[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 11 – 일년에 열두남자 11회

Mi Roo uncovers Sofia’s true identity while Tan Ya dishes out her unique brand of Wonder Woman therapy.


Hae Ra prepares a surprise event for her 100th day with Jin Oh at home.  But he’s late.

On the phone, he tells her that he’s working late again but she can hear fireworks in the background.

He’s with Mi Roo to talk about how she’s going around like a tramp, dating all sorts of men so she can write the Sofia column.  Mi Roo refuses to acknowledge the fact that she’s Sofia.

Just then Mi Roo gets a call on her cell but it doesn’t sound like anyone is on the other end.  But it’s actually Hae Ra calling to check on her whereabouts and sure enough she can hear fireworks going off indicating that Mi Roo and Jin Oh are together.

Mi Roo turns her attention back to Jin Oh.  Say hypothetically, she is Sofia.  What business is it of Jin Oh’s?  Since she’s an ex and they’re friends, he’s passing along some friendly advice.  Mi Roo doesn’t need him to butt into her business.  They became strangers the moment they broke up.  Hurt, Jin Oh says that he’ll erase Mi Roo from his memory but she throws it back into his face.  So he can’t forget her because he loved her THAT much?  Ouch.

Jin Oh arrives home to see it filled with festive balloons and a big present in the center of the room.  He opens the present to see Hae Ra sleeping inside.

He wakes her up so they could celebrate together but Hae Ra’s worried.  She tries to find some comfort by hugging him and asks him if he loves her.  He says that he does.  So why was he so late?  He can’t do much but apologize.  Wow, Jin Oh.  You really suck.

In the morning, Tan Ya inquires how long Young Ho’s been like that.  Huh?  He’s impotent.  Haha, so the playboy can’t get it up.  He’s hasn’t been able to perform ever since he separated from his wife about 3-4 years ago.  He’s tried a number of things but nothing worked.  That is, until he read Sofia’s column.  There was a wee reaction.

Young Ho wonders if an apology is in order but Tan Ya tells him to buck up and not let the stresses of everyday life get him/it down.  She also scolds him for going around like a pervert.  He’s touched and starts tearing up a bit as no one has ever been so frank with him before.  Lol.

Mi Roo is shocked to hear the truth behind the rumors.  Tan Ya supposes that since he brought so many women to the hotel but didn’t do anything, it caused them to start the rumor. She also assures Mi Roo that the Double X advertising money will stay intact.  Earlier that morning, she had threatened to spread the photos if he retracted the money and he had promised to stay true to his word but he had asked if it was possible to see her again.  So she had given him her FonTanYa card.

Mi Roo’s stunned at the sight of Tan Ya’s photos.  She reaches over and grabs Tan Ya’s hand because she’s so thankful that they’re friends and not enemies.

Joon is attempting to write again but he’s unable to focus.  He needs his manuscript back.  He calls Mi Roo up and tells her that Sofia will definitely be there this time so she better bring the manuscript.

Clad in his Sofia disguise, he tells Mi Roo to hand over the manuscript by text.  Umm, can’t Mi Roo tell that “Sofia” has man hands?  I can hear Jerry Seinfeld going, ‘Man hands!!  She had man hands!’  She plops it on the table in front of him and confesses that she had no intention of releasing it on the internet.  She just needed the leverage so she could meet Sofia again.  Mi Roo goes on about how she got started writing the column and how it affected her and her life.  At the same time, Joon can’t seem to concentrate.  His hands are itching to reach for the manuscript and make a run for it again.

Mi Roo wants to return to her old self, the girl who’s clumsy when it comes to falling in love.  So she needs Sofia’s help, especially since she owes it to her for running away.  Joon snatches the manuscript and makes a run for it and Mi Roo gives chase.  Coming down from the 2nd floor of the café, he trips and tumbles down the stairs.  Mi Roo sees that it is Joon underneath the Sofia costume.  Hallelujah, the secret is finally out!

He hobbles out of the café and Mi Roo demands to know why he did it.  He tells her to stop yelling at him because even he wants to die from embarrassment.  Why was she so persistent about meeting Sofia?  She repeats that it’s because she wants to give up writing the column.  Since Sofia doesn’t exist, he should take over the column or return the money he received for it.  He insists that he did return it, directly to the editor 6 months ago after reading the first column.  Still in disbelief, Mi Roo chases after him wanting to hear more.

Changing into his regular clothes, he asks Mi Roo to protect his secret.  So Joon is not okay with being embarrassed about his crossdressing ways but it’s okay to leave Mi Roo to hang out there to dry?  But Mi Roo relents and says she’ll keep his secret and simply tell people the Sofia disappeared.  No, Joon thinks Mi Roo should continue the column.

His new novel, “Miss Jo’s Double Life,” while it’s partly about his own experiences as Sofia, he was inspired by Mi Roo and based Miss Jo on her.  He failed at trying to live like a woman but he wants the novel to come from a woman’s perspective so he needs Mi Roo as his muse.  Mi Roo wonders why he made her life so hard if he saw her as his muse.

He asks if she read the manuscript but she said she had promised not to read it so she didn’t.  Now he wants her to read it so that he could get her opinion on it.  If it isn’t good then he’ll give up on it but if it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t have been able to write it in the first place.  She can’t help but feel a little flattered and admits that everyone has a secret that they want to keep.

When Mi Roo returns home, she tells Tan Ya that she met Sofia but doesn’t reveal that it was Joon.  That’s Mi Roo’s secret.  Although to avoid telling an outright lie, she uses some tricky wording which ends up confusing Tan Ya altogether.

Tan Ya gets a text from Jin Oh’s daughter, Ji Woo, asking when they’ll be able to ride roller coasters again.  She’s not going to wander away this time.  This is Tan Ya’s secret.

Joon is on a roll with his novel now that he’s found a muse in Mi Roo.  Mi Roo narrates, “In order to keep the secret of the Cancer guy, he hits his hard shell and waves his pinchers but it’s because he wants to hide his fragile insides.”

There’s one secret though that needs to get out.  It’s confrontation time with Michelle.  She tries to deny it at first but then admits that she got an email from Sofia after the release of the first article.

He wrote that he had give his name over to Na Mi Roo but that’s not the only reason why she let Mi Roo continue with the charade.  As soon as she read the article, she had a hunch it’d be a big hit.  The secret to Michelle’s success for the past 20 years has been working off those hunches.  Mi Roo would have preferred to have known the truth from the beginning but Michelle had a reason.  The writer’s anonymity is the key reason for why the column is so scintillating.  Sofia could be free to do as she pleases without judgment and it will allow Mi Roo to write a more honest column.  Michelle always intended on giving the payment intended for Sofia to Mi Roo.  Mi Roo is also upset that she sent her to Director Goo knowing that she was Sofia.  But for Michelle, she was merely giving Mi Roo a choice to make.  Mi Roo is offended that Michelle and Double X sold her off like a prostitute to Goo Young Ho.

Goo Young Ho finishes signing contracts before handing it back to Jin Oh.  No longer the meek underling, Jin Oh slams the contract back down on the table.  Did he spend the night with Sofia?

Young Ho remarks at how insolent he’s being but Jin Oh doesn’t care.  Everyone in the hotel knows what he uses the suite rooms for and Young Ho threatens to fire him.  Jin Oh warns that he won’t be fired quietly.

However, bold Jin Oh was all in his head.  Lol.  In reality, he’s still the meek employee who follows Young Ho’s orders.  He stupidly punches the marble wall outside Young Ho’s office out of frustration with himself.

Young Ho takes it even further in their company meeting, yelling and calling Jin Oh out in front of everyone else.

Afterwards, Young Ho takes the president’s call and she chews him out.  Stressed, he places a call to Tan Ya.  He’s delighted just at the sound of her calling his name.  She wonders why he’s calling her and he explains that he’s stressed at all of his annoying employees.

She calmly tells him to lean back and relax.  It’s Tan Ya therapy time.  She asks him to imagine the most beautiful woman in the world.  Who is it?  Why, it’s Wonder Woman to the rescue!  In his imagination, Tan Ya appears to him in the conference room decked out as Wonder Woman and she advises him on how to deal with people at work.

He likes that she’s very understanding but it’s making him a little uncomfortable.  Could she try to be rougher with him?  So she starts to bark orders at him to fire everyone and curses like a sailor.  He loves it.  Would this be considered phone S&M?

Back at Double X, Michelle tells Mi Roo that Director Goo renewed his contract with them.  Did she meet with him?  At first she responds that she didn’t but not wanting to out Tan Ya either, she replies that she did.  Mi Roo doesn’t have an answer for why she did but Michelle feels indebted to her and wonders how she’ll pay Mi Roo back.  Mi Roo refuses the offer because she made the choice to do it.  Although she didn’t say it before, Michelle compliments Mi Roo on the column.  Not the Sofia column but Mi Roo’s column.  She liked it so much that it almost brought tears to her eyes for reminding her about her first love.  Then it dawns on Mi Roo that Michelle had penned the Taurus article and Michelle presents the Chanel bag as proof.  Since they’ve both been in the same boat, Mi Roo can forgive Michelle just a little bit.  Michelle promises that she won’t force Mi Roo into doing something that she doesn’t want to do with the column and leave the men she’s dating up to her.  But she hopes that Mi Roo will continue to write it.  Mi Roo discloses that nothing really happened with Director Goo, at least not in the way she had thought.  If she’s curious about it she’ll have to read the Leo article since she’s going to keep writing the column.

Mi Roo wonders why Sofia needs to remain anonymous.  After all, she’s not lying about her experiences and people are finding common ground with the column and the writer.

She open Joon’s novel to begin reading it and it’s interesting that he starts it by stating that everyone has secrets.  It’s the same thought Mi Roo had expressed earlier.  He writes it from the point of view of the main character, Miss Jo, and she reads it all in one sitting.  It prompts her to write up a proposal to publish the novel as a series.

At “Sofia’s” usual Chinese restaurant, Mi Roo is about to dig into the food when Joon stops her.  Before she takes a bite, he needs to know what she thinks about his book.  She finds it moving, especially the part when Miss Jo’s identity was revealed to the public.

But there’s one small problem.  Since the book is written by a man and the main character is supposed to be a woman, it lacks that feminine touch.  This isn’t something that can be figured out by walking around in women’s clothing.  Mi Roo offers to help.  He can use Sofia as a model or rather Mi Roo herself.  Joon think it’s a great idea but why is Mi Roo being so generous?

There’s a catch.  At the Double X meeting, Michelle rejects one boring magazine concepts after another.  In comes Mi Roo with an old, new idea.  She proposes publishing a novel as a serial.  Michelle is unconvinced that they will get cooperation from publishing companies and whether it will relevant to a woman’s magazine like Double X.  Mi Roo proposes that the story needs to relate to today’s women and since the column is so popular with readers, the story will be about Sofia.  She’s also got a writer lined up: Lee Joon.  Michelle is still dubious about whether they can pull this off.  After all, they need Sofia’s permission and Mi Roo points out that the novel isn’t about the old Sofia but rather the one writing the column.  She will give her permission and Michelle looks impressed at Mi Roo’s guts.

Young Ho pulls up to Tan Ya’s place and starts yelling for her like he’s Stanley yelling for his Stella.  She greets him and surprised that he really came.  He needs her help and she asks how.  It makes him growl and she meows in response.  Haha, I love Tan Ya with Gwan Woo but I can’t help but find that these two are cute together in their own right.

Inside, she uses moxa treatment to help with his impotence.  I had to look this up as I didn’t know how to explain this without using any Korean.  It’s basically a type of acupuncture therapy where you use heat and herbs (like mugwort) to heal you but you’re almost burning/cauterizing the skin in the process.

Looking around the loft, he notices that she’s a photographer.  She tells him that she worked for him before, taking his photo for Double X magazine.  Young Ho assumes that she must be super busy; from taking photos to writing the column.  Does she even have time to eat?  Tan Ya confesses that she’s not Sofia but luckily it’s not that important to him.  She tells him her real name as he’s only known her by Sofia.  Young Ho squirms from the heat of the therapy and she cautions him to stay still.  Viewing him in a different light, Tan Ya acknowledges that Young Ho can be quite sexy.  He doesn’t care.  What’s the use of looking sexy when he can’t *ahem* get it up?  Lol.  Men only care about one thing.  She slaps him saying that the problem is all in his head and he needs to work on his confidence if he wants to fix the other issue.  He wonders if moxa therapy will really work and she prescribes him to do this once a week for his circulation.  100,000 won (approx. $100) for each time he comes.  He’s all in as he wants to see this therapy through.

There’s also another little procedure that Tan Ya would like him to go through as well in order to complete the package.  Young Ho is confused as to what else he needs to do.

She takes out her tattoo kit and carves her signature butterfly into his shoulder blade.  He’s not sure how this is going to help.  Is he a horse that needs to be branded?  She tells him that he’s something like that.

Now with the tattoo, he’ll forever be one of her men.  Since he keeps discovering new things about Tan Ya, he wonders what Tan Ya’s true self looks like?  After all, he just discovered that she’s not Sofia and likes to brand men.  She takes photos of him with the butterfly tattoo and tells him that he’s now her 24th catch.  They growl and meow at each other all night.

Leaving work, Mi Roo gets a “sock on the doorknob” text from Tan Ya asking her to go home to mom.  Mi Roo wants to know who the guy is and Tan Ya’s not one to kiss and tell just yet.  It’s just that he’s such a sound sleeper that she doesn’t have the heart to kick him out.

Mi Roo’s mom fills out the form to file for divorce.  While in bed later that night, Mi Roo asks her if she’s not willing to work things out with her dad.  She doesn’t want to visit them separately and believes that they could still work it out. She adds that her dad must really regret what he’s done.  Her mom’s pretty quiet so Mi Roo asks her mom how many men she’s met besides her dad.  3 or 4?  Matter-of-factly, her mom responds that she didn’t meet any men after her dad.

Mi Roo knows her mom’s had a couple of boyfriends in her youth.  She admits to having 12 lovers which shocks her mome but then she assumes Mi Roo’s inflating the truth.  Wondering how her mom doesn’t have any romance in her life, she concludes that it must be because her mom’s a married woman.  Therefore she’s anonymous to all other men.

Thinking about herself, she also thinks about how people will react if they found out she was Sofia.  Does it make her a tramp for dating 12 men in a single year?  The way Mi Roo judges her mom and herself is heartbreaking.  I disagree with the fact that all women lose their identity once they marry as it doesn’t have to be that way.  For her mom, perhaps that is what happened but filling out those forms is path to a new life.

Young Ho wakes up to find that he spent the night at Tan Ya’s.  Leo, a man who was born in order to rule the world.  Ends up being ruled by just one woman.  Tan Ya (sort of) wakes up and tells him to make some toast and have it with coffee.  Haha, I love that she instructs him to make his own breakfast.  Strolling through the loft, he discovers Tan Ya’s wall of butterfly men.  He removes one of the photos from the center and writes that it’s his spot.

As he leaves, the landlord is back, banging and shouting at Tan Ya to open up.  Young Ho stops him to ask what’s going on.  The landlord asks if he knows the lady in that loft and says he’s there for the overdue rent.  Young Ho takes out a check and asks about the amount.  Handing the check to him, he asks the landlord not to disturb Tan Ya from her restful slumber.  Wow, it really is different dating someone rich, huh?  Can someone pay my college loans?

Roo comes home and demands Tan Ya to tell her about the guy that spent the night.  Is it someone she knows?  Tan Ya remains coy as she’s not ready to tell.

She answers a call from her landlord and she lies about not being home.  He knocks on the door knowing that she’s inside.  Reluctantly, she opens the door and he hands her a new rental contract telling her the check from the guy this morning cleared at the bank.

Mi Roo wants to know just what Tan Ya’s been up to and she just points to the butterfly wall where Goo Young Ho marked his territory.  Mi Roo yells at her saying she wasn’t going to use him but Tan Ya claims that all they did was sleep.

The lights go up on a darkened stage and it’s a magician, Lee Soo (played by real-life magician, Choi Hyun Woo.  Yay!! I love him and his chubby cheeks.  He’s great whenever he appears on Star King.).  He tells the audience to write their most important thing on a piece of paper.  Afterwards, he instructs them to fold it up and he’ll guess their inner most secrets as he can read it in their eyes.  He selects some audience members at random and guesses their secret correctly.

Hae Ra is in the audience watching the show and when he gets to her he guesses “love”.  He unfolds the paper but it’s revealed to be blank.  The audience is disappointed but Hae Ra’s face says it all.  Although she was thinking it, she didn’t write it down.

After the magic show, she heads to his dressing room where he’s resting.  Virgo, a magician who steals women’s hearts.  She approaches him for an interview and then asks how he knew what she was thinking.  Simple, he knew by looking into her eyes and because he’s a magician.  Hae Ra looks at him curiously.


You know this episode was all about perception, secrets and coming clean.  Finally, the secret is out!  And Mi Roo remains true to her word, she is going to keep Joon’s secret.  Although he’s kind of been a pain in the ass, Mi Roo understands that Joon didn’t mean it in a malicious way.  He was simply trying to research women for his novel.  Joon’s a bit of an oddball but I think that’s why I like his character so much.  On one level, I can’t really figure him out but he also entertains me.  So I’m hoping to see some good character development in these final episodes with him.

Mi Roo and Michelle go head to head on the moral issue of assigning “Sofia” to go out with Goo Young Ho.  Especially since Michelle knew that Mi Roo was Sofia.  I am a little torn on this issue.  Mi Roo is an adult and ultimately it is her decision to make.  However, I do think it was wrong for Michelle to push this onto Mi Roo for financial reasons.  Sure in the end, Goo Young Ho turned out to be harmless but I do feel a boss should protect her employees.  Not because their both women but for the integrity of the position she holds as the boss.  Especially since they work in journalism.  I know that some rich people assume that money could buy them anything but the buck should have stopped with Michelle as the editor.  What’s next?  They dictate what should be reported in the magazine?  Oh yeah, that’s apparently why KBS and MBC employees are on strike.  I lived with Bush 2.0 and it only takes someone who isn’t afraid of the rich and powerful and won’t allow them to abuse their power.

So far, I’m liking this dynamic between Tan Ya and Young Ho.  He’s the opposite of Gwan Woo in almost every way.  Age, money, experience.  I’ll be honest, though.  While I like the Wonder Woman therapy sessions, I’m Team Gwan Woo.  Unlike Young Ho who suppresses his true feelings, Gwan Woo is like bleeding heart and that’s the kind of man (or boytoy) Tan Ya needs in her life.  I also like that Gwan Woo is the first person that turned her and her butterfly branding down.  He could flee at any moment but that’s what love is.  It’s a risk and you can’t love someone by physically tying them down.

Finally, I can’t express how much I like the scenes between Mi Roo and her mom.  Mi Roo’s curious about her mom’s life and a part of her wonders what her mom was like as a young adult.  Does Mi Roo resemble her?  I know I’ve had those thoughts about my mom as well.  Was she a feminist?  Was she a serial dater?  Was she ambitious about her career?  Growing up with this woman, I know her as the nurturer.  To suddenly think of your mom as a person who had a life before you came along is a little mindboggling.  And so it reminded me of my heart to hearts with my mom.

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