Mmmusings… – Must-See TV Men

There’s something you gotta love about Thursday night programming.  It doesn’t matter what country you’re in.  When NBC coined the phrase “Must-See TV” it was back in the 80’s but I really think the heyday for this phrase was in the 90’s for Mad About You, Seinfeld and Friends.  Well, at least in my memory anyways.

So I watch both Rooftop Prince and The King 2 Hearts and I love them both equally but for very, very different reasons.  And in the States, I always have to watch The Vampire Diaries before I go to bed on Thursday night.  I don’t care how late it is because the loopholes and cliffhangers always provides me with water cooler material the next morning.  However, it’s a coincidence that all 3 shows provided me with very watch-worthy, plot-moving men that make them a very, merry must-see.  It’s funny how 3 very different shows can do that.


Rooftop Prince is your classic rom-com K-Drama with the time traveling twist, mystery and intrigue.  Buuut, caan I really call him a man?  He’s just so goddamn young.  Out of the Prince Lee Gak’s Joseon trio, Man Bo (Lee Min Ho) is the smartest.  Where would Yong Sul (Jung Suk Won) and Chi San (Choi Woo Shik) be without him?

For that matter, where would the future king be without his nudging?  He knew that Park Ha (Han Ji Min) was down in Jinan and sent Lee Gak there so they could meet.

As soon as they found out that Lee Gak’s engagement was off, the boys headed down to Jinan to tell Park Ha the good news.

She immediately wanted to return to Seoul but Man Bo took his sweet ass time with his omurice by eating a single, grain of rice at a time with his chopsticks.

Suffice it to say, Yong Sul and Chi San were annoyed.

However, Man Bo had a scheme up his sleeve so that Park Ha would go on up without them and spend some quality alone time with her Prince.  Uhhhh duh, boys!

Of course, his brilliant-ness didn’t stop there.  While Park Ha and Lee Gak were enjoying their alone time, he took the boys to the swimming pool…

…to do some “research” on bikinis.

Our smart Man Bo was drawing from memory but…

Chi San couldn’t help but stare at the real thing while Yong Sul drooled over Man Bo’s picture because the picture provided a different kind of arousal.

Ewww, someone get Yong Sul a Playboy, stat!


Now, here’s a MAN.  The King 2 Hearts’ Eun Shi Kyung (Jo Jung Seok) is loyal to King Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) and he’s not willing to back down on finding out how Jae Ha’s brother and sister-in-law perished.  It doesn’t matter if there’s an order coming down from his father.  He’ll find out the truth no matter what.  But I can’t help to feel sorry that if he finally finds the key that opens that door, he’ll only find pain on the other side.

However, I was really impressed how his instincts were working overtime last night.  At the press conference, he had sensed that something was wrong when he brushed past a strange woman.

It propelled him to go ahead and detain Bon Bon (Samantha Daniel) for questioning.  (She’s John Mayer/Kim Bong Gu’s (Yoon Je Moon’s personal assassin.  And yup, that’s really the name the drama gave that character because of her penchant for chocolate.)

We learned that the chocolate contained drugs that have yet to be seen on the Korea.  I thought that the worst thing a drug addict could experience was withdrawal and I wanted Shi Kyung to take away the chocolate but he let her have it.  (Hmm, I’ve got a serious sweet tooth but this may put me off chocolate for good.  I know my dentist will be happy about that.)

I could live with this face-off because what we got later was worth it.

Pressured by the media to release the foreign national after the 16-hour detainment, he returned her to Bong Gu and apologized.  She couldn’t help but insult him by asking if he had slept with the Princess.  Shi Kyung didn’t respond but she guessed that he hadn’t yet and assumed it must be because she was crippled and he didn’t want to lay on top of her.  I will say though, the Korean subtitles didn’t completely subtitle the entire line here.

(**Ay, some of the foreign language scenes get to me.  The acting is poor, the dialogue is trite and it always catches me off-guard that they can get away with cursing.  You just don’t expect to hear it on non-cable TV.  Lol.  However, that was the same way with Lost.  With the exception of Kim Yun Jin and Daniel Dae Kim, the Korean scenes were unnecessarily overdramatic.  Plus, I usually had to explain to friends that the English subtitles sometimes left out certain details like Sun cursing at… I think, it was her dad?)

Shi Kyung paid her back by laying some intel he acquired on her; the mysterious circumstances behind her mother’s death.

I have to admit that her screaming startled me.  Perhaps it wasn’t wise to be watching this drama while running on the treadmill; her shrill scream almost made me fall off.

But for that and for telling Bong Gu that no, he won’t be joining his Darth Vader side and to shove it, Shi Kyung definitely deserves to be one of those Must-See TV Men.


Okay, I know The Vampire Diaries’ Klaus (Joseph Morgan) isn’t everyone’s favorite person but I can’t help be a little smitten by him these days.  He’s got room for improvement, for sure, because his asshole attitude is really hindering him from being one of the crew but I love that he crushes on Caroline.  What can I say?  I love them bad boys (and English accents).  Geez, my therapist is gonna have a field day with this.  There she goes again, hoping the bad boys will change for love.

Which brings me to the current big bad, Alaric (or Evilaric) (played by Matt Davis).  Really, there was nowhere to go with Alaric’s character.  The secret about his ex-wife was out and he had moved on to become a parental figure to Elena (Nina Dorev) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen).

But you had to give in to your Hyde side and go and kidnap Caroline so Elena will bend to your will.  Tsk, tsk, tsk…

It caused our crew to come with a plan to stop Alaric’s heart.  Klaus got in the middle of that when he had planned to skip town with Elena.  Since she was now in Alaric’s grasp, Klaus couldn’t do much but help the team out. But not before Klaus tried to them aware how eager he was about finding Elena.

I didn’t know you could regular, front lawn items that way but points to him for being creative.  I especially liked seeing Klaus use a fence post like a javelin. See, even Damon’s impressed.

Of course, he always has to have something up his sleeve and he had to go and kidnap Elena at the last moment so he could drain her of all her doppelganger blood in order to make his hybrid army.  (Yeah, yeah, I’m fully aware of how ridonculous this sounds.)

The team had no choice but to save Elena by using the vampire-stopping-heart-spell on Klaus.  Say it ain’t so!

I seriously want a romance between Klaus and Caroline, since Tyler’s gone all nice guy (albeit a werewolf-vampire hybrid).

I sorta miss Asshole Tyler a little bit.

Knowing TVD, they’ve got a loophole/twist on how to bring Klaus back because I refuse to think he’s gone for good.  RIP, for now…


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