[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 9 – 일년에 열두남자 9회

The column takes a backseat as new problems arise for Mi Roo.  Also, Tan Ya comforts our little barista boy, Gwan Woo.


Si Hoo promises to return to Mi Roo if she wants him and asks if that’s okay with her.  However, she turns him down because she doesn’t like him in that way.  She liked his youth, his success and wanted to get his approval.  Despite what he thinks, she admits that she’s changed.  She kisses him on the cheek and lets him go.  If he’s still interested when he’s 30 and she’s 36, then she’ll meet him.  Si Hoo promises to come back when he’s 30 and tells her to wait for him.

Tan Ya reads the letter that Epia Manu wrote to Mi Roo.  Mi Roo reminisces how her first interview had been the Girls but her first article was about World Vision and Epia.  Since that first article, she had been corresponding and financially supporting Epia but hasn’t been able to do anything for the last 3 months.  Mi Roo regrets at how she’s changed.

The next day Mi Roo tries to return the dress for the full amount but the sales assistant is unwilling to do that since she’s already worn it.  Reluctantly, Mi Roo gives in and gets the refund.  She send the money to Epia and writes that it’s so their family could buy a cow.  At work, Mi Roo also puts in a request for more assignments.  Michelle wonders why Mi Roo is so eager to do more work and she responds that it’s because she’s a reporter.

Jin Oh is surprised to learn that Hae Ra is working at Double X thinking her dream was to become a designer like her role model.  She corrects him by telling him that Anna Wintour is a fashion editor so working at a fashion magazine is right up her alley.  She boasts about her new gig, her editor and even her new mentor.  Jin Oh worries about Mi Roo and Hae Ra crossing paths.

Jin Oh drives Hae Ta to work for her first day and he advises her that she should asks to be on the fashion team and that she should remain tight-lipped about the fact that she’s the boss’ daughter.  Jin Oh watches as she makes her way in.  Just then, Mi Roo catches sight of Jin Oh asks why he’s here.  He makes up an excuse and reveals that he’s been promoted to Team Manager.  She asks if Team Manager is above a Deputy Manager and it is.

She flashes back to the time when she was having a hard time at work and given all the grunt assignments because she was new.  Jin Oh had tried to cheer her up and told her to be patient for a little while.  When he becomes the Deputy Manager, he would propose to her and they’d have a great future outlined for them.  She wouldn’t even have to work anymore.  Aww, I like that we get to see Jin Oh as a glass half-full kind of guy.

Back then, Mi Roo didn’t think Deputy Manager was that big of a promotion but now she sees that Jin Oh has done even better than she thought he would.  And maybe she’s regretting things a bit?

Michelle introduces Hae Ra to the Double X group and assigns her to Mi Roo to mentor her.  Michelle reminds Mi Roo that she wanted  more work but this isn’t what she had in mind.

Back at the café, Tan Ya serves Mi Roo coffee while she gives her the 411 on work.  Mi Roo asks why Tan Ya’s working there and she updates Mi Roo on the fact that Gwan Woo’s been neglecting the café because he’s still depressed about the breakup.  Mi Roo feels sorry for him.

Just then Mi Roo gets a call from her dad to meet up.  He asks her to come home to spend the night and informs her that he’s been kicked out and that her mom is seeking a divorce.

Gwan Woo’s mood still hasn’t improved and Tan Ya can’t stand by idly anymore.  She suggests that they go drinking.

Mi Roo goes home and her mom greets her with open arms.  When her father takes the opportunity to sneak pass the gate, her mom stops him.  Mi Roo tries to ease the tension between the two but her mom is adamant about keeping him out.  But he pushes past and is overjoyed at making it through the front gate thinking he’s home free.

Her mom goes back in the house and returns to front yard with her kendo sword, ready to attack.  He retreats as she swings away at him.

Gwan Woo gets drunk with Tan Ya but then reaches for his phone and starts dialing his ex.  She snatches it out of his hands before he can finish dialing.  She tells him what he’s doing isn’t love; it’s obsession.  He moans that his ex did love him so Tan Ya assumes that love must have changed.  He wonders how love could change but she assumes that because he’s so young and doesn’t have much experience that he doesn’t understand love.  Gwan Woo’s tired of hearing that he’s so young and naïve.  He knows as much as the next person and has dated quite a bit.

Sleeping over, Mi Roo thinks aloud to get her mom’s reaction.  She wonders how her dad is doing since the boiler at the studio is broken, if her dad’s been able to take a shower and that his face looks worn.  Her mom doesn’t buy into it responding that he doesn’t need a boiler since winter’s practically over.  But Mi Roo continues and wonders how she’d be able to go off and get married while her mom is living at home alone.  Won’t she be scared?  Her mom says that after Mi Roo moved out her father was always off somewhere else so she’s spent a lot of nights alone in that house.  Finally, Mi Roo tells her that while she understands that this is an issue with her dad, this is also a family issue.  Why didn’t her mom ask for her opinion?  Mi Roo’s mom thinks about how she’s worked at the police station, tried to take care of her dad and raise Mi Roo.  Her dad didn’t really earn enough income because he was busy being an artist and she tried to support that.  She saved her earnings to buy this house so why should she accept his bad behavior?  She doesn’t think it’s fair.  Mi Roo asks if there were only bad memories in this house because there were many happy memories, too.  She just wishes her mom, dad and she could live happily for a long time.

At Tan Ya’s, Gwan Woo goes on and on about his relationship woes but Tan Ya’s already fallen asleep.  He moves closer to check on her and to tries to get her to go to bed.  In that moment, he really takes a look at her and she suddenly opens her eyes.

He says that he’ll be going home and she puts a hand on his cheek and asks if he feels a bit better.

He moves closer and she pulls him in for a kiss.  Eeeeee….

But he pulls back suddenly realizing that he’s drunk.  Awww…  She’s cool about it and tells him to call for a taxi.  Changing his mind, he turns around and pulls Tan Ya into a more passionate kiss.  They slowly move towards the bed.  Weeeee!!

Before they know it, it’s morning.  Tan Ya’s vibrating phone wakes Gwan Woo up and he gets out of bed and gets dressed.

Seeing that Tan Ya has woken up too, he apologizes for his behavior the night before blaming it on the booze.  She takes a long look at him and then puts her head down and starts to… cry??

Alarmed, Gwan Woo tries to comfort her and say that he wasn’t trying to make excuses; it’s all his fault and he’ll take responsibility.

She picks her head up and she’s not crying but cracking up.  Lol.  Tan Ya asks why and how he’ll take responsibility and Gwan Woo just sits there, stunned.  For Tan Ya, it was a good time and she offers him a cup of coffee.

He gets up angry telling her that you don’t do that to people before storming out.

Tan Ya finally picks up her phone.  Roo’s been calling and assumes that she’s was out partying again.  Tan Ya doesn’t mention Gwan Woo.  They make plans to have some lunch later.  As Tan Ya leaves her apartment, the landlord catches her and wants to know when she’s going to pay the overdue rent.  Tan Ya just replies that she will and makes her escape.

Mi Roo takes Hae Ra to a gourmet restaurant.  Hae Ra inspects the exterior, interior décor and the kitchen as research for the article.  Mi Roo informs her that this restaurant was a place she wrote about previously and tells her to write her own article and compare it to Mi Roo’s original piece.  Then, she introduces her to Tan Ya, the photographer.  While they’re eating lunch, a tall figure with a big hat, sunglasses and scarf takes a seat a nearby table.  Mi Roo recognizes her as Sofia.

In the middle of ordering, Sofia cancels her order and walks back out.  The trio follows and calls after her but Sofia starts to make a run for it.  The girls try to keep up but Sofia is just too fast.

Mi Roo has an idea to go straight to Lee Joon’s place since he’s Sofia’s brother.  Knocking on the door, she asks for Lee Joon.  Joon is on the other side, dressed as Sofia, listening silently.  Not wiling to give up, Mi Roo slips a note under the door asking him to contact her.  Cancer, full of secrets and a recluse man.

At the café, the three recall the strange events of that day.  Mi Roo wonders who Sofia really is and Tan Ya wonders if Sofia’s going to start writing the column again.  Hae Ra’s confused, wasn’t Sofia writing the column all along?  Oops.  Tan Ya tries to cover it up by saying that they must have seen wrong and Mi Roo plays along in order to keep the secret.

Gwan Woo brings over their coffees.  This time there are 2 lattes with hearts for Mi Roo and Tan Ya and just a plain coffee for Hae Ra.

Mi Roo is happy to see that Gwan Woo has returned to his old self but then notices Tan Ya’s cup.  What’s that all about?  Tan Ya pretends not to notice.

Hae Ra notices as well and wonders why she’s been left out.  Sigh, it’s a long story and nothing against you, Hae Ra.

Young Ho is doing some light reading of Double X when he comes across the Sofia articles.  It intrigues him.  Jin Oh shows up to update him on business matters when Young Ho asks if he’s been reading the Sofia column. He informs Young Ho that he has been monitoring them.  Young Ho wants to know what’s the point of monitoring since anyone can read the article after it’s been published and reprimands him for not knowing who the writers are and what articles they’re writing.  J Hotel has poured a lot of advertising money into Double X and so it would be fruitful to know that the magazine is on the same page as the company.  Jin Oh apologizes for dropping the ball since he’s new to the position but Young Ho’s not interested in hearing excuses and wants to meet with the editor himself.

Then on a sidenote, Young Ho inquires how his relationship is going with Hae Ra.  He insults Jin Oh by telling him that he knows his type.  He’s a person who’ll sell everything in order to climb the ladder.

Jin Oh takes it all in stride and shows up to have lunch with Hae Ra.  She excitedly describes how they chased after Sofia earlier that day.  In order to do some research on Sofia, she read all of her previous articles and laughs at how the Capricorn guy is just like Jin Oh.  He almost chokes on his water as she cracks up.

Meeting with Michelle, Young Ho starts with some small talk about keeping Hae Ra’s true identity a secret from the other writers.  Then he gets down to business.  J Hotel has a lot of advertising money going into the magazine but times aren’t good.  He wonders if it’ll be better for that money to be allocated elsewhere.  Michelle tells him if it’s an issue of advertising space she’ll work things out to meet his needs but Young Ho is just stalling.  He brings up Sofia and asks if it’s possible to meet her.  Michelle is at an impasse.

Mi Roo arrives at J Hotel and she tells Tan Ya to wait for her until her meeting is over.  It appears that Michelle called her over to talk about the Sofia issue.  Entering the elevator, she encounters Young Ho.  He immediately recognizes her as the drunk girl who sang on stage at the Double X anniversary party.  She’s beyond embarrassed and he can’t stop laughing in her face.  Well now, that’s just rude.

Tan Ya looks at a nude photography book while waiting patiently in the lobby for Mi Roo.  She sees a woman tell a little girl to wait in the lobby for her dad.  With nothing to do, the little girl’s interest gets peaked by Tan Ya’s book and she comes over to look at it.  Tan Ya tries to shoo her away saying it’s not a book for little kids but the girl reacts by knocking the book over before taking a seat.

Mi Roo meets with Michelle and wonders why they couldn’t talk at the office.  Michelle tells her that there are matter to be discussed at the office and matters to be discussed at a hotel.  She tells Mi Roo that a guy is interested in meeting Sofia.

Back in the lobby, Tan Ya can’t wait anymore and texts Mi Roo that she’s leaving.  She notices that the little girl is still sitting there alone.  The girl tells her that she’s waiting for her dad but doesn’t know when he’s going to show up.  She’s been waiting for 3 hours already but doesn’t have her dad or her mom’s number.

Michelle hands over Goo Young Ho’s business card.  Mi Roo turns her down but she tells Mi Roo that she understand Sofia and Mi Roo’s position but they both need to be on Michelle’s side this time.  J Hotel and Double X’s contract ends next month and Executive Director Goo has subtly given an ultimatum.  Mi Roo’s unhappy because he just wants to sleep with Sofia but Michelle doesn’t see what the issue is since Sofia’s meeting all these men for the column.  Michelle assures her that someone of Goo Young Ho’s status will want to keep things private but if the secret is out then it’s not Michelle or Mi Roo’s problem.  Mi Roo’s insistent that Sofia will reject the offer but Michelle tells her that if Sofia rejects him, she needs to call Michelle directly.

Tan Ya tries to take the girl to the police station but she tells her that her dad is waiting for her at the theme park so she drives over there instead.  When they get there she tells Tan Ya that her dad is waiting inside and that Tan Ya needs to take her to him herself.  Once inside, the little girl is more interested in the rides and Tan Ya obliges her while they wait for her dad.

After awhile, Tan Ya asks when her father will be getting there but the girl is now hungry.  Tan Ya reluctantly gets it for her but when she comes back the girl is nowhere to be seen.  She’s hiding behind a booth because she doesn’t want to get caught and be forced to leave.  Panicked, Tan Ya heads to information and describes the missing child only she doesn’t know the girl’s name.  When Tan Ya turns around, the girl is playing right outside.  She goes right up to her and yells at her for making her worried and the girl starts crying.  This is more than Tan Ya thought she’d be doing that day.

Leaving the park, the girl tells Tan Ya her name is Goo Ji Woo and gives her a phone number.  Just then Young Ho comes to pick up his daughter.  Tan Ya wants to speak to him and he assumes that she’s asking for some money.  Without even listening to what Tan Ya has to say, he hands her a check and drives off.  Looking at the check, she realizes it’s for ₩1,000,000 (approx. $1000).

At home, Mi Roo tells Tan Ya about how Sofia will need to meet with Young Ho.  He’s 43, divorced and has a daughter.  Plus, there’s a rumor that he’s a pervert.  Tan Ya tells her not to believe all rumors but Mi Roo insists that there could only be one reason for meeting with Sofia.  Again, Tan Ya tells her not to go overboard and jump to conclusions.  The real reason Mi Roo doesn’t want to meet Executive Director Goo is because of Jin Oh.  So Tan Ya offers to do it if Mi Roo doesn’t want to.

At work, Jin Oh gets chewed out again by Young Ho and Jin Oh answers Tan Ya’s call while leaving his office.  She wants to know what Goo Young Ho is really like.  Jin Oh can only find curses to describe him.  Haha.  Tan Ya hangs up the phone shocked at what she’s learn and Mi Roo asks her what was said.  Tan Ya summarizes that he’s trash with a lot of money according to Jin Oh.

Mi Roo thinks that the only solution now is to meet with Sofia and give the column back to her.  Tan Ya points out that Executive Director Goo isn’t interested in meeting the old Sofia but the Sofia that’s writing the column now.  The person who should meet him and decide is Mi Roo but she doesn’t want to.  Mi Roo wonders what the real Sofia would do.  “I wanted to try my best but in the sketchbook of my life, I seemed to just be drawing crooked pictures.  Now I want to give it back.”

Joon is writing when his doorbell rings.  Mi Roo’s on the other side but she soon realizes that she’ll get nowhere if she keeps banging on his door.  So she waits patiently.  Eventually, Joon peers out.  Gotcha!


Yay!  I’m so happy that Gwan Woo and Tan Ya finally got together, albeit he was on the rebound.  Tan Ya’s one who doesn’t get too emotional and Gwan Woo is overly emotional.  It looks like the pairing will be really interesting between the two of them.  I found the morning after scene between the two hilarious.  Here he is thinking that he’s hurt her feelings and so as a guy what are you supposed to do in a situation like that?  It’s the opposite of what happened with Mi Roo and Hyun Woo.

As for Mi Roo and Jin Oh, feelings are still lingering there.  Seeing how far Jin Oh has come up in the world, Mi Roo is starting to think she was too rash with Jin Oh.  Of course, what she doesn’t know is that Jin Oh had a leg up because of Hae Ra.  Once Mi Roo finds that out, it’s going to get very complicated between the two of them.

I really like the scene when Mi Roo sleeps over her parent’s place.  I could completely understand where both sides are coming from.  Mi Roo’s mom has had enough of being treated with disrespect by her father.  He’s ignored, cheated and lied to her and she’s taken just about all she can stand.  She’s older now and I think all she wants to do is find some happiness and peace again.  She doesn’t want to waste time being in a marriage that will make her miserable.  As for Mi Roo, maybe a part of her thinks she could have talked her mother out of it.  But her mother’s decision to have a divorce was a curveball she didn’t see coming.  To Mi Roo, her parent’s marriage wasn’t all bad and maybe this is just a big bump in the road that could be smoothed out.

I was pretty sure that Michelle knew that Sofia was Mi Roo but now I’m not so sure anymore.  I get that the contribution J Hotel has made into Double X is vital to the life of the magazine but I’m not sure if whoring out Sofia has got to be the only way to go.  Sure, Mi Roo has been dating all different kinds of men but she’s chosen her partners all along.  So I’m not sure how I feel about this especially since Michelle pointed out that she’s willing to abandon “Sofia” if anyone found out about this hook up.  Is Michelle testing Mi Roo to see how she’ll wriggle out of this one since most of their relationship so far has been a lie?

Finally, it’s been revealed that Lee Joon is the elusive Sofia.  He’s a very curious character and it remains to be seen how his story is going to play out.  Why does he dress up as Sofia?  Why did he abandon the column?  Right now, there are too many questions but I love to get to know more about him.  (Ahem, because he’s hot. 😉 )


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