[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 15 – 일년에 열두남자 15회

Things reach its boiling point between Mi Roo and Hae Ra.  Tan Ya buries her past and Mi Roo gets a marriage proposal.


Mi Roo shares an uncomfortable after-work party with her other co-workers and Hae Ra and Jin Oh.  Hae Ra announces that she plans on getting married to Jin Oh after he returns from Manila.  Noticing that he’s uncomfortable, she asks Mi Roo if she knows her fiancé.  Mi Roo remains expressionless as she claims to not knowing him but Hae Ra reminds her that they met when he had given her a ride when she had the flat tire.

Driving home, Jin Oh brings up how Hae Ra had put him on the spot with the party but she tells him that she simply forgot to mention it to him.  We all know that it was her attempt to try and trip up the ex-couple.  She asks if he was uncomfortable because Mi Roo was there and comes clean about knowing that they used to date.  She had given them multiple opportunities to tell the truth but they both remained silent.  She wouldn’t have been jealous or hated them if they just came forward.

Jin Oh tries to explain but she cheerfully responds that she’s okay with it.  She doesn’t think that they’d be cheating on her after all, she’s not prettier nor does she have more money.  Plus, Mi Roo’s moved on since she’s dating other people.  It’s Hae Ra’s way of passively bringing out her brand of cruel and unusual punishment.  When women get eerily calm and are suddenly okay with something even though you know you did something wrong, watch out.

Tan Ya has dug through all of Mi Roo’s photos and found a match with the one in the blackmailer’s email.  She shows Mi Roo and supposes that Jin Oh might be in on it with the magician but Mi Roo gets upset with her.

She should be heading to America to see her mom.  Tan Ya’s expression immediately changes at the subject of her mom and says her mom isn’t waiting for her.  Gwan Woo had discovered the call came from Boston and Mi Roo offers to look for the next available flight.  She doesn’t want to hear lectures from Mi Roo since she’s never been on her own.

Michelle makes an announcement that Hae Ra is moving over to the fashion team and the other staff members don’t think it’s fair since it’s a big promotion and there are other people who have much more experience and have been at the magazine longer.  However, she’s the daughter to the president of J Hotel so she’s getting special treatment.

This time Gwan Woo comes over and tries to reason with Tan Ya himself.  He offers to take Tan Ya to America, especially since he can help with the language barrier.  He knows that she does want to go but it’s just that her pride is standing in the way.  He phones Mi Roo to tell her the good news and she’s happy to hear that he was able to get through to her.

Hae Ra gets up from her desk to rudely toss Mi Roo’s portfolio of articles back at her.  Calling Mi Roo Reporter Na, she tells her that she’s got no use for them since she’s on the fashion team now.  It’s basically a slap in the face for Mi Roo but she’s got no choice but to take it for now.

Mi Roo shows Jin Oh the photo from the blackmailer’s emails and asks if he remembers it.  Does he still have it and did he ever email it to her?  He hadn’t and it was something Mi Roo had expected all along.  He’s not the type of person that would do something like that.  She asks if Hae Ra had known about the two of them and he admits that she had.  Mi Roo tells him it was Hae Ra sending her the threatening emails which included that photo that he had.  She assumed that if it wasn’t Jin Oh, it had to be someone in his immediate circle.

Jin Oh thinks back to when he had found the photo and slipped it into the “Africa” book when Hae Ra wasn’t looking.

Mi Roo had been going out of her way to make sure Hae Ra’s feelings didn’t get hurt and this is how she’s being repaid.  If it were up to her, she would retaliate but she’s a chaebol whose mom has financial ties into the magazine they work for.  Jin Oh can’t believe that Hae Ra would do such a thing but Mi Roo wants Jin Oh to make it clear to Hae Ra that there’s nothing between them anymore and she doesn’t need to feel threatened.  Then Mi Roo asks if it was all a coincidence that he started dating Hae Ra and he admits that it was.  Satisfied with the answer, she leaves.

When she’s with Joon though, she confesses that she really want to ask Jin Oh if he still loved her.  Joon is busy transcribing Mi Roo’s confession, word for word.  She knows that Jin Oh’s not a good liar but she was afraid to hear that he was no longer in love with her.  When Mi Roo’s done talking, Joon asks if she’s going to head home since it’s late but she wants to stick around.  Her house is empty since Tan Ya’s gone to America.  Curious about Joon, she asks what lead him to start dressing like a woman.  He doesn’t look or act like a woman at all.  He answers matter-of-factly, “Of course, it’s because I’m a man,” but doesn’t really answer Mi Roo’s question.

Back at home, Jin Oh flips through his books.  He picks up “Africa” and sure enough, the photo is gone.

Joon is on a roll with his novel but Mi Roo has fallen asleep on the couch.  She wanted to stick around because she longed for company but his attention was firmly on his book.  He’s reached a climax with Miss Jo’s character and he turns to tell Mi Roo about it until he notices that she’s fast asleep.  Suddenly, he begins to see Mi Roo in a new light.  He gets closer and reaches out to touch her lips with his finger.  She’s got lip gloss on.  Is he trying to see a dig deeper into the character of Miss Jo or is he growing fond of Mi Roo?  With Joon, it’s hard to tell.

Hae Ra opens her apartment door to find Jin Oh on the other side.  She’s delighted to see he’s home early today.  He gets to the point and apologizes for not telling her about Mi Roo.  If that’s the reason why she’s mad, he understands that but they did it because they thought it’d be more comfortable for all parties involved.  He wants her to leave Mi Roo alone.  Hae Ra’s tone turns cold as she feigns ignorance regarding the emails.  However, she wants to know if he met with Mi Roo today.  He’s quiet at first until Hae Ra demands an answer.  He admits to meeting with her but says nothing happened and it’s okay for them to see each other since they’re friends.  He’s only telling her this because she might feel bad.  Oooh, wrong answer dude.  He’s got a lot to be sorry for when it comes to Mi Roo and so that’s why he wants Hae Ra to stop harassing her.  Aaay, it’s just getting worse.  He wants to quietly forget everything between him and Mi Roo and Hae Ra picks up on the fact that he hasn’t forgotten Mi Roo yet.  This is cringeworthy.  He dug his own grave.  He claims that that’s not what he means and she answers brightly that she’ll try to move on.  However, what men usually fail to realize is that women never forget.

Mi Roo wakes up and realizes that she spent the night on Joon’s couch.  He has even fallen asleep seated on the floor next to her.  She tiptoes over to the laptop to see what he’s written and discovers that he had written her side of the conversation from the night before.  She deletes it but also notices something that he’s written below it.  “Seeing a strange being for the first time, in the middle of communicating with an alien.”  Ha.  She leaves the sleeping Joon there and sneaks out.

The rumor mill is buzzing at the office and Mi Roo can feel that people are looking at her strangely.  Everything grows quiet in the Double X offices as well when Mi Roo walks in.  A junior wheels over to ask if she’s checked the Double X forums yet  and Mi Roo hadn’t.

When she opens the page, she sees that the blackmailer posted a photo of Mi Roo asserting that she’s the real Sofia and she dated men and had sex with men for the column.  It makes her sound like a prostitute.  And there it is, Hae Ra’s revenge.  The junior doesn’t want to believe it’s true and can’t imagine who would do such a thing to her.  Mi Roo knows exactly who it is.

At lunch, Hae Ra asks Jin Oh if he knew that Mi Roo was Sofia.  She tells him how an anonymous poster wrote that on the magazine’s forum.  Hae Ra recalls how strange it was when they had chased Sofia.  It didn’t make any sense that Mi Roo wasn’t in contact with Sofia if she had been continuously writing the column all those months.  Jin Oh knows that it was Hae Ra that put up that posting but doesn’t say anything to defend Mi Roo.

Later in the office, he takes a look at the forum for himself, even reading the comments that follow.  He feels guilty that Hae Ra’s jealousy ignited her to do such a thing to Mi Roo.

Michelle doesn’t have a contingency plan either but she suggests posting up an announcement that Mi Roo isn’t Sofia and contacting the police to trace the blackmailer.  This is not just a personal issue for Mi Roo but an integrity issue for the magazine, too.  Mi Roo states blankly that there’s no use because the public already believes her to be Sofia and the truth of the matter is, she is.  Although it won’t improve the current situation, Michelle tries to apologize to Mi Roo.  She didn’t think it would happen this way or else she wouldn’t have made Mi Roo inadvertently start writing the column.

Mi Roo comes out to confront Hae Ra about the posting but she vehemently denies doing it.  She blatantly lies about not having a reason for doing it.

Mi Roo decides to look for the magician at J Hotel since he’s having his show there.  He’s startled to see her.  Since he can read her mind, she challenges him to read why she looking for him.  She can’t read him so she needs him to tell her the truth.  Was it just as coincidence that they met on the plane and did he switch their bags on purpose?  He just scoffs at the absurdity of it all but then makes a run for it.  Mi Roo chases after him and call him a liar.  He’s not a magician but  just a liar and adds that she had truly believed in his magic.  It stops him in his tracks.

He tells Mi Roo that people come and enjoy his show but they don’t really believe in magic.  They believe it’s a lie but he met two people that really believed in it.  One of whom was Oh Hae Ra.  The sound of her name brings tears to Mi Roo’s eyes.  Hae Ra asked the magician to look into Mi Roo’s heart and uncover her secrets so that’s why he stole her diary.  From now on, he hopes that there won’t be any lies between Hae Ra and Mi Roo.  She thanks him for telling her the truth and begins to leave but the magician stops her.  He tells her that Jin Oh is still in love with Mi Roo.  She had wanted to hear that answer from Jin Oh but now that the magician has told her, is that what she really wanted?

Joon can’t help but laugh at Mi Roo’s situation.  She doesn’t see what he finds so funny.  However, it’s not that.

He thinks it’s funny that life has imitated art.  Miss Jo’s identity was uncovered and now the same has happened to Mi Roo.  He tells her to just come out and admit to it but Mi Roo doesn’t agree.  Korean society is very conservative and it would be putting a scarlet letter on her.  Everyone, including her friends and family, will know the intimate details of her love life. She won’t be able to get married.

He just continues to laugh which is just unhelpful.  Mi Roo threatens to reveal Joon as the original Sofia, the online sex columnist, and how he had dressed up in women’s clothing in order to do it.  He immediately shuts up and begs her not to do it.  Oh what now, it suddenly got real for him?  Mi Roo goes, “Ugh, men.”

She gets up to leave but he had expected her to sleep over.  She calls him insane but he had thought since no was home, she’d want the company.  It’s hard enough that people think she’s a tramp but now he’s suggesting that she stay over at a man’s apartment and with one that she’s not romantically involved with?  She thinks to herself at how much of an alien he is.

Jin Oh comes back to Mi Roo’s place and he’s about to ring the doorbell but rethinks it.  Considering all that’s happened with him and Hae Ra, it might be better to stay away.  Mi Roo is alone in bed and sad that no one had comforted her by coming over or calling.  She’s all alone in the world.

In Boston, Tan Ya and Gwan Woo wait in a waiting area.  An American male and Tan Ya’s mom come out.  She’s holding a mystery box and for the first time in years, Tan Ya is face to face with her mom.

Mi Roo’s dad makes a visit to the kendo studio but his wife isn’t there.  He calls the director and learns that the reason why she’s not there is because she’s taking dancing lessons.  Mi Roo’s mom is hard at work practicing for the upcoming competition with the hot, young instructor.  Scorpio, sharp insight, when in love a passionate man.

The dad runs into the studio and jealously breaks up the couple.  The instructor tells him that he can’t be in the studio with those shoes as it’ll scuff up the floors but he doesn’t want to listen.  Mi Roo’s dad demands to know what a married woman like her is doing here so late with a young man.  The instructor asks Mi Roo’s mom if she knows the angry man and she pretends not to know him.

The instructor tries to force Mi Roo’s dad out so they could keep practicing but he refuses to back down.  Since it would prove to be difficult to continue they decide to call it a night.  She flashes him a brilliant smiles before leaving.

Mi Roo’s dad chases after his wife outside the studio, insulting her.  She calmly warns him to lower his voice but he doesn’t stop there.  He wants to know how long the affair is going on with the dance instructor and she doesn’t respond to his absurd accusations.  It leads him to grab her but she struggles to get his hands off her which causes him to lose his balance and fall down the stairs with her tumbling after.

Tan Ya, her mom and Gwan Woo sit on the return flight back to Korea.  Tan Ya takes the note off the box to read it and it’s a letter from her mom.  She’s been silent the whole time and can barely lift her head to face her.  Tan Ya reads the letter but can’t believe that she was tasked with retrieving her mom when she left her so that she could go to America to get a new family.  Gwan Woo tries to calm her down but Tan Ya just states her disdain for her mom.  Her mom just sighs with tears in her eyes.

Gwan Woo calls to inform Mi Roo that they’ve just arrived in Korea.  She asks after Tan Ya and he tells her that she’s okay.  Mi Roo was heading to the airport but there was a change in plans because her dad is hurt and in the hospital.  She asks them to hold tight until she gets there.  Gwan Woo tells her that it’s fine but that Tan Ya wishes to go to J World amusement park.

Mi Roo runs to the hospital to discover that it’s not her dad who’s hurt.  Her mom pulled a ligament in her ankle when she was falling down the stairs.  Going into the room to check on her mom, she sees that her mom seems to be in good spirits despite the injury.  Her mom shows her the poster for the dance competition and how the dance instructor thought she was talented enough to compete.  She had pictured how glamorous she would look in the competition when her husband pokes his head through the door.

He tries to get on her good side by giving her another scarf.  However, she can’t stand the sight of him.  Can you blame her?  As he’s complimenting her, she kicks him over with her hurt leg.  She screams at him to leave as he had always dashed her hopes and dream.  Mi Roo’s not sure if it will all work out but she slips out unnoticed as they continue fighting.  Plus, she’s got other people who’s depending on her.

At J World, Gwan Woo finds Tan Ya standing alone and so he asks after her mom.  She’s sitting alone on a bench holding the box.  Tan Ya heads over to her and asks if her mom remembers the place.

She was only 10 years old when her mom abandoned her for the first time.  Her mom had told her that if she got lost, Tan Ya should stay put and her mom would come back to her.  Only on that day, her mom didn’t come back.  Tan Ya asks, “How do you feel about that?  The feeling of being completely alone and abandoned.”  Her mom just cries and shakes her head.  Tan Ya tells her that her mom didn’t look for her but it was the other way around.  The truth was that she was going to abandon Tan Ya anyways.  Even before she left for America, she had tried to throw Tan Ya away at the amusement park.  So it’s not really a surprise that Tan Ya feels the way she does about love.  She’s been abandoned more than once by the same person.

Mi Roo finally shows up and gives Tan Ya a big hug.  She takes a long look at Tan Ya’s mom and greets her.

They all drive to where Tan Ya’s grandmother is buried and both her and her mom pay their respects.  Tan Ya tells her grandmother that her mom has returned and puts her hand down on the box.  Her mom’s appearance was in their imagination as Tan Ya’s mom had already passed away and the box contains her ashes.  It was so Tan Ya could have the last say.

By the water, Tan Ya spreads the ashes with Gwan Woo’s help.  She asks if Gwan Woo remembers the spot.  “My grandmother, mom and me too.  We were all born here.  My mom was a nurse at the clinic.  My dad was a sailor.  Now she’s come back after becoming ash.”

Gwan Woo gives her permission to cry and so she begins to sob.

It’s a sight that Mi Roo has never witnessed before and she holds Tan Ya while she lets it all out to show that she’s not alone anymore.  Gwan Woo continues to spread the ashes.  Mi Roo narrates, “In the will that Tan Ya’s mom left behind, she didn’t ask for forgiveness or apologize.  She just asked to have her ashes spread in the waters of her hometown.”

At home, Gwan Woo continues to take care of a grieving Tan Ya.  He makes her some porridge and feeds it to her.  He jokes that he put peanuts in it which makes her gag until she hears him laughing.  She asks if he still likes her and he does.  Even if she plays “seafood”?  He dishes it right back at her.  He tells her to eat up and that he’ll return that evening.  She tells him that he doesn’t need to come back but he wants to because he likes her a lot.  She says that she’s not going to change her mind about him and he doesn’t argue with her.

Young Ho calls Tan Ya to ask where she’s been.  She doesn’t tell him that she went to go get her mom’s ashes.  He wants to see her but she tells him that she’s not feeling well.  He offers to go to her but she asks for one full day of rest.  He could sense that she’s pulling away but he tells her that he’s made all the preparation for Hawaii.  All he needs is for her to make up her mind.  She hasn’t yet.  He doesn’t want to push her except he asks that she doesn’t make him wait too long.  Tan Ya’s got an important decision to make.

Mi Roo conducts an interview with a film director for the magazine but he makes a backhanded diss directed at her.  She tries to ignore it and ends the interview, giving Tan Ya an opportunity to take the photos.  During the shoot, he keeps staring at Mi Roo and she asks if he knows her.  He had done some research before their interview and found that Mi Roo was infamous.  He hands her a card and asks to meet separately saying that he’s a Scorpio.  She turns him down saying that Sofia doesn’t meet anyone by introduction.  No, he insists that he’s interested in seeing her because he knows that she’s Sofia.  Tan Ya steps in and pours water all over him.  She warns him to go home and be good to his wife.  After all, he’s only debuted now after toiling as an “artist” for 10 years.  Mi Roo can’t help but laugh and the two walk out on him.  However, Mi Roo wonders if receiving seedy offers like this is what her life is going to be like now.

Hae Ra gathers everyone for a meeting with the fashion and feature team.  Mi Roo doesn’t immediately get up so Hae Ra tells her that she’d like Mi Roo to attend, too.  Mi Roo decides to confront her about the emails and the picture.  She lost Jin Oh so Hae Ra’s won.  She knows that Jin Oh isn’t the type of person to just hand Hae Ra the photo.  Hae Ra says she has no idea as to what Mi Roo is talking about.

She also calls her by her nickname, “blurb,” and it offends Hae Ra.  Who does Mi Roo think she is by calling her a “blurb”?  Mi Roo slaps her across the face causing Hae Ra to scream back in her face.  Oooh, cat fight, cat fight!

Mi Roo’s not sure how great Hae Ra might be as a chaebol but here, Mi Roo’s the sunbae and Hae Ra’s a grunt.  Also as her sunbae, she’ll do the adult thing and forgive Hae Ra.

Joon has finished his novel and hands it to Mi Roo to read.  She promises to give him notes by tomorrow but he stops her.  He can’t wait.  She must read it now.  She tries to tell him it’s late but he won’t listen.  He needs to know what she thinks now.  She has no choice but to read it here while he hovers over her.  He studies her every reaction.  When she finishes, she tells him how much she loves it.  It’s like her own story.

He’s beyond overjoyed and hugs her.  She is truly his muse.  She looks uncomfortable but she lets him hug her.

He pulls away and tells her he has a solution for her other problem.  Her problem is that she’s worried she won’t be able to get married if it comes out that she’s really Sofia.  So he suggests that they be responsible for each other.  Mi Roo doesn’t understand.  The solution is that they get married to each other and in return, she’ll keep his secret.

Mi Roo thinks he’s just playing with her and he doesn’t see why she doesn’t get it.  She wonders out loud if he’s really from Earth or from another planet.  He thought the same of her.  So I guess it is right, men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

He looks at Mi Roo and then pulls her into a passionate kiss.

Mi Roo pushes him away because she’s in no mood to play games.  He says that he’s not playing games and Mi Roo begins to see him in a new light.

They suddenly find some common ground and she pulls him into a passionate kiss, too.

Full on make-out session.


Am I happy to see these two get together?  You bet I am!  Does it make sense?  Not so much.  Oh, I’m sure I could figure out a way to sell it.  It just feels so rushed.  It was only in this episode when Joon began to view her as something other than a friend or colleague.  We also never got to learn too much about Joon beyond his work as a writer .  It felt very abrupt.  However, I like Joon and Mi Roo as a couple.  Joon is emotionally handicapped and Mi Roo’s a bit of a drama queen so hopefully they can even each other out.  Plus, they’re both passionate about writing but their fields are entirely different and they approach the writing process differently.  Right now, I’m enjoying the lust factor of their relationship but I do want Mi Roo to end up having someone that’s more than just a hook up.

Bae Geu Rin.  I noticed this about her in 49 Days and I think she does the same here.  She’s able to show a really sweet side and then turns it off to show her cold, mean side.  She becomes downright scary!  I do not want to get on her bad side.  But that just shows what a good actress she is.  Brr, Hae Ra really took her revenge plot to a whole different level here.  Despite thinking that the truth could have set Mi Roo and Jin Oh free, I don’t think Hae Ra would have been very happy to have heard the truth in the first place.  She does have to live with those consequences of her actions and so does Jin Oh.  Hae Ra forced Jin Oh into a relationship and so I can’t be too sympathetic that Jin Oh doesn’t love her.  Also, Jin Oh was trying to get a promotion but that doesn’t make it alright for him to keep both women in his life.  Okay, maybe Jin Oh doesn’t mean to use Hae Ra in that way but that is what he’s doing.  I cannot for the life of me see these two together.  Honestly, thank god they aren’t the main characters because there are so many people that are rooting against this couple.  Not so that Jin Oh would end up with Mi Roo but this couple makes even less sense than the Joon and Mi Roo hook up.

One hook up I’d really like to see is Mi Roo’s mom with the dance instructor.  I hate Mi Roo’s dad.  I hate him probably more than Mi Roo’s mom does.

Finally, we get to see some emotion from Tan Ya.  I was really surprised to see Tan Ya’s mom make an appearance but when I had seen the whole of it I was really satisfied with the way it played out.  The person we care about is Tan Ya and we wanted to let her have her say.  Although, there wasn’t much time, we got to feel Tan Ya’s pain and understand how she became the woman she is today.  It was heartbreaking to see that the letter didn’t contain an apology for all the hurt that the mom had inflicted on Tan Ya.  To the very end, the mom only cared about herself.  But that’s reality isn’t it?  I like that Tan Ya got to resolve things within her own mind even if they didn’t happen in real life.  It’s what important for the development of her character.  Now that Tan Ya spread her mother ashes, she can focus on grieving and closing this sad chapter of her life.  And through all that, it was Gwan Woo that she allowed to be there for her.


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