saying that he already tested him on that.  So she tells him to just sit down and they grill him on his education, how long he’s been with the company and his family situation.

President Goo isn’t satisfied with his middle class background.  So these are the specs he used to chase after Hae Ra?  Hae Ra insists that she’s the one that did all the chasing.  So does that mean that Jin Oh doesn’t have any feelings for Hae Ra?  If that’s the case, then he should reject her in front of them.  Hae Ra doesn’t want to give up so easily and when President Goo resorts to throwing things, Jin Oh steps in to block them from hitting Hae Ra.  Or rather Hae Ra’s newly made nose.

Just as Jin Oh is about to make his exit, he turns back and asks if they get President Goo’s blessing, would she allow them to date?  He doesn’t want to start anything if they are just gonna get turned down because it’ll be hard on both of them.  Hae Ra’s beyond overjoyed to see Jin Oh step up for her.

Young Ho thinks it’s best to break them up but President Goo tells them it’s no use trying to break them up as it will only drive them to stick together.  Young Ho suggests sending Jin Oh off to Manila but she would rather send Hae Ra away.  She explains that rather sending someone who’s been working hard for the company for the last 6 years, it would be better to send Hae Ra who’s spent that time having fun.  Upon learning Jin Oh’s job title, she promotes him to team leader despite the fact that rumors will be swirling around them.  It’s all about image and she can’t have her daughter dating a lowly, entry-level employee.

Mi Roo’s off in her own little world when Gwan Woo brings them both lattes.  He’s drawn a 4-leaf clover in Mi Roo’s cup to bring a little luck in her life.  Tan Ya asks why she doesn’t have anything in her cup and it’s because she’s always happy and therefore doesn’t need the extra luck.  Pout.

Tan Ya asks Mi Roo if the one man she’s waiting for is Jin Oh.  They’ve been acting strange since he spent the night at their place.  Tan Ya’s not sure how she feels about Jin Oh anymore.  She’s got a secret to tell.  Not too long ago, she saw Jang Won Bin.  He was supposed to be in Argentina but he’s still here in Seoul.

Recognizing him at the shoot, Tan Ya followed him to a café where he’s been chatting up a girl and interrupts them.  At first Won Bin appears flattered that this girl has been following him around but she immediately cuts him off.  What’s the story with the ring around his neck?  He starts to spin some yarn about a first love when Tan Ya yanks it off his neck.  Inspecting it she asks if the first love is Na Mi Roo.  After jogging his memory on who she is, he explains that Jin Oh had given it to him as payment to keep away from Mi Roo.

Tan Ya tells Mi Roo that Jin Oh had wanted to protect Mi Roo’s dreams.  Upset, Mi Roo walks out and Tan Ya wonders if she should have kept it to herself.

Later, Mi Roo is meeting up with Jin Oh when she spills the beans that she knows all about Jang Won Bin.

She wants Jin Oh to explain why he did that.  They’ve broken up and what does it matter who she dates.  Jin Oh tells her that Jang Won Bin wasn’t the one and he had to go behind her back because she wouldn’t have believed him.  Even so, he should have told it to her.  Who is he to protect her dreams?  He didn’t protect her dreams; instead he protected Won Bin’s lies and made her look like a fool in the process.  Jin Oh tells her that he did it so that she wouldn’t get hurt and she asks if it was because she was so pathetic?

Looking up at the stars, he admits that it was because she appeared to be so pathetic.

Pained, Mi Roo gives Jin Oh back his Gundam robot and tells him that whatever feelings she had left for him are no longer there.  She wishes him well and walks away.  As she’s walking away, she thinks to herself that if he had just said that he did it because he loved her then she could have clung to him.  She once thought that the most pathetic girl is the forgotten girl but now she thinks that it’s the one that’s so pathetic that they cannot be forgotten.  I just like to note how great Yoon Jin Seo’s acting is here.  At the beginning of the scene, she’s trying to hold in her pain but then her emotions just overflow.  Throughout the drama, we’ve mostly seen her comedic acting and her crying scenes seemed a bit over exaggerated to emphasize the comedy.  Here, I like this genuine moment of sadness and betrayal.

Finding pieces of the torn photos in her husband’s trash, Mi Roo’s mom pieces them together.  In front of her is evidence of her husband with the other woman.  I love how this scene immediately follows the scene between Mi Roo and Jin Oh.  Both women have been betrayed to a certain extent.

At after work drinks, Mi Roo is acting like a bad drunk again.  Griping how they’re supposed to be a team and yet they all work separately for their own gain, the youngest of the co-workers tries to get Mi Roo to go home but she accidentally slips out the news that they’re planning to go clubbing.  Mi Roo refuses to go home so Min Joon allows Mi Roo to come along.

At the club entrance, all the girls stream past the bouncer one by one except Mi Roo.  The girls watch as Mi Roo makes a scene and has to be dragged out of the club.

Si Hoo (Kim Kwang Soo) witnesses this site as he’s making his way into the club.

It’s Tan Ya to the rescue again.  Mi Roo tells her that she’s done with Jin Oh because she can’t be with a guy who thinks she’s pathetic.  Tan Ya tells her it’s for the best since Mi Roo can meet a better guy that’ll make Jin Oh sorry for letting her go.

Early the next morning, Mi Roo’s dad calls Mi Roo asking about her mom’s whereabouts.  She didn’t come home last night and when he called her work, her mom had requested for some vacation time.  He tried calling her directly but there’s no answer.  Mi Roo asks what happened and he tells her that her mom must have found the pictures.

Mi Roo rings her mom and she answers.  She’s off on Jeju Island, visiting one of those islands that her dad likes so much, in order to clear her head.  Mi Roo can’t do anything but apologize to her mom.

Her mom plans to take some time out for herself before returning home.  Just then, a gust of wind picks up and blows away her scarf.  It was a gift from Mi Roo’s dad back when things were good between them.

He would romance her by adoring her but now that’s all washed up.

Mi Roo relays some bad news on Michelle.  Sofia has not written the Taurus column because she went on a trip to Africa two weeks ago.  Well that’s strange because someone emailed Michelle the Taurus column already.  Michelle assumes that because Mi Roo has been so busy and distracted, Sofia delivered it straight to the editor.  She let’s Mi Roo read it and Michelle slyly asks what Mi Roo thinks of it.  Mi Roo thinks it’s funny and sad at the same time and Michelle is relieved that she likes it.

Mi Roo wonders if Sofia will continue to meet the Kiwi guy but Michelle relays that Sofia wrote that first loves should remain in one’s memory.  Mi Roo speculates what kind of 3,000,000 won (approx. $3,000) bag she got from Kiwi guy and Michelle matter-of-factly replies, “Chanel.”  Adding, “Wouldn’t it be something like that?”  She quickly looks back and sees that the Chanel bag is hanging from her coat rack and gets up to block Mi Roo from seeing it.  She tells Mi Roo that it’s time for her to get back to work and shoos her from the office.  Taurus, first love is forever, just in your memories…

Michelle informs the Double X writers that they need to fast track an interview and fashion spread for this month’s issue, per boss’ orders.  She tells them to get Jeong Si Hoo for the model but they don’t know who he is.  Why it’s Supernova’s leader, Jeong Si Hoo.  From the moment he checks into J Hotel to the moment he checks out, the writer needs to stick to him like glue to get him to agree to promoting the hotel brand.  They’ve got a leg up since Michelle’s already acquainted with him but now they gotta push to get him to officially agree.  She selects Mi Roo for the assignment to the discontent of the other writers.

Mi Roo isn’t thrilled about the assignment either.  By taking on the Twelve Men column, she was supposed to be exempt from other assignments.  Michelle tells her that Si Hoo would only meet with her but Mi Roo isn’t sure why.  Regardless, Michelle tells her to take on the assignment because it would be a good way to get her name back out there and since the Taurus article was finished early, she’s got the time.  And one more thing, May 29th, Si Hoo’s birthday.  That would make him a Gemini, right?

Tan Ya and Mi Roo do some research into Si Hoo.  Looking Si Hoo, Tan Ya speculates that if he picked Mi Roo to be the writer, then he must have… NOT liked Mi Roo.  Hey!

Kidding aside, this is Mi Roo’s chance to do the Twelve Men column again and she’s got a viable candidate who’s interested in her already.  Mi Roo’s unsure about dating someone so young but Tan Ya’s more interested in getting a good shot of him.

Supernova make their way to the stage for their press conference and Tan Ya thinks Si Hoo looks better in person.  Gemini, Na Mi Roo, meeting with the supernova.

The press conference gets underway with some light questions but Tan Ya pops up to ask if Si Hoo has a girl that he loves.  He answers that he doesn’t have one.  Tan Ya’s not quite done and assumes he must have had one in the past.  Mi Roo is beyond embarrassed.

He answers that he had a girl he was willing to love in the past.  It was 4 years ago and that person was a magazine writer, too.  A firestorm rips through the press conference with writers wondering who it might be within their own circle.  Si Hoo explains how, up until recently, he was a backup dancer and how he was once fired from that job.  It was the worst moment of his life and that’s when he met this writer.

He was depressed and on a bridge and Mi Roo thought he was contemplating jumping off of it.  She stepped in to stop him.

Si Hoo continues to say that he met that writer again one week ago at a club he frequents but she wasn’t the same person anymore.  She was drunk and insisting she be let into the club saying that she was once the Queen of the Han River nightlife scene.  He felt embarrassed for her and Mi Roo’s anger start to get the best of her when Tan Ya tells her to calm down.

Another reporters asks him to identify the writer for them.  Si Hoo informs them that the writer is here.  He just smiles as they all look around.  He sweeps his finger over them and it stops right on Na Mi Roo who’s trying to disappear behind her notebook.

Si Hoo then laughs it off saying, “Wow, you really believed me?”

Leaving the press conference, Tan Ya exclaims how little ones like Si Hoo always play with the feelings of older women.  She asks what happened 4 years ago and Mi Roo tells her that she just comforted him.  So that’s why he fell for her and then to see the woman he loved being drunk and foolish, it just dissipated his idealized image of her.  Just then, Tan Ya reminds her that she was supposed to get him to agree to the spread.  Mi Roo’s now toiling over how she’s supposed to face Si Hoo but he’s already in his van, ready to leave.  On the phone with Michelle, he tells her that Mi Roo must have left but spots her right outside and prepares to drive away.  Mi Roo sees the van too and chases after it.

Mi Roo asks for 5 minutes.  She’s prepared to go inside the van but he stops her and tells her she can do it while standing outside.  Fine, Mi Roo tries to convince Si Hoo to be the face of J Hotel but he plays hard to get.  Mi Roo asks him to help her out just this once but Si Hoo’s not interested in hearing flattery.  He tells her she’s got 3 more minutes to try and convince him.  Again, she tries her best but nothing she says seems to do the trick.  Mi Roo realizes that he just seems to be playing with her and she refuses to play.  Is he going to do it or not?  Looking over his schedule, he tells her to meet him at a club, two weeks from now.  Not as the person he’s looking at now but the Noona he fell for 4 years ago.  She’s got to look that young in order to get in the club anyways.  With that, he’s gone.

Michelle’s upset that Mi Roo couldn’t accomplish getting his cooperation right away.  She decides to move ahead with the Jeong Si Hoo concept, from the clothes to the set to everything.  It’s on Mi Roo to get him to commit to it now.

Mi Roo’s not sure what Si Hoo wants from her.  She doesn’t think she’s changed and Tan Ya shows her an example, Gwan Woo with his girlfriend being all lovey-dovey.  Older women are just different from the way they dress down to the attitude.

Tan Ya hands Mi Roo some skinny jeans but she’s not confident Mi Roo can fit in them.

She should have continued to go to the gym but Mi Roo was worried about facing Alex again.  Tan Ya tells her after word went out, Alex hasn’t shown his face.

Mi Roo does the tight jeans squeeze dance and she manages to get them on. I love the expression on both their faces.

Mi Roo’s ecstatic until she stops sucking in; the button flies off.  Tan Ya tells her to forget about fitting into them and make do with some makeup and different clothes.  But Mi Roo works for a fashion magazine and she’s got to attempt to look the part.

She vows to lose the weight in two weeks.


Now that Mi Roo knows what happened between Jin Oh and Won Bin, things are clearly over between Mi Roo and Jin Oh for now.  I think Jin Oh is letting go by starting anew with Hae Ra because I don’t quite believe that he’s really into her as she’d like him to be.  And Mi Roo finally returns Jin Oh’s Gundam robot thereby cutting all ties to him.  She doesn’t want to lean on Jin Oh anymore and doesn’t want to let him think that he could always come to her rescue.  To Mi Roo, the incident with Won Bin was truly a betrayal of their trust.  Before, she left the door open ajar so that she could start over with him but now she’s completely shut that door closed.

Finally, someone else is in on the secret of Sofia’s true identity.  I had suspected that Michelle had known all along but I do wonder why she had put so much trust in Mi Roo when they’re first meeting was less than satisfactory.  I think that it’s cute that in some way she’s seeking approval from Mi Roo and I suppose this is way for her to keep her writing skills in check after serving as editor for so long.

This episode was a little bit slow in my book.  It was more of filler rather than having some big developments.


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