First Impressions – Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23: Pilot


Here’s another new ABC show with a provocative title.  Small-town girl, June Colbern (Dreama Walker), moves to New York City when her job at a mortgage company provides her with a fabulous NYC apartment.  She arrives the first day to find that the company is shut down for fraud forcing her to find a new place to live.  She finds Chloe (Krysten Ritter) through an online listing but discovers that Chloe is a con-artist and a party-girl.  They don’t get along at first but when June is unwilling to take Chloe’s behavior lying down and Chloe exposes her cheating fiancé , they end up forming an unlikely friendship.

So you’ve got opposites attract, the nice, girl-next-door living with a roommate with “the morals of a pirate”.  That’s according to James Van Der Beek.  Yup, that’s right.  He plays a meta version of himself in the show.

But first things first, Ritter and Walker play the main characters in the show but I don’t think they’ve got their comedic timing down.  Also, the writing in the pilot leaves a lot of room for improvement.

It’s trying to be snappy and relevant to today’s humor but I just didn’t find myself really laughing at their delivery.  Of course, Chloe says and does outrageous things and June reacts to them but I’m hoping that now they’ve set the sitcom up, it’ll be less cheesy and more sarcastic.  You can’t bank solely on crass to pull this off, especially on network television.

James Van Der Beek.  “The Beek from the Creek”  “Le Beek, C’est Chic”.  Dawson, himself.  He became friends with Chloe after she tried to scam him.  He was hilarious in this first episode.  Him and all the references to him.  Really, I think he’s the best thing about this sitcom.  He’s constantly making fun of himself.

The other characters that round out the three are:

    • Robin (Liza Lapira) – the neighbor who’s obsessed with Chloe.

    • Eli (Michael Blaiklock) – the perverted next-window neighbor who spies on the girls.

    • Mark (Eric Andre) – supposed to be June’s supervisor at the mortgage company but now they both work at the local coffee shop.

I’m not sure how these supporting cast members are going to add to the “situation comedy” for the show.  For the most part, they’ve been somewhat amusing but wouldn’t be missed if they didn’t appear in the show.  I think the writers are using them in order to plot out the episodes.  Mark works at a coffee shop and it looks like our main group is going to frequent this place.  Eli gives advice through the window he’s peeping through which helps the girls solve their problems, somewhat.

The 2nd episode was made available online and it does improve somewhat.  I still think that Ritter and Walker’s chemistry is a bit problematic but the scenes with James Van Der Beek are priceless.



2 thoughts on “First Impressions – Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23: Pilot

  1. I read the pilot script last year and I HATED it. However, I decided to give it a shot and having watched the first two episodes I actually like it though I agree that their is room for improvement. James Van Der Beek really is the best part of the show. Many of the funny moments in the 2nd episode are related to his storyline. I’ll continue to watch mainly for “The Beek from the Creek.”


  2. So Chloe having sex with June’s fiancé on top of her birthday cake in order to show her that he’s a cheater is the nicest thing anybody’s ever done for June? Hahaha that’s all it took for me to be sold on this ridiculously hilarious/raunchy/absurd show. Extra kudos for having the song “Infinity Guitars” by Seigh Bells playing in the background the whole time.

    Also, James Van Der Beek as a fictionalized version of himself is about the funniest thing since Neal Patrick Harris in the Harold and Kumar movies (well, at least #1 and #3)


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