[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 14 – 일년에 열두남자 14회

Mi Roo tries hard to forget Jin Oh but he’s not making it easy for her.  Young Ho makes an unexpected proposal to Tan Ya.


Mi Roo returns home thinking there’s no end to her relationship with Jin Oh.  She keeps throwing stuff away but there are still remnants of it.  She throws away the “falling star” rock and ends up hitting the landlord who’s walking by below.  Haha, oops!  Perhaps it might be helpful to look before you throw?

Hae Ra asks Jin Oh about his “trip”.  He tells her that it’s a secret but she wants to know.  He lies and says he went back to the first day he saw Hae Ra.  She’s mortified thinking it was the day she checked into the hotel, wrapped up like a mummy.  But no, it’s the time he met her in the hotel room, worried because she passed out.  She beams because that was also a fond memory for her.

Mi Roo tells Tan Ya that Hae Ra and Jin Oh are getting married.  She’s surprised because they haven’t been dating for long.  Although Mi Roo’s hurt, she’s taking it pretty well.  She suggests they go for drinks and Mi Roo thinks it’s a good idea but Gwan Woo comes by asking if Tan Ya’s free.  At first, she’s ready to blow him off but then he tells her that famous photographer Ryan McGinley is having an exhibit in Seoul.  She excitedly grabs the tickets and Mi Roo knows she’s been tossed aside for a good photography exhibit.  She tells Tan Ya to go to the exhibit since they can have drinks any time.  Mi Roo knows this will be a good way for Tan Ya to open up her heart a bit.

Young Ho’s on the phone with Tan Ya and again she reminds him that she can’t talk to him during the day.  He wants to know where she is and demands to meet up.  She can’t because she’s got an appointment.  He’ll cut 1,000,000 won off from the 10,000,000 won she owes (approx. $1000 off of $10,000).  She can’t resist.

Gwan Woo eagerly waits at the entrance of the exhibit with a flower bouquet when he receives a last minute text from Tan Ya that she can’t make it.

She’s having dinner with Young Ho at the hotel.  She wonders if it’s okay to be seen with him and since he’s single, it’s okay.  She asks about the woman who left his daughter, Ji Woo, in the lobby of the hotel that time.  He tells her that it was just a woman he was seeing and it reminds him to ask her about Gwan Woo.  Is she meeting Young Ho because she’s bored?  No, she’s seeing him because she owes him money.  Gwan Woo is just a kid that she dotes on.  He wants to know if Gwan Woo was the appointment she was supposed to meet that day.  She admits that they were supposed to see the Ryan McGinley exhibit together.

He mishears the English and thinks she entrusted something to the kid and she teases him about being an Executive Director of a world-class hotel but he’s unfamiliar at the mention of a foreign name.  He insists that he’s not ignorant as he studied the arts too.  He says that Tan Ya could classify it as music.  He was very passionate about a lot things when he was younger.  I don’t know if Tan Ya’s seeing him in a new light but his character has evolved yet again for me.

In the room, Young Ho receives his moxa cautery therapy and Tan Ya asks if it’s okay to be in one of the hotel rooms.  He doesn’t see why it’s a problem since the hotel is his.  She agrees that he’s the general there.  Tan Ya asks how Young Ho got into the hotel business and he says it was because of his older sister.  She’s a real estate/hotel tycoon and she can’t help buying land and building hotels on them.  Hmm, she’d be excellent at playing Monopoly.  In order for her to do that, he had to stay behind to take care of the business.  He calls himself ignorant for taking this career path.  See, Tan Ya was right to call him ignorant.  He wishes he pursued something in the arts and she knows all too well that you can’t live off the arts.  Suddenly, Young Ho’s… needle points north??  Raises the flag?  Stands at attention?  Hallelujah, therapy works.

Tan Ya returns home to find Gwan Woo waiting for her again.  I like the choice of billboard behind them as it represents what they don’t have.  It’d even be funnier if Go Joon Hee and Kim Sung Je were the models in it but I just can’t tell.

He asks if she had been with Director Goo.  She doesn’t answer and heads for the door.  He stops her.  He wants to be inked with a butterfly tattoo now.  If she’s not going to be his girlfriend, then he’ll be one of the butterfly friends.  This is the only way he’ll be able to date her and sleep with her.  She tells him to come in.  Nooo, don’t do it!

He takes off his shirt and she takes out the needle but she can’t bring herself to do it and tells him to leave.  Gwan Woo can’t do anything right as he’s always being rejected by her.  What does that make him?

Jin Oh’s at the jewelers looking for an engagement ring.  The jeweler takes out one that’s very popular these days.  The cost of the ring is the same as the one he bought for Mi Roo.  He doesn’t want it and asks her for one that’s more expensive.

The president returns from Manila and asks to see Young Ho privately.  Young Ho smiles since it seems like he’s back on top again.  Jin Oh phones Hae Ra to tell her that her mother has returned and she tells him that she had already planned on meeting with her mom after work.

Once she’s done seeing her, he asks if he could see her in the hotel’s lounge.  She excitedly asks if he’s going to propose to her but it’s more for Mi Roo to hear.  Unable to stand to hear Hae Ra gushing, she removes herself from the office.

Later that night, Jin Oh puts the jewelry box down in front of Hae Ra and asks her to marry him.  She looks as if she’s about to cry.  She opens up the box to find a beautiful engagement ring in there.

Hae Ra takes off a bigger, more expensive ring that’s already on her finger to wear Jin Oh’s ring for her.  She looks up with tears in her eyes.  Okay, something is clearly wrong.  She proposes that they run away together because her mom has told her that she will never approve of the two marrying.  Hae Ra sobs as she looks down at the ring.

President Goo orders Young Ho to send Jin Oh away to Manila for 3 years until the resort gets its footing.  He had thought this was all about Hae Ra and Jin Oh being together but President Goo is a businesswoman first. She may not see Jin Oh as a son-in-law but he’s a great business asset.

Jin Oh barges through the door and gets down on his knees to beg for Hae Ra’s hand in marriage.  They both love each other and he promises to give his all for the hotel and only wants a chance in return.  President Goo tells him that she’ll reconsider if he goes to Manila for 3 years.  He agrees to the terms.

Hae Ra can’t stop crying and Jin Oh tries to comfort her.  He’s sure that Hae Ra’s mom will come around if they stay strong.  She wonders why he won’t consider running away with her.  She’s worried that if they stay apart, the more likely he won’t be able to return to her.

Hae Ra doesn’t think her mom will approve even after 3 years.  And what if Hae Ra’s heart changes?  She’s got a list of reason why they won’t work out.  Jin Oh reassures her that her heart won’t change; he’s her first and last man.  Hmm, what about his heart?  She kisses him and Jin Oh spends the night with her.

Hae Ra wakes in the morning and smiles at the sight of a sleeping Jin Oh.  Just then his phone begins to ring and she rushes over to shut it off, so as not to wake him.

Hae Ra’s happiness quickly fades as she sees that it’s an alarm to remind him of Mi Roo’s birthday.  Eee, that’s awkward.  She immediately deletes it.

Mi Roo also realizes it’s her birthday as well.  It came by fast this year.  Tan Ya wakes up but she doesn’t say anything.  Instead, she sleepily tells Mi Roo to makes herself toast and coffee before going to work.  Hehe.

As Jin Oh drops Hae Ra off by her office, she pauses before getting out of the car.  Although, she doesn’t explicitly asks for it, she’s tells him that she’s waiting for him to say it.  He says he loves her.  Sure, if you say that enough times will you really believe it?  She happily walks into the building.  Jin Oh’s about to pull away when he sees Mi Roo walking up.  He greets her but she tells him they don’t have to acknowledge each other.  From afar, a jealous Hae Ra watches the exchange.

In the office, she brags about her engagement ring but what she really wants to do is make Mi Roo jealous.  Mi Roo ignores the fuss.

Her phone rings and it’s Joon calling.  He demands to see her after work.  She politely tries to tell him that she’s busy tonight but he insists that she stop by.  Mi Roo publicly lets out her frustration about Lee Joon always getting his way.

Young Ho asks Jin Oh when he’ll be leaving for Manila and he responds that he’s going at the end of next month.  Young Ho can’t believe that Jin Oh hasn’t given up yet.  Even if he’s away in Manila, he’ll make sure to make it hard for Jin Oh.  He still hasn’t changed his mind about him thinking he only cares about status and money.  Despite the animosity, Young Ho’s parting remark doesn’t sound so malicious.  He’s been where Jin Oh was and the position is not all it’s cracked up to be.

On Young Ho’s desk, he looks at a pictures of his family.  Probably his ex-wife and his daughter when she was just an infant.  Were they a happy family back then?

He calls Tan Ya and she’s annoyed because she specifically told him that she couldn’t entertain him during the day.  He asks if she could make an exception today as he’s feeling down in the dumps.  She obliges and asks if he wants her to be Wonder Woman for him again.  Nope, he’d like her to be a bride.  Tan Ya frowns at the strange request.  She appears before him as a priest and asks if he’d like to confess his sins.  Hahaha.

She confused the word shin boo (신부) for priest instead of bride as they are homonyms.  The girl clearly does not have marriage on the brain.  Young Ho clarifies his meaning.

She’s sorry for the mistake and appears before him as a beautiful blushing bride.  She tells him that she loves him, wants to grow old with him and have many children.  He asks where they should live and she suggests maybe an island.  How about Hawaii?  She compliments him for having the same idea as her and he contemplates Hawaii.

He asks her if she really wants to go and she tells him that she already agreed with him.  She doesn’t catch on that he’s not role playing anymore, he wants to go there with her and Ji Woo.  Huh?  She had been relying on Young Ho to be the cool one and now he wants the real thing?

Hae Ra spies on Jin Oh as he’s leaving work and tails him.

In the car, Jin Oh calls his dad to tell him that he’ll be leaving for Manila and won’t be back for 3 years.  He assures him that his career path will be laid out for him when he returns.  His dad worries about Jin Oh going alone and asks if Mi Roo will be going too.  Jin Oh reminds his dad that he and Mi Roo haven’t been together for awhile.  He promises to visit before he leaves.

He stops at a light and notices a seafood market on the corner.

Mi Roo arrives at Joon’s and he needs Mi Roo to clear something up for him.  His novel doesn’t seem to be making any logical sense to him.  Mi Roo reassures him that he has time to work out the problems before the publishing deadline.  The deadline isn’t his problem.  He needs to figure out what he’s writing and his biggest problem is Mi Roo.  Miss Jo is based on her and women like her, however he can’t figure them out.  Joon, men have been trying to figure women out for centuries and I don’t think this is going to happen overnight.  Mi Roo tries to encourage him but Joon thinks it would have been better if he didn’t begin the novel in the first place.  He doesn’t have confidence in his abilities anymore because he can’t figure out this character.  Mi Roo’s had enough of him throwing tantrums.  She can’t take his fickle personality so he can do whatever he wants to do as she’s going to quit too.  She leaves his place.

Mi Roo gets a call from Jin Oh on her way home but she’s not in the mood.  He tries to tell her that he had meant to tell her something that morning but she cuts him off asking if it’s about the news of him getting married.  She hurls a string of insults at him.  Doesn’t he think she’d feel hurt hearing this news?  She tells him to go off quietly, get married and live happily ever after.  She just wants to be left out of it.  Unlike all the other fights they’ve had, Jin Oh understands where Mi Roo’s anger is coming from this time.

He leaves the packages by her door with a little note.  Hae Ra watches from her car.  Although she with Jin Oh, she’s bitter that she’ll always be in 2nd place to Mi Roo.

Mi Roo brings in the package and reads the note.  He stopped by to wish her a happy birthday.  He remembered.

Mi Roo thinks back to her last birthday.  He had promised to take her out for lobster but had taken her out for crab.  Instead of a nice restaurant, he took her out for street market dining.  He had insisted that they tasted similar.  Upset, she tells him that she’d been starving all day, waiting for a meal that was never going to happen.  He had told her that he couldn’t afford lobster with his salary but promises that he’ll buy lobster for her next birthday.

They’re no longer together but he did deliver this time.  Now Mi Roo’s spending her birthday alone, eating Jin Oh’s lobster.  She hammers the hard lobster shell to get at the meat.  Considering the day Mi Roo has had, it seems like it would be therapeutic.  She starts sobbing by herself, shoveling in mouthfuls of lobster.

She narrates about how she wanted to break up like one of those cool women in foreign films.  She didn’t want to cry over the news of his impending marriage but instead wanted to attend his wedding in order to cheer on the couple.  And then that night, she wanted to happily meet a great new boyfriend at a café terrace somewhere.  I know that it sounds completely absurd but Mi Roo’s emotional state doesn’t allow her to play it cool or be practical.  Safe in the privacy of her home, she can be as vulnerable and ridiculous as she wants to be.

Tan Ya meets with Young Ho again at the hotel restaurant and he’s very stoic.  He proposes living together in Hawaii.  He’ll give up working at the hotel.  Tan Ya wants to know if he’s really serious but he’s been thinking about this for some time now.  So what’s in it for her?  If Tan Ya wants to get married, he’ll marry her.  If she just wants to live together, they’ll just live together.  All he has is money and he’ll do whatever she wants as long as they’re together.  Tan Ya asks if its okay that she’s not in love with him.  He laughs and says that he’s not asking for love.  He wants companionship.  The only condition is that he wants her to be a real mom to Ji Woo.  He’ll give her some time to think about her answer.

On their way out, they see a party going on in the banquet hall.  Young Ho reminisces about the time they first met.  Tan Ya doesn’t remember and he reminds her that it was at the Double X party.  She looks at the 60th birthday party going on in there.  She tells him to get on stage and sing, just like she did when they first met.  He’s a little shy but she tells him to think of it as a proposal for her.  Since he’s leaving, he doesn’t have to worry about how it’ll appear to other people.  He picks up the mic and gives it his all and she stands by, smiling.  Then it dawns on her that she’s got to figure out what to tell Gwan Woo.

She goes by the café and sees him sulking by himself.  She leaves without saying a word.

Mi Roo returns to Joon’s apartment and knocks on the door.  There’s no answer and she knocks again saying that she knows he’s in there.  She’s really sorry for the way she reacted last time.  Except, he’s really not home.  Joon returns home from stepping out a bit to find Mi Roo at his door.  He hears her saying she’s a fan of his work and thrilled to be working with him.

She only reacted that way because of the Capricorn (aka Jin Oh).  He asks why it’s the Capricorn’s fault.  She’s startled to see him behind her.  So is she going to behave now?

Inside, he tells her he wants to start over from the beginning.  She agrees.  She’s being very obedient now.  Mi Roo has personally met 8 men for the column minus the other people’s experiences that ended up in the column.  Among those 8 men, how many did sleep with?  Hehe, he doesn’t beat around the bush.

He reasons that since Mi Roo thinks sex and love are one in the same, does that mean she had sex when she wrote about the scorching love affair she had?  Mi Roo’s uncomfortable with the type of question telling him it’s very private.  Joon slams his hand down on the table.  He’s unable to flesh out her character if he doesn’t know these intimate details.  He explains that an artist trying to pain a nude must have a model who is willing to take off their clothes.  Mi Roo asks why she needs to take off her clothes.  Hehe, he explains that it’s a metaphor.

He tries a new tactic.  He asks her to tell him about the Capricorn, the first man she wrote about in the column.  What does he mean to her?  She’s not sure.  She thinks he’s a friend since he sent her a lobster for her birthday but Joon disagrees.  Men don’t do that for friends.  She describes how she cried while eating the lobsters and Joon assumes that Mi Roo must still be in love with the Capricorn.  Mi Roo swears that she’s not and discovers another answer.  When she first started writing the column, she felt that there was potential for her to meet a better guy than him.  Someone who really love her and someone who’d even get hurt because of her.  Even Tan Ya had encouraged her by saying what a great catch she was.  After seeing 8 men, no one remained and the only person who remembered her birthday was the Capricorn.  But he’s got another girl now and they’re getting married.

Tears start falling from her eyes and Joon is taken aback by the outpour of emotion.  He feels sorry and hands her a tissue.  So Mr. Aloof Writer does have feelings.

He lets her cry it all out.  Mi Roo looks up and apologizes.  She doesn’t know why she’s crying.  He tells her it’s okay but he’s got one small question.  He didn’t quite understand what she was talking about before so could she explain it again but more logically.  Ooops, I guess Mr. Aloof Writer was a robot all along.  It just causes Mi Roo to cry all over again and Joon is left helpless.

Mi Roo narrates:

“There are all kinds of love in the world.  Long-time love, a love that you can’t forget, faithless love, love you’re waiting for and immature love.  Nevertheless, they’re all love.  If I meet all of the 12 men, will I have 12 different kinds of love?”

Mi Roo receives another email from the blackmailer.  They know Mi Roo is Sofia and knows the identities of all the men she’s met with for the column.  They want Mi Roo to admit that she’s Sofia and if Mi Roo doesn’t come out with the truth, they’ll reveal it on the internet.

Tan Ya asks Mi Roo if she knows who it might be but she doesn’t have a clue.  She asks Mi Roo to think about where the picture came from and Mi Roo knows she bought the sweater in the photo last year.  Tan Ya deduces that it might be one of the men from the column.  A lot of those relationship didn’t end well and they probably want revenge.  She goes down the list of men and then concludes it might be the magician.  Mi Roo can’t understand why the magician would want revenge against her but Tan Ya points out that he knew way too many personal details about her.  She checks online and finds out that he’s doing another performance at J Hotel.  From J Resort to J Hotel, Tan Ya doesn’t think it’s a coincidence.

Tan Ya answers a call on her phone but doesn’t quite understand the person on the other line as they’re speaking English.  She asks Gwan Woo to translate.  He answers and asks Tan Ya if her mother’s name is Park Jin Sook.  She doesn’t respond and he assumes it must be right.  He relays that her mother is very, very sick.  She tells him that she’ll take care of it on her own later.

She leaves the café and Mi Roo chases after her.  She tries to convince Tan Ya that she should go to America but Tan Ya just tells her again that she’ll take care of it and switches the subject.  Mi Roo looks concerned but doesn’t know what to do.

Seeing what happened with Tan Ya’s mom, Mi Roo checks on her own mom.  To her surprise, her mom is busy practicing dancing.  She’s glad to hear that her mom’s doing alright.

At the end of the work day, the rest of the Double X members leave for an after-work party.  Mi Roo tries to get out of it but Michelle tells her that it’s mandatory.  Mi Roo follows but she’s not sure about the reason for the party.  Hae Ra’s arranged it.  Arriving late, she tells them to enjoy themselves as she’s got an important announcement.

Everyone is surprised to find out that Hae Ra is the daughter to the president of J Hotel.  Everyone has been in the dark except for Mi Roo and Michelle.  She wanted to work at Double X because she loves fashion and grateful for the opportunity.  She also thanks Mi Roo for being her mentor.

Just then, Jin Oh makes his entrance and he doesn’t look prepared to see everyone from her company there.  He greets the guests until he notices Mi Roo sitting there.

Hae Ra introduces him as her fiancé and the future president of J Hotel.  Despite the uncomfortable scenario, Mi Roo puts on a brave face.


We’re wrapping on the series and so far Hae Ra has only been using passive-aggressive tactics against Mi Roo.  While the other characters are really reflecting on their own needs and motives, Hae Ra’s been largely ignorant of it.  I think Mi Roo’s been very good about trying to keep her distance from Jin Oh.  Is it her fault that he remembered her birthday?  I know that Hae Ra loves Jin Oh but is forcing him to love her really going to make her happy in the end?

Unlike Hae Ra, I think Mi Roo has finally gotten to the point where she might be ready to move on.  I say might because she hasn’t really figured it all out yet but I like that Joon is forcing Mi Roo take a long, hard look at herself and her motives for writing the 12 men column.  For the last couple of episodes, Mi Roo has been trying to remove herself from the drama that makes up Mi Roo-Jin Oh-Hae Ra love triangle.  However, that doesn’t mean she’s examined why she’s doing it.  She just thinks it’s the right thing to do to not get in the middle of Hae Ra and Jin Oh’s relationship but this is also a matter of the right people belonging to each other.

Which brings me to Tan Ya.  She doesn’t really let anything get to her until now. I like that Mi Roo isn’t enveloped within her own stuff to notice what’s going on with Tan Ya. Letting those emotions fester for so long isn’t really healthy and Mi Roo’s worried that she’ll explode from holding back for so long. What makes Tan Ya so likable is that she’s extremely loyal to her friends even though she’s got abandonment issues. So now she’s got a choice to make.  Is it better for her to go with Young Ho and live a carefree life or does she choose Gwan Woo and take a chance with love?  That’s not something she can deal with until she deals with the matter about her mother.  Parents are vital in showing their children what love is and it’s no surprise to see Tan Ya is very confused about it.  Personally, I’m already feeling the drama’s urgency to wrap things up but there are so many things that are still hanging in the balance.  I don’t know how that can be done well in just the remaining 2 episodes. I wish Tan Ya’s mommy issues were addressed earlier.


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