[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 8 – 일년에 열두남자 8회

Mi Roo individually inspires a new generation of dreamers, from a new work colleague to a young love interest.


Now that Mi Roo’s resolved to lose weight, she’s made a schedule indicating when to workout and what to eat.  If Tan Ya helps her out, she’ll pay all of this month’s rent.  Seeing Gwan Woo with his new girlfriend, they’re annoyed that his mind is on her and not on them anymore.  Where’s the cute little barista that made latte art for Mi Roo?

Back at home, Tan Ya gives Mi Roo the 411 on all things about the nightlife.  The music.  The dancing… but before the lesson even begins, Tan Ya realizes she’s got a lot of work ahead of her.  She tries to show Mi Roo the butt wiggle, the wave and the point.  Except Mi Roo does all 3 at the same time.  Ha!  It’s so not pretty.

At the Na household, Mi Roo’s mom has returned.  Mi Roo advises her dad to beg for forgiveness.  He tells her it would help him if she came to visit them.  Immediately, Mi Roo is on the phone to her to ask about the trip and to try get invited home for dinner.  Her mom is cooking food so that she could have a quiet dinner with her dad.  They need to talk things over.  It seems like a step in the right direction but Mi Roo’s dad looks worried.  After hanging up with Mi Roo, her mom turns to him and warns him not to bring Mi Roo in the middle of their situation.  They will handle their own problems.

Mi Roo’s dad tries to appease his wife at dinner but she clearly has a wall up.  He tells her that it’s all his fault and says he could see how she got the wrong idea from the photos.  Say whhhat?  She calmly tells him to eat lots since it’ll be the last table she’ll ever set for him and then smiles.

After dinner, she gets down to business.  She’ll take the house since he’s got the studio and a fund in the bank.  He says that he’s apologized and won’t cheat ever again so he can’t agree to a divorce.  She’s not divorcing him just because of the cheating.  It’s because he’s treated her like she doesn’t even exist.  She doesn’t expect much romance after years of marriage but she does deserves respect.  Right on!  Unlike Mi Roo, her mom thinks things over, makes a decision and acts on them.  She doesn’t sit around whining or getting drunk wondering how things have gotten so bad.  It’s so refreshing.  He refuses to leave which causes her to scream so he’s got no choice but to pack his bags.

At home, Mi Roo continues her strict regimen, doing some sit-ups while watching interviews of Supernova as motivation.  Tan Ya takes her to the mall to go shopping for club attire and they see a tight sequin minidress.  Only it’s super expensive.  When she tries it on, she’s unable to get the zipper all the way up but she doesn’t want to give up yet.  She’s still got a week to lose those last couple of inches.

Jin Oh’s boss is pushed out so that Jin Oh can take his place as Team Manager.  It’s a bit awkward and uncomfortable but his co-workers are respectful.

Hae Ra calls Jin Oh up to her room.  She’s busy packing up so that she can move out.  Jin Oh picks up a pair of jeans.  Seeing that they are big, he asks whom they belong to.  Hae Ra freaks out and tells him the stuff in the box is garbage.  They used to be her fat clothes before she lost the weight.

She tells Jin Oh to sit down and she interviews him like a reporter.  What’s it like being the new Team Manager?  He’s overcome by it.  Doesn’t he like being the Team Manager?  He likes it but… Jin Oh switches the subject to her and asks where she’s moving to.  She whispers that she’s moving in with him to his surprise.  Her uncle doesn’t know that it’s his place so she asks him to keep it a secret.  She’s going to officially start at the company tomorrow so in order for people not to know she’s the president’s daughter, she’s moving out.  Plus, she’s got a wardrobe to match her new lifestyle, her best collection, all of which are size 44’s.  Just like her role model, Anna Wintour.  Jin Oh will oversee the hotel business while she pursues her dream of becoming a fashion editor.

The magazine spread for this month is all done and planned out.  All they need is the model.

Mi Roo’s not giving up.  She trains hard to lose that last bit of weight and practice the latest dance moves for today’s club scene.

With bated breath, Tan Ya slowly zips up Mi Roo’s dress.  It fits!  Now that she’s got the look, she’s got to get Si Hoo to agree to do the spread.  Tan Ya’s not done yet.  She warns Mi Roo not to lose her cool and undo her image.  Don’t drink too much, only 1 bottle of beer and 1 cocktail.  When dancing, keep your posture and don’t get overexcited and point your finger in the air everywhere.  Always be tense and don’t let out your stomach.  The dress wasn’t made to fit you, you were made to fit the dress.

Lastly, she hands Mi Roo a condom because she never know if she’ll need it.  Mi Roo refuses to take it and chucks it.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she sees her old-self reflecting back at her.  On her way out, she sees a letter waiting for her from Ghana.  There’s no time to read it so she stuff it in her purse and gets in the cab.  She’s ready to party.

This time she’s calm and collected.  When she gets stopped at the door, she tells the bouncers that she’s Supernova’s Si Hoo’s plus one.  Inside the club is hopping and Mi Roo sees a girl dancing it up wildly on the dance floor.  Si Hoo spots Mi Roo and he asks if she got in okay.  She didn’t have any problems this time.  That other time, she was going through a hard time.  Si Hoo compliments Mi Roo by telling her that she looks pretty tonight.  Mi Roo kept her end of the bargain so Si Hoo’s going to keep his, right?  Si Hoo asks if she remembers him.  She vaguely remembers giving him a can coffee.  So does she remember the girl on the dance floor?  She’s Aeri, a member of the girl idol group, appropriately called Girls.  It triggers a memory.

When Mi Roo was first starting out at Double X, she had come over to interview them.  However, Aeri just dismissed her with an attitude.  Si Hoo comes in, looking forlorn and caught Mi Roo’s attention.

Si Hoo managed to stay alive but the girl group disbanded.  Aeri walks over and asks if he knows her.  She introduces herself and he feigns interest.  He asks her to dance with him and Aeri agrees, only he was asking Mi Roo.  Mi Roo and Si Hoo head to the dance floor while she sneers back at the diss.  Eww, she’s got a total stank face on.

Slowly, Mi Roo starts to let loose when Si Hoo suddenly puts his jacket over her and tells her that they should leave.

He drives her home and leans in… to put his jacket on her since it’s falling off.  Si Hoo asks if they could meet again tomorrow, not because of the interview but to date.  She agrees.  Mi Roo can’t contain her excitement with Tan Ya.

Tan Ya asks what’s with the jacket and she tells him it belongs to Si Hoo because he thought she’d be cold.  Then Tan Ya notices that Mi Roo’s bag is missing.  She must’ve left it in Si Hoo’s car.  It’s not a problem since she’ll see him tomorrow. She’ll get it back then.  Taking off her jacket, Tan Ya notices the rip in her dress.

In reality, Mi Roo went so crazy on the dance floor that her dress ripped open.  Si Hoo politely put his jacket over her and escorted her out so no one else would notice.

Mi Roo faints from embarrassment.  Lol.

Tan Ya thinks that Si Hoo must be a good guy and must be really be into Mi Roo to be so gentlemanly.  He wouldn’t open Mi Roo’s bag, right?  Mi Roo doesn’t care because there’s not much in it anyways.  Tan Ya confesses to slipping in the condom when she wasn’t looking.  Mi Roo beyond mortified but Tan Ya tries to look on the bright side.  Even if he opens her bag, he’d think she’s prepared and got manners.  Mi Roo thinks he’ll either have fantasies of his own or think she’s easy.  A woman who’s almost 30 but still prances around clubs, chasing after men.  Tan Ya assures her that it’s okay because kids today are more understanding.  Mi Roo doesn’t want to appear easy in front of Si Hoo.

Returning home, Si Hoo notices Mi Roo’s bag in his car.  I think he’s more disturbed by the tail adornment more than anything else.

Michelle’s happy that Mi Roo was able to succeed in getting Si Hoo’s cooperation.  She also tells her that they are going to get a new team member and it’s Mi Roo’s job to show her the ropes.

Calling Mi Roo, Si Hoo’s disappointed to find out that Mi Roo won’t be at the shoot.  They’re going to be seeing each other later so it’s no biggie.  Mi Roo brings up the subject of her handbag.  Yeah, he found it all right.  She tells him he could just hand it over to one of her co-workers.  He’d rather give it directly to her since it contains something very important.  Mi Roo tells him she’ll head over to the shoot to get it.

Mi Roo relays the story to Tan Ya.  Why is it so vital that he give the bag directly to her?  Mi Roo frets about his meaning.  Tan Ya informs her that it’s not what’s in the bag but the bag’s owner that’s important.  At the sound of high heels, Mi Roo turns around.  It’s the new team member, Oh Hae Ra.  Except she’s totally dressed up like Anna Wintour and walking around like she owns the place.  Well, the latter is true.  Mi Roo puts the phone down and looks her up and down.  In true Korean fashion, Mi Roo puts her hoobae in her place.  Just because it’s a fashion magazine, it doesn’t make sense to be all dressed up.  Some of their work involves hard labor and she’s not going to make it through the day in stiletto heels.

Hae Ra tells Mi Roo that she aspires to become a top fashion editor like Anna Wintour and surprised to learn the Mi Roo doesn’t have the same aspirations.  Mi Roo imparts some advice.  Just because you dress like Anna Wintour, doesn’t make you Anna Wintour.  She works long hours and only spends 10 minutes at each of her parties.  While Hae Ra expresses the desire to work on the fashion team, Mi Roo boasts that Anna Wintour got her start on the feature team, the same team Mi Roo is on.  Hae Ra’s so gullible.

Leaving Underling Hae Ra to clean up the office, Mi Roo heads to the mall with Tan Ya.  She asks Mi Roo if Anna Wintour really started on the feature team?  Mi Roo shrugs.  Just then she eyes another expensive dress and Tan Ya tries to stop her.  Mi Roo justifies that she can’t show up wearing any old outfit with Si Hoo.  She neeeeds it.  Although I mostly wear Converses from day to day, I neeed my purty shoes, too.  There, there, I understand.

Heading to Café Star Space, Tan Ya sees a cute dog out front and can’t resist taking pictures of it.  Just then Gwan Woo comes out, planning to leave early because he hasn’t heard from his girlfriend and wants to check and see if she’s okay.  She tells him that she’ll watch the café while he’s gone.  Tan Ya assumes that things must be over for the young couple.

Heading to the Supernova practice space, Mi Roo sees Si Hoo practicing hard.  She looks on, unwilling to interrupt him.

Tan Ya gets a customer and he asks for a macchiato but she can only make Americano’s.   Lol.  I don’t think I’ve heard anyone in the K-Dramascape order anything else.  Gwan Woo returns and he looks brokenhearted.

Si Hoo finally catches sight of Mi Roo.  They were supposed to tell him that she arrived but she wanted to watch him practice.  Si Hoo’s not a natural dancer and has to work twice as hard to keep up with the rest of his members.  He tells her he’s going to change and will be right back.  On his way out, he compliments her on her outfit but they won’t be clubbing tonight.

Exiting the building, he stops her to check for fans.  Seeing none there, they make their way out only to be bombarded by fans and reporters.

She immediately covers her face and he informs them that he’s on his way out for a date.  He pulls Mi Roo besides him and pulls her hands away from her face.  Si Hoo whispers to Mi Roo that they need to run to make a dash for the car.

In the car, they laugh it off but what are they going to do about the news?  He says that after the release of his album, he won’t really need to worry about it but Mi Roo will have to keep on writing.  What will she do?  I guess the only solution left is to marry him.  She laughs it off and jokingly agrees.  Si Hoo remembers her purse and hands it back to Mi Roo but she doesn’t ask him if he’s looked inside though that’s all she can think about.

Si Hoo brings Mi Roo to the place where they first met, that time she was trying to interview Girls, the girl idol group.  Mi Roo was just an apprentice reporter back then and the interview was her first assignment.  He was just a backup dancer and accidentally stepped on Aeri’s foot during taping.  Aeri called him aside and reprimanded him for it.  Subsequently, he was fired for the mistake.

Mi Roo had continued to chase after the interview but they failed to cooperate with her even though it was a scheduled interview.  That’s when she saw Si Hoo walking off on his own, towards the bridge.  Depressed and looking over the water, Mi Roo had thought he was ready to jump.  She told him that everything would look brighter tomorrow and grabbed onto him to prevent him from falling over.

Later, he explained how hard he’d been training to become an idol star.  But he’s only been chasing his dream for 3 years while Mi Roo tells him that she’s been working to become a journalist for over 10 years.  She vows not to give up and get this interview.  Mi Roo’s sunny attitude inspired him to work hard and succeed.  Seeing that Aeri and the other girl group members leaving, Mi Roo chases after the van.  In the end, Mi Roo got her interview, despite having to deal with their bitchy attitudes, and got a two-page spread in the magazine because of her perseverance.

Whenever Si Hoo’s ready to call it quits, he retreats to this place to remind himself of her.  She asks if that’s why he said that she’s changed so much at the press conference.  He tells her he was joking because he wanted to get back at Mi Roo for turning him down.  He had requested a date with her several times but she rejected him saying that she wasn’t interested in young men.

Suddenly Si Hoo apologizes to Mi Roo for looking in her bag.  He didn’t know her number and thought it might be written down in her bag.  He opened and read the letter she got from Epia Manu from Ghana, the girl that Mi Roo sponsors and corresponds with.

Si Hoo tells her that she hasn’t changed at all.  She’s made a difference in both Si Hoo and Epia Manu’s life.  That’s the thing that made Si Hoo like her.  He tells Mi Roo that he’s going to be leaving for Japan soon and doesn’t know when he’ll be able to return.  But if she misses him, he’ll come right back.  Is that okay with Mi Roo?


I’m seeing Mi Roo in a new light.  During this drama, it’s always been Tan Ya who’s been inspiring and motivating Mi Roo.  It’s nice to see that Mi Roo has been able to do that for others, if not herself.

And can I just say how glad I am that Mi Roo’s mom isn’t like Mi Roo at all?  I suppose we wouldn’t have much of a drama or a conflict if Mi Roo isn’t wallowing about how her life turned out but it’s refreshing to see what the road not taken looks like.

This episode is introducing some new storylines and relationship.  First, Hae Ra is now working at Double X and things are not going to be easy once she realizes that Mi Roo is Jin Oh’s ex.  However, I can’t help but not feel sympathetic for Hae Ra or Jin Oh.  Hae Ra is wheedling her way into Jin Oh’s life and Jin Oh is just letting Hae Ra get away with it.  I mean, she just assumed it would be okay to move into Jin Oh’s place without asking him first?  It’s like when you see two people who are clearly unsuited for each other but you keep your mouth shut because it’s not your place to say anything.  Eventually, you hope they’ll figure it out.

Secondly, we got an inkling of Gwan Woo’s lovelife and what that means for Tan Ya.  Up until now, the drama established that they had a playful relationship but it seems that Tan Ya has harbored a secret crush for the little barista boy.  And that’s why she’s a little miffed when he does latte art for Mi Roo and not her.  Aww, romance is brewing amongst the coffee foam.  Brew, little barista boy, brew!!


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