Just Bananas About: Week of 4/30/12

It’s been awhile since I saw a really, really great episode of Glee.  I don’t know what it is.  The quality of some of the episodes are still high but the show doesn’t make me swoon the way it did in its 1st and 2nd seasons.

I like their tribute episodes but I’m sorry, the Michael Jackson episode was JUST okay.  I thought I’d end up feeling the same way about Whitney Houston but I was surprised to see myself get *ahem* so emotional, baby.  Yeah, I just went there.

The episode blended humor, sadness and teenage drama with the message of the songs.

I literally sang all the way through the episode and I wanted to rank my favorite performances from 3rd to 1st:

In third, is “How Will I Know” from her debut album.  I loved the a cappella version sung by some of the better singers within the cast.  This harmony then lead us straight into the story about how Whitney Houston becomes New Direction’s mission this week.  They are weeks away from graduation and the kids were still hung up over the death of Whitney.  It reminded Emma about how heartbroken she was over Princess Diana’s death when she was young and so Will thought it would be therapeutic and thought-provoking for his kids to sing about Whitney.

Second goes to “It’s Not Right, But it’s Okay”.  I’ll admit that out of all of Whitney’s vast repertoire this isn’t my favorite song but watching Blaine’s pain within the context of the show really made the music and lyrics come alive.

Rewatching it, I love looking at the shocked reactions of the other New Direction members and Kurt remaining firm in the belief that he didn’t cheat on Blaine.  (And yes Kurt, what you did is considered cheating.)

And finally, my first place number.  Ay, this is my favorite song.  One of the first albums that I have ever actually bought with my allowance money was Whitney’s 2nd album.  So this is a sentimental favorite but I love that it features one of the best dancers of the group and Brittany and Santana even come out wearing the fashion of that time.  The ribbon in the hair, that tight dress and the hot pink lipstick.  You just can’t beat Brittany’s dancing and Santana’s attitude.

Their youth definitely updates this classic.

Ahh, I’m terrible at choosing just 3 but I have to give a special mention to “Saving All My Love for You”.  I like the romance brewing between Quinn and the Jesus kid (aka Joe).  It’s out of character for Quinn because the Queen bee always seemed destined to date the typical jock and Joe definitely does not fit into that category.  Without sarcasm, he’s genuinely wholesome.  Also, I think Quinn is such an underrated singer.  I wish she had more solos because while the other female voices in the glee club packs a powerful punch, there’s a delicateness to Quinn’s voice.

Also, I liked Kurt’s rendition of “I Have Nothing”.  It’s a typical, climatic number but it’s fitting for him because he certainly impresses me with the fact he can reach notes waaay beyond my reach.  Hmm, but perhaps that’s not saying much.

All in all, it was a fantastic episode for me.  Not only are the characters getting ready for graduation but the viewers are getting ready as well as all the feelings that coincide with that.

As for the rest of the cast, I’d really like to see Tina do a solo, Artie to get a meaty story and not have to hook him onto Quinn’s storyline… and Puck, what’s Puck been up to besides launching his pool cleaning business?  I’m promised in this coming Tuesday’s episode the gang will team up to try and help Puck graduate high school.


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