Recharging After 1 Year

Okay, so it’s literally been 1 year since Greatest/Best Love started airing.  I may have mentioned, just maybe, how much I loved the drama.

Because of that drama, I got to meet some fantastic fellow K-drama lovers and together, we created the Best Love Dictionary.  If it weren’t for that blog and the urging from the Dokkogirls, I wouldn’t have started this blog so I can’t help having a soft spot for it.  The Best Love Dictionary is a fun place to visit to listen to the OST, to relook at some of the best moments in the drama and answer questions about how the drama affected you.  If you haven’t done so already, I recommend that you check it out.

In honor of that, I created some cocktails to toast the 1 year anniversary. There’s the Dokko-tini and Pororo-Tells-No-Lies and you can find the recipes on the BL Anniversary Page.

I know Baek Ji Young “claims” she can’t drink but I know you can!  (In all honesty, it’s probably because Jung Suk Won has been so busy with Rooftop Prince shoots.  Pfft, are you telling me this smoking hot couple doesn’t drink?  Lol.)

Baek Ji Young – 아이캔`t 드링크 (I Can’t Drink)

I concocted them with Dokko Jin’s favorite beverage, Vitamin Water.  Don’t disappoint top A-list star, Dokko Jin, and turn it/him down.  😉

Seung Gi, I know, I know.  You were originally supposed to be Dokko Jin but you’ve got a great drama airing at the moment (and looking oh-so-grown-up) and you’re romancing Ha Ji Won.  So enough with the cross face.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Recharging After 1 Year

  1. hahha! love it! awww.. i visited best love dictionary and oh I so missed watching it. Heartbrrreak. I should find some time and rewatch it this year!

    What’s the most memorable scene for me that keeps playing in my head after a year?

    The frog suit scene! Yeah.


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