[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 13 – 일년에 열두남자 13회

Mi Roo and Jin Oh takes trips down memory lane while Gwan Woo makes his position clear to Tan Ya.


Tan Ya pulls Gwan Woo out of the water and performs mouth to mouth on him.

Only he’s faking it.

She gets angry at him for fooling her but then starts to feel sick.  Unable to breath, she collapses to the ground.

Meanwhile, Mi Roo looks at the ticket for the magic show, remembering that the magician promised to show what’s really in her heart.

At the clinic, Tan Ya gets treated for her peanut allergy when the nurse curiously asks why she ate peanuts if she’s allergic to it.  Nervously, Gwan Woo explains that he’s the one that ate it but somehow their lips touched.  Dude, you’re making it sound worse than it really is.

Tan Ya wakes up to explain that she gave him CPR.  The nurse tells Tan Ya to rest and leaves the room.  Turning to Gwan Woo, she comments how they were supposed to be here for vacation but ended up in the clinic instead.  Gwan Woo feels guilty but she’s secretly touched that he cared enough about her to rush her here.  She reciprocates her concern by telling him to change out of his cold, wet clothes.

Before the show, Mi Roo visits the stage to see that the magician is setting up by himself.  He doesn’t feel the need to use help because what he does is real magic.

She’s skeptical about the whole thing and supposes that he probably just good at guessing.  He’s tired of people like Mi Roo because they can’t see that he’s genuinely trying to read people’s hearts and he can’t do his job if people like her lie about the truth.  Mi Roo claims that she didn’t lie and he’d knew she’d say that so that’s why he created this mind reading chamber.  It’s the same trick but this time he’s going to add a bit of Las Vegas flair.  Mi Roo can’t believe this glass booth will show her what’s in her heart and tries to enter but he stops her because it’s not quite ready yet.  She can see it for herself at the show tonight.

Gwan Woo watches over Tan Ya as she’s sleeping.  Then looks to see what pictures she’s been snapping with her camera.  There are a lot of pictures of him, which brings a little smile to his face.

Then he reaches a photo of a man picking up Mi Roo’s blue suitcase at the airport.  It’s the magician.

He wakes Tan Ya up and asks if there’s anything missing from Mi Roo’s bag after she got it back.  He shows her the photos of the magician picking up the bag from the luggage carousel.  Instead of a magician, could they have been dealing with a con man?  Tan Ya needs to warn Mi Roo right away and asks for her clothes.

For the magician’s next trick, he will bring someone on stage and make them disappear.  He chooses Mi Roo and she walks up on stage.

Tan Ya and Gwan Woo rush to their car.  Gwan Woo asks if Tan Ya’s really alright and she confirms that she is but now they have to hurry.

The magician asks Mi Roo if there is a moment in her life that she’d like to return to.  Maybe her happiest moment, her saddest moment or her most painful moment.  She admits that she had many.  He instructs her to think back to one of those times and if she steps into the box, she’ll return to that moment.  Reluctantly, Mi Roo steps in.

He closes the door behind and raises the magic curtain.  To the audience’s amazement, she’s gone.  Gwan Woo and Tan Ya arrive just in time to see it.

Mi Roo returns to the last time she was a couple with Jin Oh.  After kicking her out, she had originally left to go to Tan Ya’s.  This time, she thinks twice about leaving.

Tan Ya and Gwan Woo run up on stage after the show demanding to know what he did with Mi Roo.  He merely states that he sent her back to that moment she wanted to return to the most.  They know that he switched the bags on purpose and tell him the gig is up.  Tan Ya forces him to confess and he tells her that she’s still in the booth.

Mi Roo knocks on the door and an angry Jin Oh wonders if she’s still got something left to fight about.  With tears in her eyes, she calls out to him and apologizes.   His anger subsides when he takes a good long look at Mi Roo.  He’s sorry too and they hug.

Back in reality, the magician gets Roo to reappear.  She’s sitting on the floor of the booth.

Tan Ya checks to see if she’s okay.  She is but she’s looking a little stunned.  She asks after the magician but he’s disappeared.

Tan Ya shows her the proof that the magician had planned this all along.  By taking her bag, that’s how the magician knew Mi Roo so well.  However, Mi Roo doesn’t know what his motive would be to do that to her.  Tan Ya doesn’t have an answer either.  Plus, Mi Roo’s not completely sure if she left the diary at home.  Tan Ya asks her about her trip in the glass chamber and she responds that she went to Jin Oh.  The two aren’t sure what she means by that.  Mi Roo reflects on how she may not really know what’s in her heart.  She doesn’t know if it was a dream or magic but she knows that she regrets that moment with Jin Oh and therefore never really let go of him from her heart.

Hae Ra waits impatiently at home and runs to the door at the sound of the doorbell.  It’s a delivery guy with a package for her and inside is Mi Roo’s diary.  Ooooh wow, this is a new low for Hae Ra and I don’t know if there’s coming back from this.  She flips through to see notes on all the men that Mi Roo had met up with.  They’re labeled by horoscope sign and their real name.  She reads over Cancer, which happens to be her uncle, Goo Young Ho.  Now Hae Ra’s got proof that Mi Roo is Sofia.

Mi Roo returns to the office after vacation and the first thing she needs to check on is her diary.  To her relief, it’s safely tucked in her desk drawer.  Hae Ra politely greets Mi Roo as if nothing has happened.

When Mi Roo opens up her email, she sees an anonymous email from someone wondering if Mi Roo is really Sofia.  Hae Ra glances over to check out her reaction and Mi Roo is clearly upset.

Tan Ya doesn’t think Mi Roo should get worked up over it because this isn’t the first time a reader has made this accusation.  However, it’s different this time.  The accuser has gone so far as to post a personal picture of Mi Roo in the email.  Mi Roo contemplates replying back but Tan Ya advises against it saying it will only get worse if she retaliates.

Hae Ra meets with the magician again and he asks if she got the diary.  She says that she did but then he informs her that Mi Roo didn’t write down that person’s name. I could only assume that they’re talking about Jin Oh.  The magician wants out but she tells him to try again, this time she asks him to look into Jin Oh’s heart.  She’ll arrange it so that he can perform at J Hotel.  He tells her that even if he finds out what’s in Jin Oh heart, time has passed and hearts can change.  There’s nothing he can do but if she really loves him, she should confirm it from Jin Oh, every day.

Hae Ra takes him up on his advice and asks Jin Oh if he loves her.  Of course, he says yes.  She asks him why he only says it when she asks him but he tells her that she won’t give him a chance to say it on his own.  She instructs him to say it every day from now on, before she brings it up.  He agrees.  Hae Ra then proposes that they get married but Jin Oh looks hesitant.  He made a promise to her mother to date properly for 3 years before they can think about marriage.  She doesn’t want to date properly and 3 years is way too long for her.

Jin Oh patiently tells her that the guy is supposed to do the proposing and he’ll do it when it’s time.  All she has to do is say yes or no.  That doesn’t stop her though.  She asks if all he needs is her mother’s approval and he doesn’t care what the president thinks.  He’s going to propose and that’s precisely the answer she wanted to hear from him.

Jin Oh drives Hae Ra to work and after letting her off, he sees Mi Roo at a convenience store nearby eating a bowl of ramyun.  He goes inside and gets himself a bowl but asks her why she’s eating that so early in the morning.  Mi Roo asks if he was in the neighborhood dropping Hae Ra off at work and he asks about her vacation.  They are exchanging pleasantries with each other.  She says she’s got to go to do an interview with the Writer Lee Joon and he asks her if he’s a Libra.  Ooooh, low blow, low blow!  Her face immediately darken but he just smiles back.  He didn’t mean to offend.  He just wanted to offer her a ride as friends.

In the car, Mi Roo thinks back to the time before they were dating.  They were just friends but Jin Oh confessed that he didn’t want to friends with her anymore.  He wanted something more.  She had just laughed in his face but then he had kissed her, proving his feelings were much deeper.

The announcer on the car radio reports that the Orion nebula will be visible that week and that it only comes around once every 10 years.  Mi Roo looks over and wonders if Jin Oh is having the same thought.

She thinks about the time they were waiting for falling stars.  They were forecasted to come from Orion’s direction and she wanted to see them with Jin Oh because she believed it would mean that they’d live happily ever after.  An impatient Jin Oh argued that there are many couples that live happily ever after without having to wait out in the cold to see them.  Mi Roo sighed saying that perhaps they weren’t meant to be together and she starts walking away.  Just then, Jin Oh spots a falling star.  He goes over to pick up a random rock saying it was their falling star.

Arriving at Mi Roo’s destination, she pauses before getting out of the car.  She asks if she had ever apologized for the way they broke up.  It’s better late than never but she feels sorry for what she did to him and thanks him for the ride.  Jin Oh can’t help but cry alone in the car.  Tan Ya catches sight of Jin Oh driving away and wonders if there’s something going on again.

Inside, Mi Roo’s busy interviewing Joon while Tan Ya takes pictures.  However, he’s not used to being in front of the camera, much less being directed by Tan Ya on how to pose.  She takes it all in stride but his complaints don’t stop there.

He requests that Mi Roo send him the questions so that he can send back written responses.  Tan Ya asks him to smile and his reflex reaction makes him smile ever so slightly until he realizes what he’s doing and calls her out on it.  She says that he also looks good when mad.  Hehe.  He’s not used to doing interviews in person because he spent so much time being private and all this attention is getting to him.  Tan Ya retreats saying she’ll wait in the car for Mi Roo.

When they’re alone, Joon checks to see if she’s read the manuscript.  She has and she says that it’s interesting.  He doesn’t want to hear flippant criticisms; he needs to know if she can identify with the novel.  Mi Roo thinks carefully about how she’ll respond but the fact that she pauses depresses him.  It’s not that she doesn’t like it but she can’t see eye to eye with the character, Miss Jo.  She explains that she didn’t start writing the column to find some deeper meaning.  Joon suddenly becomes alert.  This is the kind of info he needs for the novel.  So why did she start the column?  Does she want to gain fame as a columnist?  Or was it because she wants to meet men?  For Mi Roo, it was simple.  She was scared of getting fired from her job.  He laughs, not believing that that could be the real reason.  He doesn’t understand how she’d agree to dating 12 different men in a year just to write a column but he accepts it for now.  Okay, what’s the reason she’s still writing the column now?  He points out that she never thought deeply about the meaning of his novel or the reason why she’s writing the column.  He then goes on to lecture her on how he’s done everything he was supposed to do for Mi Roo but she’s not living up to her end.  However, Mi Roo’s end of the bargain is a bit more abstract.  He tells her to think deeply about it and says that she has to produce an answer by the time they meet up again.

Tan Ya can only laugh as she pictures Lee Joon dressed up as Sofia.  Mi Roo has told her his secret.  So now Mi Roo has to dig deep and think about why she started the column.  Even Tan Ya was curious about that as well.  Mi Roo tells Tan Ya to stop by Café Star Space as she wants some coffee.  Tan Ya says she’ll just drop Mi Roo off because she’s got to head to her studio.  Mi Roo picks up on the evasion tactic and wants to know why.  Tan Ya just feels that she needs to avoid seeing Gwan Woo for now.

Instead, she’s on the phone with Young Ho.  He wants to know why she hasn’t been answering her phone and she explains that she was on vacation.  Jealousy rears its ugly head as he’s worried that she’s been trying to avoid him.  That’s not the case.  She’ll answer his call and Young Ho’s happy about it because he wants to speak with Wonder Woman.

She turns on her charm and appears before him as his ultimate superhero.  Did he wait long for her call?  He tells her to get close but she tells him that she’s go to go.  Again?  He asks where and she reminds him that she’s busy during the day but she’ll talk to him all night long later.  She hangs up on the eager Young Ho.  Tan Ya grumbles to herself about having been forced to talk to Young Ho because she owes him money.  He calls her back to find out that she’s turned off her phone.

Tan Ya runs into the studio to meet a group of models.  They’re all upset with her because she’s late.  Just then, Gwan Woo’s on the phone calling Tan Ya and she sends the call to her voicemail.  He sulks when he hears the voicemail message.  However, she’s legitimately hard at work!  You just can’t help the timing of things sometimes.  Young Ho also can’t concentrate at work, not liking the feeling of being brushed aside.

Mi Roo tries to write her next column but the words just aren’t coming.  She keeps thinking about Joon’s question.  Why is she writing the Sofia column?  She doesn’t know and can’t just manufacture an answer.  Just then, the doorbell rings.  It’s Gwan Woo looking for Tan Ya.  Mi Roo explains that Tan Ya’s on a photoshoot and that’s why she’s unable to answer her phone.  She tells him to wait inside but he just asks Mi Roo to just have Tan Ya call him when she returns.  The doorbell rings again and this time it’s Young Ho looking for Tan Ya.  It’s like Tan Ya Grand Central.  As soon as he sees her face, he can’t help but laugh at it.  He was wondering who Tan Ya’s roommate was.  She’s annoyed but holds her tongue.

She waits until he leaves before cursing him out behind his back.  Can you blame her?  He’s just goddamn rude and he’d better beware!  It’s not smart to piss off the best friend.

As Young Ho exits the apartment, Gwan Woo steps in his way.  He introduces himself and asks if Young Ho is in love with Tan Ya.  Gwan Woo confesses that he’s is and Young Ho assumes that they’re butterfly brothers in arms.

To Gwan Woo, it just sounds like he’s mocking him.  He warns Young Ho not to see Tan Ya anymore and she arrives just in time.  At first, Tan Ya tells Gwan Woo to go home but he doesn’t budge.  Young Ho wonders if he unknowingly got in the middle of something, so then Tan Ya tells Young Ho to leave.  He asks her to call him up in the middle of the night while Gwan Woo is within earshot.  While he tried to play it cool in front of Gwan Woo and Tan Ya, Young Ho isn’t happy to hear of Gwan Woo’s love confession.  Nothing is working out the way he thought it would.

Gwan Woo knows that she’s not in love with Young Ho.  She agrees, so he tells her to not meet him anymore.  Fine, if you’re going by that logic, she’s not in love with Gwan Woo either.  Does that mean she shouldn’t see Gwan Woo anymore as well?  He doesn’t have a response.  She wants to know why he stopped by and he says that he just wanted to see her.  He couldn’t reach her by phone all day and he missed her like crazy.  Now that he’s seen her, is that it?  He stops her from going in and proposes that they sleep together.  Oy, I get that he loves her and hurt that she isn’t reciprocating but your timing is all wrong, dude.  He’s worried that he’ll lose her to Young Ho so this is how he’s keeping her close.  She says that she’s not going anywhere and plus, Young Ho can’t get it up so that stands in their way.  She wonders aloud why she needs to tell the kid this info and he can only respond that he’s not a kid.  Gwan Woo’s puppy dog hurt face is killing me!

Tan Ya returns home to find Mi Roo waiting for her.  She wants to know where Tan Ya’s true heart lies.  That’s rich.  Mi Roo wasn’t aware of her own heart and she’s asking Tan Ya to figure hers out?

At least, Mi Roo’s not suffering from writer’s block anymore.  She writes the Libra column about Gwan Woo.  She writes that although Libras tend to be indecisive, they’re indecisive because they need to weigh their options carefully.  After assessing the pros and cons, Libras become extremely decisive especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

In the dance studio, Mi Roo’s mom beams as she waltzes around the room.  The dance instructor compliments her saying that she’s got a real talent for dancing.  He suggests that she go out for the upcoming Dance Festival competition.

She just laughs at the suggestion but then the poster catches her eye.

Joon sees that Mi Roo’s already reached Libra on the horoscope calendar.  He hasn’t gotten around to figuring out who Miss Jo is and it’s all Mi Roo’s fault.  He noticed that Mi Roo writes so well about other people’s love lives but she doesn’t know herself very well. So did she think about why she started writing the Sofia column?  Mi Roo did think about it and when she first started writing the column, it wasn’t because she wanted to.  She really was worried about getting fired and she was angry from the break up with her boyfriend.  Joon’s instincts were right, it was because of a guy.

While that was the case at first, now she wants to meet all 12 men and get to know what love truly is.  She’s become curious about the 12 men.  Joon asks if she’s meeting the men to write the column or writing the column to meet the men.  Since Mi Roo’s become curious about the men, that’s why she’s meeting them and that’s why she’s writing the column.  There’s no ulterior motive.  Just like Joon who was curious about Sofia and therefore began to meet Mi Roo for his novel, it’s the same for her.  Now Joon feels he’s got enough of the backstory to write again and he’s done with Mi Roo for now.

Hae Ra hands over her article for Mi Roo to check again but she assures Hae Ra that it’s good enough to hand to the editor.  Hae Ra asks if she could leave early today because she’s got a super important appointment and Mi Roo approves the request.  Hae Ra leans in to whisper to her that she’s getting married.  Mi Roo asks who and she tells her it’s obviously her boyfriend, Jin Oh.  But it’s a secret for now so she’s ask to keep it between the two of them.  Mi Roo asks when they’re planning on marrying and she says soon.  With that, she leaves.  Hmmm, I don’t like this frenemy thing she’s got going on.

At J Hotel, as promised, the magician looks into Jin Oh’s heart.  He guesses that the person that Jin Oh loves the most hold stars but when he opens up his paper, he’s written, “Oh Hae Ra”.  The audience boos and Jin Oh looks extremely uncomfortable.  The magician wonders if Hae Ra is holding the stars and she says that she is.  She’s the daughter of a hotel tycoon and their hotel is a 5-star hotel.  Jin Oh forces out an applause but the truth of the matter is that the 3 of them know the whole truth.  Or only 2 of them knows while the 3rd is in denial.

Alone, Mi Roo looks at the rock of the “falling star”.

The magician prepares his glass chamber trick and selects Jin Oh for it.  The lighting is almost ominous here as it feels like an interrogation.  Perhaps it’s because he planned it out with Hae Ra and she’s watching right from the audience.

The magician asks the same question he asked Mi Roo before.  He tells Jin Oh to pick his happiest moment, his saddest moment or his most painful moment.  Jin Oh enters the glass chamber and the magician raises the curtain.  Jin Oh disappears while Hae Ra worries about the outcome.

Jin Oh appears at the moment when Mi Roo discovered that he had banished Jang Won Bin away from her.

He claimed that all he was trying to protect her but she was too angry to really hear him out.  She believed that all they were doing were protecting each other’s secrets.  A hurt Mi Roo wanted to know why he keeps trying to butt into her life.  Jin Oh responded that he wanted to protect her because he loved her, though he may not be able to return to her.

The magician makes Jin Oh reappear and it’s clearly written on his face.  He’s still in love with Mi Roo.


There’s so much to discuss with this episode as it was chock full of emotion.  Mi Roo and Jin Oh are becoming aware of their lingering feelings for each other.  While you break up with something, you can’t really dictate what your heart should do.  And yes, while feelings do change I can understand why these two are hung up on each other.  They’ve were together for a very long time.  It also doesn’t help that they see each other often.  If you break up with someone and you don’t have the same circle of friends, it’s out of sight, out of mind.  However, if they continuously pop up in your life, it’s a constant reminder of that failed relationship.  They considered marrying each other and to suddenly turn off that switch is a difficult thing to do.  Also if you consider the way these two broke up, it seemed feasible for the two to put aside those differences and come back together as a couple if it weren’t for Hae Ra.  The question is would these 2 have worked if they stayed together?  That’s a question Mi Roo brought up in the previous episode.  It’s the what if’s and what could have beens, that could never truly be answered.  So I was happy to see that Mi Roo had grown up a bit when she accepted a friendly ride from Jin Oh and that she genuinely wanted to apologize for what she had done.  Someone has got to end this chapter.

As for the magician’s advice to Hae Ra, I agree that seeking Jin Oh’s heart out passive-aggressively is not the best way to know if Jin Oh really loves her.  However, how is he supposed to answer Hae Ra if Jin Oh doesn’t even know the answer to that question himself?  I think Jin Oh is at that point where he thinks he loves Hae Ra because that’s the right thing to do but he hasn’t taken out the time to find out what he wants.  He’s been too busy with work, dating Hae Ra and secretly protecting Mi Roo from afar.  He also went straight from one relationship to another and didn’t get a chance to process what went wrong with Mi Roo.  Plus, Hae Ra pushed herself and their relationship onto him which makes me ask if you can really blame Jin Oh for not knowing what he wants.  He was still on the rebound and this chick has got to learn how to give him some space.  However, Hae Ra’s coming from a place of love and you can’t make the heart think rationally.  She’s always been the alpha person in the relationship; she starts it when she wants to and ends it when she wants to.  After all, she’s her mother’s daughter.

What Hae Ra doesn’t have is faith in Jin Oh and yet she wants to have faith.  I liked the introduction of the magician to illustrate the importance of faith in relationships in this episode.  Sometimes you gotta push all the bullshit aside and believe that what you have with your significant other is real and it’s strong.  That’s what the magician was trying to show.  Love is real magic, as corny as it sounds.  It’s not logical and it appears and disappears when you least expect it.

Certainly, Tan Ya didn’t expect to be falling in love with Gwan Woo and Mi Roo is trying to help her see it.  She doesn’t do it directly but she indirectly questions Tan Ya’s motives.  Tan Ya likes Young Ho but she’s beginning to see him as burden now.  Whereas, she’s starting to feel responsible for Gwan Woo and more specifically, trying not to hurt his feelings.  Like I’ve said, I’m Team Gwan Woo all the way because Young Ho is too alike with Tan Ya.  She’s clearly suppressing her emotions and the only person who’s been able to bring that to the surface is Gwan Woo.  Sure, she’s uncomfortable with feeling vulnerable but I believe that only after you address your own vulnerability can you become a stronger individual.  Sometimes, you just can’t do that alone.


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