[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 10 – 일년에 열두남자 10회

Worlds collide as Mi Roo has to figure out a way for Sofia to meet with Jin Oh’s boss, Goo Young Ho.  Meanwhile, Hae Ra goes on a fishing expedition.


Thinking Mi Roo has left, Joon curiously peers out the door.  Seeing her, he quickly shuts it again but she’s already seen him.

If he doesn’t open the door, she’ll make a big fuss in the corridor and she’ll tell everyone who his sister is.  He invites her in and offers her a cup of coffee.

Mi Roo asks about the memo she left behind.  She came back because he didn’t call her.  While Joon’s busy in the kitchen, she looks around the apartment.  She sees the manuscript he’s been working on and then notices the stack of Double X magazines.

He catches her flipping through them and tells her that they belong to his sister.  She must’ve left it behind but Mi Roo points out that the magazine is this month’s issue and asks him to produce Sofia.  Joon asks why she’s insisting on meeting with his sister and she tells him that after she left, someone at Double X has taken on his sister’s identity to write the column.  Joon had already assumed that it was Mi Roo writing it all along.  She explains that she started writing the column because she was scared of getting fired but so much time has passed, she can’t really stop of her own accord.  Now Mi Roo wants to return to her old self and lose the Sofia identity.

Mi Roo is still wandering around the apartment for any clue as to where Sofia might be while Joon prepares a cup of coffee for her.  She spots Sofia’s coat, hat and scarf that she was wearing on the day they chased her.  Not seeing that Mi Roo has discovered the Sofia costume, he says that since Mi Roo started to write the column as Sofia it is her responsibility now.  Mi Roo shouts from across the room that she knows Sofia is here in Seoul.  Joon immediately leaps across the room and pulls her away from the Sofia costume.

Over coffee, Joon tells Mi Roo that Sofia isn’t coming back tonight but he’ll tell her when she returns.  She’s through trusting him.  Looking back at Joon’s manuscript on the table she reads the title, “Miss Jo’s Double Life”.  She asks if that’s the new novel he’s been working on.  She reflects over his career.  He was a brilliant new writer when he published “Africa” but 5 years have passed since then and he has yet to release another book.  He hasn’t been able to follow up his first acclaimed piece of work.  Mi Roo proposes that he grant her an interview when he releases the book.  He doesn’t want to talk about that but while his back is turned, Mi Roo slips the manuscript into her purse.  She apologizes for bothering him so late at night and gets up to leave.

Joon turns around as Mi Roo exits the apartment and notices that his manuscript is gone.  He chases after her but she manages to give him the slip.

He frantically searches for his phone and calls her up.  Mi Roo blackmails him.  He has to give up Sofia if he wants his manuscript back.  Or else, she’ll put the book up on the internet.  They’ll meet tomorrow and Sofia better show up or else.

Outside Tan Ya’s apartment, Gwan Woo waits for Tan Ya to return home.  She’s surprised to see him.  He waited for her at the café today but she didn’t come.  He feels that they have unfinished business.  Tan Ya asks if he’s closed up shop for the night but he’s more interested in talking about them.  Tan Ya says she’ll feel burdensome if he comes on strong like this.  For Tan Ya, it was a fun, one-night stand.  She doesn’t want him to feel responsible but he can’t accept that.  He liked being with Tan Ya and he knows she liked it too.  So does he want to sleep with her again?  Is that it?  That just makes Gwan Woo upset.  He proposes since they slept together, they should date now.  It’s obvious that this won’t end with a simple discussion.

Inside the loft, Gwan Woo tries to pull Tan Ya into another kiss but she stops him and tells him to sit down.  She takes out her tattoo kit, ready to ink him with her signature butterfly.

He wants to know why and Tan Ya shows him her wall and explains the meaning of the tattoo.  He’s number 24 and he’s just one amongst the many she’s conquered.  Oy, that’s just going to make the lovesick puppy even more upset.

Gwan Woo knocks the needle out of her hand and asks why she’s treating him like that.  Frustrated that he can’t get through to her, he storms out.

She picks the needle back up and notices that her finger is bleeding from being stabbed with it.  Tan Ya’s doesn’t seem so happy herself.

Hae Ra hands in the article she’s written about the gourmet restaurant to Mi Roo.  Mi Roo quickly flips through it and criticizes her work, telling her to do it again.

Realizing that she may have been harsh, she tells Hae Ra to come back.  She takes the time to give Hae Ra pointers on how to rewrite it and hands over some of her articles to use as a guide.

Michelle calls Mi Roo into her office to see if Sofia is going to contact Executive Director Goo.  Mi Roo hasn’t told her yet but she’s planning to see Sofia later that day so she’ll bring it up then.  Michelle seems surprised that they’re meeting up but reminds her to make sure she passes along the business card since he’s expecting Sofia’s call but Mi Roo argues that she hasn’t agreed to contact him yet and can still turn him down.  If it were Sofia, Michelle doesn’t think she’s the type to turn someone like the Director down.  Mi Roo wonders what she means by “if it were Sofia”?

Mi Roo waits at the café and Joon shows up a half hour later.  Only that, he’s alone.  She’s not simply going to hand over the manuscript until he produces Sofia.

He asks to hear Mi Roo’s side of the story.  What did Sofia do to deserve this?  His sister doesn’t care to meet with Mi Roo and what she’s doing is committing an act of terrorism.  Mi Roo retorts that Sofia signed a contract but hasn’t written a single word for the column.  Joon counters that Mi Roo’s writing the column, so what’s the problem?  But Mi Roo contends that Sofia received payment for the work and hasn’t done anything.  Joon doesn’t understand since he returned the money.  HE returned the money?  He quickly recants and says that his sister did it.

Mi Roo asks if he’s going to keep stalling and he doesn’t know what to say in response.  Seeing her bag on the back of her chair, he grabs it and makes a run for it.

Mi Roo chases after him but then remembers that the manuscript is safe and sound in her car.  He rummages through the bag and sure enough the manuscript isn’t there.

Both Tan Ya and Mi Roo don’t know why Sofia is giving Mi Roo the run around when all she wants to do is meet with her.  Mi Roo doesn’t intend on uploading the manuscript online, she just needed a bargaining chip.  However, it looks like Mi Roo is back to square one.  Tan Ya thinks Mi Roo should just meet with Director Goo herself.  After all, she doesn’t have to sleep with him.  Plus, he might not even like her.  After all, she’s not THAT pretty like Tan Ya.  Hahaha.  Just then a lightbulb goes off in Tan Ya’s head.  She suggests that all they need to do is get him to NOT like her.  He doesn’t know what Sofia looks like and right now it’s just all in his imagination.  What if, in reality, “Sofia” is scary looking?  With that, Tan Ya and Mi Roo are off.  She waves goodbye to Gwan Woo but then comes running back in by herself.  If he’s uncomfortable, she offers to not come back to the café anymore.  He doesn’t say anything so that’s that, she’ll keep coming back.

Using tons of makeup, they make up Tan Ya’s face and take some pictures.  She basically looks like a scary clown.  Then they send the pictures off to Director Goo.

During a big company meeting, he opens the email and yelps from fright.  Lol.  Everyone turns to stare at him but he tells Jin Oh to continue with the presentation.

Afterwards, Madam President Goo asks where they got the data for the Manila presentation.  Young Ho starts to respond but she’s not interested in hearing it from him.  She wants Jin Oh to answer.  He eagerly answer her question.  It seems she’s warming up to him a bit.

Hae Ra checks in with Jin Oh asking him when he’ll be home.  He’s got to work late but he’ll try to finish up quickly and hurry home.  While waiting for him, Hae Ra browses through his books and picks one from the shelf.  It just happens to be Lee Joon’s “Africa”.  As she’s flipping through it, a picture falls out and she picks it up.  It’s a picture of Mi Roo and Jin Oh when they were dating.  Thinking back to their conversation about first loves, she realizes that Mi Roo must have been that first love he couldn’t forget.

At dinner, Hae Ra brings up Na Mi Roo, her mentor.  Has she mentioned her mentor before?  Jin Oh feigns ignorance.  He reminds her again to make sure that while it’s okay to make friends at work, it’s important that she doesn’t get too close to anyone for fear of rumors spreading.  From Hae Ra’s perspective, it looks like Jin Oh is keeping Hae Ra around as a closet girlfriend, tucked away in secret.

At work, Hae Ra pries into Mi Roo’s love life.  Does she have a boyfriend?  Mi Roo admits that they broke up.  How long has it been?  Did she love him very much?  Mi Roo reprimands her instead and tells her to get back to work.

Hae Ra asks Jin Oh to pick her up after work.  As Mi Roo is leaving the office, she notices that one of her tires is flat and she’s about ready to call the tow truck when Hae Ra offers her a ride home.  She boast that her boyfriend is picking her up and at first, Mi Roo is unwilling to be the 3rd wheel but Hae Ra insists.  She asks Jin Oh to take home her mentor, too.  Mi Roo starts to apologize for being an inconvenience when she recognizes the driver.  Hae Ra eyes the two of them trying to see if she can decipher their silent glances.

The ride home is extremely quiet and awkward.  To break up the silence, Hae Ra introduces the two of them and they greet each other as strangers.

Suddenly Hae Ra notices that Jin Oh is driving in a different direction.  He had planned to drop Mi Roo off first but how did he know where she lived?  Mi Roo and Jin Oh cringe as they silently wish they could disappear.  Watching them drive off, Mi Roo is surprised and a bit hurt that Jin Oh greeted her as a stranger first.  She had no choice but to follow suit in order not to out his lie.

Alone with Jin Oh in the car, he reminds her again that they should keep their work lives and personal lives separate for Hae Ra’s sake because of who her mother is.  Hae Ra agrees that she wants to keep her family connection a secret but she doesn’t think she should have to keep her relationship with Jin Oh a secret.

He drops Hae Ra off at home and tells her he needs to return to the office.  She watches him drive away and pulls out the screwdriver she used to poke a hole in the tire of Mi Roo’s car.

Tan Ya doesn’t understand why Hae Ra is Jin Oh’s girlfriend now.  So the VIP guest they saw before was also Hae Ra?  Mi Roo pretends not to care and her phone starts vibrating.  It’s Jin Oh.

They meet in front of her place and Jin Oh apologizes for before.  He explains that he started to meet Hae Ra after they broke up.  He feels sorry but instead of dwelling in sadness, Mi Roo congratulates him on his promotion and hopes things go well for the two of them.  However, she also makes a dig at Hae Ra’s upper class status but quickly tells him that she’s just joking.  She says good night and goes back in.  Though she tries not to show it in front of Jin Oh or Tan Ya, Mi Roo is clearly hurt.

The next morning as Tan Ya and Mi Roo are leaving for work, they get chased down by the landlord.  Mi Roo doesn’t understand why they’re running.  Just how much does she owe?  She owes him 10,000,000 won ($10,000).  Eeek, that’s a lot of rent to owe.  Just how long has Tan Ya not been paying the rent?

Mi Roo’s mom goes to the studio.  She’s got a maintenance guy there to fix the boiler.  Aww, even though they’ve separated she still takes care of him from a distance.  She goes up to his office to look at one of the albums.  They are the photos he took of her.  It’s interesting to note how beautiful and happy she looks in them.  Particularly the last one, it’s a photo of her wearing the scarf that her husband gave to her, which she lost in Jejudo.

Flipping to the next page, they are blank.  He hasn’t taken a picture of her since that day.

Hearing someone coming in the studio, she sees that it’s her husband and the other woman.  He’s taking pictures of her and laughing the same way he used to do with her.  Uuugh, this is so heartbreaking.  I want to beat the crap out of him.

Leaving the studio, Mi Roo’s dad sees that his wife’s car is parked nearby.  Shocked, he tells the other woman to go on ahead and he returns to the studio.  He’s startled to see her standing there.  Did she see him with the other woman?  She calmly turns around and tells him that they should file for divorce before walking out.  He tries to run after her.

Roo gets a startling call from Tan Ya.  She tells Mi Roo that they just got an email response back from Goo Young Ho.  He writes that he’s reserved a room at J Hotel and will be waiting for Sofia there.  Mi Roo freaks out because that was not the plan.  Surely, Mi Roo should have known by now that nothing goes according to plan.

Tan Ya thinks he must really be a pervert because he saw those photos and still wants to meet Sofia.  Mi Roo puts her foot down.  She’s not going to go.  No way!  She blames Tan Ya for sending the photos in the first place.  What if he decides to remove all the advertising from the magazine?  Tan Ya logically explains that they’ll fire the editor and then fire Mi Roo.  What’s Mi Roo to do now?

Tan Ya looks up his profile and notices that he’s a Leo, like her.  That’s not what Mi Roo’s concerned about but Tan Ya says that she’ll go for Mi Roo since she’s the one in the photos anyways.  She’ll show him a steamy, good time.  Mi Roo vetoes the idea.  She doesn’t want to go herself but she doesn’t want her best friend rubbing elbows with him either.  Tan Ya shushes her and says in return Mi Roo can pay this month’s rent.  She’s in need of a lot of money to protect her studio.  Mi Roo gives in because she doesn’t want to lose her job.

Young Ho takes another look at the photos.  Sofia doesn’t really look like that, does she?  Until he meets her face to face, he can’t judge by those photos.

Jin Oh enters.  Young Ho tells him to reserve the suite room for him.  Jin Oh starts to asks what it’s for but Young Ho tells him it’s none of his business.  Leo, a man who was born in order to rule the world.  Young Ho starts to talk to Jin Oh about the secret to his success.  Who is Jin Oh going to get behind?  Sure, he has Hae Ra but no matter what Young Ho is part of the same bloodline as the President so Jin Oh can’t beat him.  He might as well join Team Young Ho now.  He turns around only to see that Jin Oh had walked out a long time ago.  Haha.

Hae Ra calls Jin Oh from the office telling him that it’s been a 100 days since they started dating.  He asks her where she’s calling him from and she lies about not being in the office.  Except Mi Roo is sitting right next to her listening to her repeat that it’s their 100th day in her cutesy voice.  Mi Roo listens silently for a bit but eventually walks out.

Dressed up as Sofia, Mi Roo walks up to the reception desk and asks for the key to Suite 1115.  Taking the key, she passes by Jin Oh in the lobby.  It peaks Jin Oh’s curiosity so the concierge tells him that she’s going to Suite 1115, the room he reserved for his boss.  The disguised woman reminds him of the description that Hae Ra gave to him of Sofia and concludes that Young Ho must be meeting with Sofia.

But then a flood of memories comes back to him.  Mi Roo was wearing that same red scarf the other night.  And before that, Tan Ya had called him to ask what Executive Director Goo’s personality was like.  Sofia is Mi Roo!  He chases after her.

Mi Roo meets with Tan Ya, who’s also dressed as Sofia, and hands over the key.  Tan Ya tells Mi Roo to go and she wishes Tan Ya good luck.

As Mi Roo makes her way out of the hotel, Jin Oh catches sight of her as she’s exiting the elevators.  She goes in the opposite direction and tries to make a run for it.

He tells her to stop and Mi Roo pretends that she’s someone else but Jin Oh knows it’s her.  The gig is up.

Meanwhile, Tan Ya heads for the suite using the key that Mi Roo gave her.

Driving Mi Roo home, he can’t believe that she’s meeting Goo Young Ho.  Mi Roo gives some flimsy excuse as to why she’s dressed like that but he saw her take the key for the suite.  He scolds her for being drawn to a man like Goo Young Ho.  So did she have a lot of fun running around being Sofia?

Tan Ya enters the room where Young Ho is waiting for her.

He tells her to take off the hat, scarf and sunglasses.  The scene is kinda reminiscent of True Lies.

He also tells her to remove her trench coat and she tosses it at him.  Tan Ya’s got on a maxi dress with a looong slit and thigh-high fishnets.  Does Angelina Jolie’s right leg make a cameo appearance here?  Oh yeah, Young Ho’s definitely intrigued.

She dances for him to entice him and brings him over to the bed.  She puts her foot on the bed, revealing her sexy leg à la The Graduate.  I’m loving these wee homages.

Tan Ya asks him if he likes stealing glances in the dark.  She recognizes him as the 1,000,000 won guy.  She pulls out her cell phone from her fishnets and takes a shot of him staring slack-jawed THROUGH her leg.  The girl’s got some skill, hehe.

Then she takes a picture of the two of them together.  And another one just for posterity, she pushes him down on the bed and climbs on top of him to take a picture from above.  Surprise!  She’s here to expose him.  Lol.


Leave it to our girl, Tan Ya, to figure out a way to get one up on the Goo Young Ho dilemma.  Although, I’m more interested in her dynamic with Gwan Woo.  Despite being the cool, independent type of woman, there’s a glimmer that Gwan Woo’s gotten to her just a little bit.  And looking back it seems that Tan Ya always had some kind of interest in Gwan Woo, while he’s just starting to discover his feelings for her.  She always been aware of what’s been going on with him even though she kept him at a distance.

I feel sooo bad for Mi Roo’s mom.  I want her to stand firm and not take him back after all this because after the begging and pleading he was still meeting with this other chick.  There’s disrespect and there’s utter disregard for the numbers of years that they’ve been together.

The Mi Roo-Jin Oh-Hae Ra love triangle seems to have taken a jealous turn.  Hae Ra is painted as an insecure girl and Jin Oh just isn’t helping on that front.  He’s so concerned about not hurting Mi Roo’s feelings that he’s hurting Hae Ra’s feeling instead.  This is the kind of thing that I didn’t like about him in the beginning of the drama and Jin Oh the schmuck has made a comeback.  However, I do understand where Hae Ra is coming from but I still can’t see her with Jin Oh.  Not that I want to see Jin  Oh back with Mi Roo but the way Jin Oh and Hae Ra got together felt forced.  He was going after a promotion and she allowed that just to be with him.  Is this love?  Personally, I think it’s pathetic but Hae Ra’s blinded by infatuation.  And Mi Roo’s stuck in the middle.  I’m glad that Mi Roo is trying to stay away from the drama of it all.  Plus, she’s got bigger things to worry about.

Finally, there’s Lee Joon and Sofia.  I can’t believe that Mi Roo still hasn’t picked up on the strangeness of it all.  From his behavior to the fact that he admitted to returning the payment back to the magazine.  But I’m going to chalk this one up to the fact that there’s so much going on that Mi Roo really hasn’t had a chance to process it all.  So it seems that Michelle has known from the beginning and I wonder if she’s testing Mi Roo to evaluate what kind of journalist she is.  Does she see a little bit of herself in Mi Roo?  Is that why she pushes Mi Roo so hard?


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