[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 12 – 일년에 열두남자 12회

Does Mi Roo believe in magic?  Tan Ya begins to reevaluate her feelings on love.


Young Ho gets a call from Tan Ya while walking through the hotel lobby with Jin Oh.  Because he calls her Sofia, it peaks Jin Oh’s interest so he tries to listen in but he’s unable to hear much.  Young Ho asks him to reserve another suite for him and he assumes it’s so Young Ho and Sofia can get together again.  Only, he thinks Sofia is Mi Roo.

Young Ho rendezvous with Tan Ya in their usual suite and she removes her Sofia garb.  He asks if she dresses like that day and night but Tan Ya tells him that she can’t show her face in that hotel since she knows people.  She presents him with a contract in order to pay him back but he thinks it’s better if they could just keep meeting up.  Jin Oh calls to tell him that the president is looking for him so he goes off to work.

However, it’s a ruse by Jin Oh to get Sofia alone and he comes bursting through the door to yell at her.  He accuses her of liking pervert and being one herself.

Tan Ya can’t stand to listen to him anymore and pulls the scarf off her face.  She yells at him for not knowing Mi Roo’s height.  Touché!  He’s lived with Mi Roo while they were dating and he can’t tell that Tan Ya’s almost a head taller than Mi Roo?  Jin Oh carefully studies her face.  It is Tan Ya.  Jin Oh’s totally confused and Tan Ya warns him not to bother Mi Roo about this anymore now that he knows she wasn’t sleeping around with his boss.

To make sense of things, he goes to check the security videos and it shows Tan Ya dressed as Sofia entering the hotel at night and leaving the next morning

Now he knows it’s not Mi Roo because he had driven her home that night.

Tan Ya calls Mi Roo to tell her that the secret is out with Jin Oh.  Jin Oh now thinks that she’s also the one who’s behind the column as well.  Tan Ya thinks it’s for the best because now he can stop harassing her for being Sofia.

Mi Roo’s got Joon in the car to drive him to the office.  In Michelle’s presence, he signs the contracts for the serial novel.  She tells him that publishing serial novels in the magazine is a project she’s gone to great pains to resurrect for some time now and thanks him for agreeing to do it.  But it was Mi Roo’s idea!  Min Joon isn’t so happy either that her nemesis is getting all the recognition.

Outside, Mi Roo whines to Joon about her boss and he asks if this is it for his part.  It is, so next week Mi Roo’s going to have to live up to her end of the bargain.  From head to toe, she’s going to give herself to his novel and she hesitantly agrees.  (Does anyone else find that Lee Yong Woo slightly resembles a young Ryu Shi Won?  Perhaps it’s the hair but thank god I don’t have to see him in dreads like the beginning of Birdie Buddy.)

While she’s away from her desk, Mi Roo’s phone starts to ring and Hae Ra peers to see who it is.  It’s Jin Oh.  Mi Roo returns and goes out to take the call privately.  Hae Ra follows to eavesdrop on Mi Roo’s side of the conversation.  Jin Oh asks to meet after work and Mi Roo just wants to know why he’s calling.  He says that he was wrong about her being Sofia but he had no choice to believe it at the time.  All the clues were pointing to Mi Roo.

Mi Roo cuts him off and says if that’s what he wants to talk about then they don’t need to meet up because she has nothing to say to him.  Whether or not she’s Sofia, it’s none of his business.  Hae Ra’s eyes grow wide at the sound of Sofia’s name.  Jin Oh says he still has something he needs to tell her in person.

Later that night, Jin Oh apologizes for getting the wrong idea about Sofia.  Mi Roo’s being contrary and I guess a part of her wants to tell him the truth so he’d know everything about her.  She asks if she’s to be condemned if she’s Sofia and apologized to if she’s not Sofia.  If she’s Sofia, then she’s just a tramp who deserves to be erased from his life.  So Jin Oh says that it’s probably a good thing she’s not Sofia.  Mi Roo half-heartedly apologizes to him because she really is Sofia.  Jin Oh’s disappointed but doesn’t have the heart to argue with her anymore so he just walks away.  Mi Roo sighs with tears in her eyes.

Tan Ya finds Mi Roo with her head down on the kitchen table and asks if she’s sick or hurt.  It’s her feelings.  Mi Roo wonders if she and Jin Oh would still be together if she didn’t fry his watch that night.  Would they have broken up?  She says that she told Jin Oh that she was Sofia.  Whether she meets 12 or 20 men, she always thought he would be there for her.  But tonight, he had left her first.

Tan Ya tries to comfort her in the only a friend can.  Although she can’t fix her problem, she can at least make her laugh.  Tan Ya suggests that they go on a vacation so they can just forget about it all.  However, Mi Roo hasn’t written this month’s column yet but Tan Ya’s not worried about it since Mi Roo looks like she’s finally ready to meet all of the 12 men of the zodiac.

While watching TV, Hae Ra brings up the fact that she hasn’t dined alone with another man since they’ve been together.  However, she thinks Sofia is strange because she easily moves from one man to another.  So what does Jin Oh think about a woman like that.  What if Hae was like that?  Jin Oh would find that despicable, right?  He agrees.

Hae Ra also suspects that there was something unusual about the day that she, Mi Roo and Tan Ya had chased “Sofia” and thinks that Mi Roo might really be Sofia.  Since she manages the column, it doesn’t make sense that Mi Roo doesn’t know Sofia.  Jin Oh tells her not to make assumptions but she’s disappointed to hear him defending her.  He gets up saying that he’s going to his apartment.

Mi Roo puts in a request to Michelle to get some time off work.  There’s a lot going on at work but Mi Roo defends her request.  Although Michelle can’t spare her, she hands Mi Roo vouchers for a resort and tells her to report back on fall vacations.  She can write what to eat, see and do on the company’s dime.  See, she’s not so heartless.

Tan Ya charts their itinerary when Gwan Woo overhears them.  He’s surprised to hear that they are going to J Hotel because he says, “We’re going too.”

Jealous, Tan Ya asks who’s “we”.  It’s him and his ex or I guess they’re back together.  He inquires about their flights and Mi Roo says that they’re taking the noon flight.  Tan Ya tells him to forget what he just heard and take another flight.  She looks bummed to hear that he’s not going alone.

Mi Roo’s dad opens his mail to find the petition for divorce.  Finally wearing a smile on her face, Mi Roo’s mom heads for the dance studio.  She wants to enroll and the dance instructor congratulates her saying he knew the inspector would enroll.  Inspector? How did he know?  He heard it from her fellow kendo buddies.

She asks what she would need to learn first and he breaks down the syllabus by showing her the dances.  1st month course: The Waltz.  2nd month course: Rumba.  Her expression goes from newly found fascination to… perhaps interest in our hot, young dance teacher as he demonstrates the 3rd month course: The Tango.

She asks how much a month’s lesson is.

Mi Roo and Tan Ya are on their way to start their vacation when Mi Roo gets a call from Joon.  He’s got some new revised pages for her to read right away.  She explains that she’s heading to the airport for some vacation time and he’s not happy about it.  When she suggests that he mail it to her, he tells her that he doesn’t like sending his manuscript by mail.  So what time is her flight?  Since there’s time before she takes off, he’ll meet her there.  Haha, creative types are so crazy.  He meets them at the airport and tells her to read it by tomorrow to give him feedback.  Geez, so demanding.

Inside the airport, they meet Gwan Woo.  However, he’s alone with a ton of luggage for such a short trip.  He explains that his ex isn’t feeling well and Tan Ya remarks that he should have stayed by her side to nurse her back to health.

Secretly though, Tan Ya’s delighted.

In the plane, Tan Ya nabs the window seat but Mi Roo wants to sit there too.  Gwan Woo also wants to sit there but really he just wants to sit next to Tan Ya.  He suggests they play rock, paper, scissors and the loser will sit on their own.  Mi Roo loses and Tan Ya pushes her out of the seat.  Mi Roo pouts because she’s got to sit alone but Tan Ya tells her that it could be an opportunity to meet a handsome stranger like the movies.  Just then, our chubby cheeks magician takes the seat next to Mi Roo and Tan Ya urges her to ask him his sign.

He turns to her and says that he’s a Virgo.  Huh?  He studies her face and assumes she’s a Libra.  How did he know?

He tells her that he can read her heart in her eyes.  He also mentions that she was able to find it right away and Mi Roo asks what that is.  He responds that she had a found the man she was fated to meet.  Haha, I don’t know if it’s because magicians know how to capture an audience but he sound like a total pro.

The plane takes off and he tells her to think about the odds of being seated next to each other.  If it’s not fate, then what?  Mi Roo reasons that if you think like that then everything that happens in life is fate.  That exactly what he thinks.  As soon as you believe that, your entire life is fateful.  Mi Roo finds him amusing.

He hands her a ticket to his magic show and explains that he’s a magician.  He’s performing at the J Resort.  What a coincidence!  She’s staying there as well.  He points out that this too is fate.  Mi Roo asks him to take out a dove.  If he’s really a magician, he could make one magically appear.  Haha, I had a friend who also did magic as a hobby and he hated whenever people would ask him to perform in cue.  Our magician explains that he doesn’t do that kind of stuff but Mi Roo presumes that he can’t do it.  He says he can do it but chooses not to.  However, he’ll show her another trick.  He asks her to write down her most important thing but he won’t look.  He says that she’s not supposed to think too long about it but write whatever pops into her head.

Tan Ya spies them from her seat and thinks it must be going well.  She asks what Gwan Woo thinks but he’s got other things on the brain.  He thinks he must be in love with Tan Ya.  He lied about going on vacation with his ex.  They’re not back together and he doesn’t feel anything for her anymore.

Back in the magic aisle, our magician stares long and hard at Mi Roo and says, “That’s weird.  There hasn’t been a single person who thought that THAT was important.”  Drawing a star with his finger he guesses “star”.  Mi Roo’s shocked because he knew exactly what she had written.  He wonders aloud why stars are so important to her.  Oh she must think that stars determine people’s fate which leaves her speechless.

In baggage claim, the group retrieves their bags and head for the resort.  Mi Roo marvels at how she sat next to a magician with real powers.  However, the atmosphere in the car is a bit chilly.  She asks if the two fought on the plane and they deny it.

She knows something’s going on and Tan Ya flat out tells Mi Roo that Gwan Woo told her that he loves her.  Gwan Woo’s embarrassed that Tan Ya can blab about an intimate moment so easily.

In the hotel room, Mi Roo pries and asks what happened between the two of them when she wasn’t looking.  Tan Ya says nothing really but Mi Roo’s not buying it.  She skirts around the issue by saying what man wouldn’t fall in love with her and Mi Roo tries to strangle the information out of her.  Did they sleep together?  Tan Ya can only smile slyly and Mi Roo is shocked that her friend could sleep with someone so young.  Tan Ya says that he’s 26 so he’s all grown up.  Mi Roo shoots her a “you’re so cheeky look”.

Mi Roo opens her bag only to discover it’s not hers.  She took someone else’s.  She calls the airline but no one’s reported a missing bag.  There’s also nothing in the bag that contains any kind of contact information.  Thinking about what she packed in her bag, she panics because her diary was in there.  Although it has her contact info, it also has notes about the men she dated for the column.  Tan Ya tells her not to worry about it because the reader won’t be able to make sense of it all.

Tan Ya goes for a swim in the resort’s pool while Mi Roo sits poolside.  Gwan Woo joins her with some food that he’s packed.  They both watch Tan Ya play in the pool and Mi Roo tells him that she hopes her friend will meet someone great.

Although Tan Ya’s her closest friend, even she doesn’t know her very well.  She always goes around smiling brightly but never really talks about her true feelings.  It bothers Mi Roo because she wants to be there for her as much as Tan Ya’s there for her but she can’t because Tan Ya never shows her weak side.  If a great guy could be by her side, then he could comfort her when she needs it.

Tan Ya swims over wanting to see what they’re eating.  Gwan Woo hands her some sandwiches and Mi Roo immediately jumps at the sight of them.  They’re peanut butter sandwiches and Tan Ya’s allergic to peanuts.  Gwan Woo loves peanut butter and that’s just proof enough for Tan Ya that they’re not suited for each other.  He gives her something else to eat instead.  Tan Ya asks Mi Roo if she’s going to go swimming and Mi Roo shudders at the thought of it after what had happened with Alex.

Tan Ya’s phone rings and she eagerly reaches for it.  It’s Young Ho but Mi Roo takes the phone away.  She tells her to talk to him later, aware that Gwan Woo’s there (pining silently).

Tan Ya brags that he’s a man that she’s been seeing lately but she doesn’t know why Mi Roo doesn’t really like him.  Gwan Woo isn’t happy to hear about the competition either.

Mi Roo calls the airline again but still no one has returned her bag.  She hangs up but her phone rings again.  It’s Joon asking to see what she thought about the new pages.  Cringing, she admits that she hasn’t read them yet.  She put her manuscript in her checked bag and… Joon scolds her for being so careless.  He wrote the novel especially about her.  Mi Roo feels sorry but Joon only seems to think about himself.

The doorbell rings and Gwan Woo has come by with some coffee.  It’s just what Mi Roo needed.  He’s looking for Tan Ya and she tells him that she went for walk.  She’s outside on the phone with Young Ho playing the Wonder Woman character.  Gwan Woo approaches her with the coffee and overhears her telling Young Ho how much she misses him.  He frowns but hands her the cup and waits until she finishes the call.

She takes a sip of the coffee and realizes that it tastes like the coffee from his café.  He brought his own grinder and beans to make this special brew for her.  Aww, could he be any cuter?  I love my barista and hate the mornings when he’s not there but Gwan Woo follows HER around bringing all his coffee tools.  He should be on my morning checklist before I leave the house.  Keys, check.  Wallet, check.  Little barista boy, check.

He asks if she’s in love with Goo Young Ho and Tan Ya almost chokes on her coffee.  She’s not into the love thing.  He finds out that she also slept with Young Ho which prompts Tan Ya to ask what of it.  He tells her not to do that anymore because he really loves her.  She says that it’s not really love that he’s feeling and he thinks she’s in denial.

Although they were drunk, he remembers the night they slept together.  Her hands were trembling and he could see it was something more in her eyes.  Plus, she whispered that she loved him.  Tan Ya tells him people just say those things when having sex to keep the mood going.  Gwan Woo calls her a liar.

The next morning, Mi Roo comes running out of the hotel because someone returned her bag.  Tan Ya will have to go sightseeing with Gwan Woo alone but she’s uncomfortable with the idea.  Mi Roo gives Gwan Woo a wink of encouragement before heading to the airport.  Tan Ya suggests going to beach but Gwan Woo thinks rain is in the forecast.  So they’ll just be rained on if it does.

Mi Roo claims her bag and returns the other.  The lost and found woman tells her to check inside but her diary is missing.  Mi Roo asks for the other person’s contact information and leaves a message with them asking to call her back.  She calls Tan Ya but she’s unable to connect with her.  Gwan Woo drives silently and looks over to Tan Ya, who’s staring quietly out the window.  You could almost hear a pin drop, it’s so quiet between the two of them.

Instead, Mi Roo texts that she’s returning to the hotel and just then the magician appears.  He tells her that he knew fate would bring them together again.  Mi Roo looks skeptical and he reminds her that he’s a magician and had guessed her inner most thought.  She just laughs and asks him to do some real magic like pulling a dove from his sleeve.  What’s with Mi Roo and doves?

He tells her to look up at the sky.  He pulls the sun from behind the clouds.  Is that good enough?  She’s still skeptical saying that he must have timed it well with the heavens for the sun to peek through like that.  But he insists that it’s really magic.

At a gravesite, Tan Ya lays some flowers on a grave and bows.  She tells Gwan Woo to bow too because they’re at her grandmother’s grave.

The magician asks if Mi Roo has a person she loves and she starts listing her mom and dad.  He wants to know if there’s a man and she points out that he said he could see it all in her eyes.  He tells her that he does know but it’s meaningless if he tells her because she could deny it or hide the truth if she can’t admit it to herself.  So who is she in love with?  He tells her to write it on a piece of paper and he’ll guess like before.  She’s not interested and starts to get in a cab.  He doesn’t want to part with her and suggests they ride together since they’re going the same way.

In the cab, he asks her again to write down the name of a man she loves.  She tells him she doesn’t have anyone and he insists she does.  She writes it down and tells him to guess.  He says that there is one man.  They fight all the time and then make up, fight and then make up.  She didn’t think that they would ever break up but they did.  Although she’s been seeing other men, she hasn’t gotten over him and that man is also aware of it.

Did he guess correctly?  She bursts out laughing and shows him the paper.  She wrote Jang Dong Gun, as in the actor.  He knew it and accuses her of lying.  She asks what reason she would have for lying and he has no comeback for that.

When they reach the hotel, he reminds her to come to his magic show using the ticket he gave her.  Claiming that it’ll be a great shower of the Las Vegas quality, he promises that he’ll reveal her true feelings to her.

On the phone with Tan Ya, she tells her that she saw the magician again.  She also got her bag back but her diary wasn’t in there.  She’s pretty sure that she brought it with her but she’s not a 100% sure.  Mi Roo asks where they are and Tan Ya tells her they’re at the beach.  Mi Roo tells her to enjoy her time alone with Gwan Woo since she’ll be going to the magic show.

Gwan Woo brings over some lunch that he’s packed for the two of them.  It’s rice wrapped in fried tofu, Tan Ya’s favorite.  She guesses that Mi Roo must have given him hints on her likes and dislikes.  Gwan Woo’s got some peanut butter sandwiches for himself.  She shudders at the thought of them.  They eat the lunches and enjoy the scenery.  Gwan Woo asks how Tan Ya knew of this spot and she tells him this is where she was born.

She confesses that she never really knew her parents because she lived with her grandmother.  Her parents ran away when she was just an infant.  Although her mom sent school supplies and money, she doesn’t remember her mom’s face.  One day, her letters to her mom started coming back because they couldn’t be delivered anymore.  Her dad abandoned her mom and her mom, in turn, abandoned her.  No one took responsibility for their loved ones.  That’s why she doesn’t believe in love.

Gwan Woo thinks there must have been a reason that she’s unaware of.  Tan Ya doesn’t understand because the hurt runs deep.  Does Gwan Woo know of a reason as to why someone would abandon a loved one?  He just says that Tan Ya doesn’t have to be the same way.  It might have been a selfish act but her parents were just human seeking happiness.  Tan Ya’s got to find her own happiness.  Tan Ya knows this but she’s telling Gwan Woo this so he can understand that she’s just like her mom.

Looking at Gwan Woo she’s got a suggestion for him.  She suggests again that he get the butterfly tattoo and be one of her men.  They just won’t be exclusive with each other.  Err, knowing that he’s in love with you, you’re suggesting an open relationship?  Yeah, that’s going to fly well.  He rejects the offer.  Libra, indecisive male.  But when he loves, he becomes a courageous man.

So then she suggests that he jump in the ocean as a bold declaration of love.  He hates the water and it’s freezing cold.  She knew it.  Love doesn’t really exist.

He’s tired of Tan Ya brushing him off and tells her that he’s really going to do it.  But she doesn’t care.

He professes his love for Tan Ya and to her disbelief, he runs straight into the ocean.


I am so glad that Gwan Woo never got that tattoo because he’s clearly turning Tan Ya’s world upside down.  Tan Ya’s example of love comes from what she witnessed with her parents and therefore she doesn’t believe people can be monogamous for eternity.  The fact that Tan Ya is confiding her family situation to Gwan Woo is such a huge leap for her.  Yes, she’s growing to love Gwan Woo but her way of loving him is to control the situation in the only way she can.  She’s quickly discovering that that’s not how love works.  You can’t put them in a certain category nor can you tie someone down.

We also Hae Ra doing that to Jin Oh as she’s trying to tie him down.  Not only does she need him to love her but to have the same opinions.  She’s playing this passive aggressive game with him which is pretty annoying to watch but Jin Oh’s not being a very good boyfriend.  Okay, I still don’t think they make a very good couple but as soon as Jin Oh made the decision to be with Hae Ra, he should be with her.  It’s just that his heart is partly with Mi Roo and partly with Hae Ra.  Despite what he thinks, he’s two-timing her.  I’d hate to be in Hae Ra’s shoes because it’s painful to see someone you love caring for someone else.

I’m so happy to see Mi Roo’s mom moving on.  Argh, I just want to see Mi Roo’s dad to get what’s coming to him for the awful way he’s been treating her.  I secretly desire Mi Roo’s mom to have a fling with the dance instructor.  He looks quite flexible and it seems like it’ll be fun.  But I live with her pursuing dance for now.

I like that Mi Roo defended Sofia a bit.  I’m not going to weigh in on the morality of dating 12 men for the purpose of writing a column.  However, she had dated Jin Oh for so long that she needed to re-identify herself as an individual.  If it means, dating different kinds of men to figure out who’s right for her then I’m all for it and I don’t think that makes her a slut.  I think it would be flippant for me to just say that Koreans are conservative.  They are conservative but I don’t think an average person would condemn Mi Roo for what she’s doing.

However, I completely understand the need for anonymity because she’s writing a tell all of her dating world.  But I do think she is doing it tactfully.  I’m bringing this up because it was in the news recently.  A New Yorker had dated a woman he met online and he revealed that he had a spreadsheet of the women he was seeing.  It was a way to keep him organized and he categorized the women by how he felt about their appearance, the conversations they’ve had and the dates themselves.  It got leaked online because he had (stupidly) sent it to a woman and she forwarded it to her friends.  In the woman’s defense, who hasn’t talked about their date with a friend either by email or phone?  There are friends I have on Facebook that I think are over sharers.  But of course, it’s the age of the internet and the spreadsheet went viral.  Oops.  Now his personal business is all over the world, which is unfortunate for him.  While it was unintentional, he’s now going to have to deal with the fact that people are going to refer to him as the Spreadsheet guy and he just needs to find a way to move on.  In the same way, I suppose it’s going to have to come out that Mi Roo was the author of these articles and she’ll have to deal with the unwanted spotlight.  But what matters to her is how she’s viewed by the people closest to her and I think Jin Oh is a little selfish for judging her and not thinking about why she started writing these articles in the first place.


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