[Recap] Twelve Men in a Year Ep. 16 (Final) – 일년에 열두남자 16회 (최종회)

Love comes in all different forms.


Joon and Mi Roo are making out before Mi Roo realizes what she’s doing.  Joon wants her to stay over but she’s uncomfortable with the suggestion.  He adds if she’s home alone then it’s okay to stay with him but to his disappointment, she tells him her roommate, Tan Ya, came back.

Jin Oh picks Hae Ra up from the office and he asks why she blackmailed Mi Roo.  She’s more concerned that he’s taking Mi Roo’s side.  However, it’s because he searched for the photo himself and it’s not where he had left it.  Hae Ra claims all she did was tell the truth even if it meant exposing Mi Roo.  Hae Ra is upset that he’s blind when it comes to Mi Roo and doesn’t see that she’s Sofia but Jin Oh admits that he already found out that Mi Roo was Sofia.  That was not the answer she was expecting.  So what does Hae Ra gain by causing Mi Roo pain?

Mi Roo hands in Joon’s novel and Michelle’s delighted to see it.  She asks how it is and Mi Roo tells her it’s worthy.  Despite that, Michelle wants to know what happened between her and Hae Ra.  She had quit the office and Michelle assumes it was from the incident yesterday.  Mi Roo doesn’t tattle on Hae Ra but Michelle advises her that it would be best if the two work out their differences.  She’s like a high school principal telling two enemy students to get along.  Returning to her desk, she looks upon Hae Ra’s empty seat and dials her number.  Obviously, Hae Ra doesn’t answer so she opts to send a text instead.

Mi Roo’s dad nervously heads to the dance studio.  Speaking with the dance instructor, he inquires how long it would take him to learn how to dance well.  The instructor tells him it’s different for every person and tests him out with a couple of test moves.  He can easily do some slow steps but he’s a mess when it comes to something faster and complicated.  Only that he thinks he did well.

The Double X staff all sit to evaluate Joon’s sophomore novel together.  It’s a thumbs-up since they could all relate with the main character.  Even Min Joon likes it.  The next issue will feature Joon’s novel series and they’ve got plans to go out all for the promotion.  The problem that the other writers want to bury the series because it’ll bring attention to Mi Roo’s scandal.

Michelle is upfront with Mi Roo about what’s to come.  Double X has to sell Sofia in order to sell magazine and a part of that is the identity of the real Sofia.  They’ll launch the serial through a press conference and she tells Mi Roo that it’s okay if she doesn’t want to attend.  Mi Roo is determined to attend and she’ll even help the preparation for it.  Michelle wants to protest and asks to speak privately with her.  Mi Roo has nothing to hide from her colleagues.  If she can’t face her colleagues, there’s no way she’ll face the critics.

Regardless of the fact of whether or not she’s the real Sofia, people will just believe that she is after reading the book and they’ll look into Mi Roo’s personal life.  Mi Roo is okay with it since this is the path she’s chosen.

Mi Roo relays the promotion launch details of the novel to Joon.  There’s a press conference and a signing event but he turns her down.  He thinks the novel itself should be the star and not him but he doesn’t see the reality of today’s PR machine.

Mi Roo tries to convince him but he calls her dumb because the reporters will only be interested in one thing, Sofia’s real identity, and that’ll put Mi Roo in danger of being discovered.  Joon can’t lie nor can he just reveal that it’s Mi Roo.  She tells him that they’ll work out a deal with the reporters ahead of time and make that question off-limits.  He’ll do it for Mi Roo but he’s making it known that he doesn’t like these kind of things should she want to know for the future.  So there is a future for them?  This isn’t just a fling?

Mi Roo thinks he doesn’t want to do it because even he’s ashamed of her but he assures her that that’s not it.  Plus, he never promised to take responsibility for her and they’re both at fault for being Sofia.  Although she’s at fault for being Sofia, she’s offended that he’s just letting Mi Roo take responsibility for it all alone.  He doesn’t want to fight but Joon reminds her that she’s the one that said she was at fault.  She springs some girl logic on him.  It’s okay that she think that about herself but it’s not okay for him to think that.  He’s supposed to be supportive.  He doesn’t think the café is the place to argue about this and suggests going home.

Fine, Mi Roo’s gonna stand her ground.

So much for standing her ground.  When they get back to his place, they resort to the make love not war concept.

She doesn’t know what’s going on because she was ready to fight but he says later.  Now, it’s time to get busy.  Lol.

She stops him again because they’re work colleagues and doesn’t want things to get complicated until they finish publishing the series.  Joon argues using points from her own column about how she despised the physicist and his need to keep things “simple”.

She can’t take it anymore because he knows too much about her and using what she wrote against her.  There’s no mystery so she ‘s going to leave.  Haha.  That’s twice she left him.  He’s going to have to figure out a better way to argue with her or he’s never going to get any.

Young Ho comes into Jin Oh’s office to talk to him.  He’s in vacation attire.  He tells Jin Oh that he honestly doesn’t like him because he works too hard.  Even though it may not work out, he still tries his best.  He doesn’t believe that J Group will go over to him because he’s just a working class guy.  Young Ho talks about his plans to escape this way of life and it catches Jin Oh off guard.  Young Ho just wants a happy, simple life and he’s going to give up his cushy position.  He boasts at how cool he is for being to give this all up.  While Jin Oh is desperate to attain what Young Ho has, Young Ho can easily throw it all away.  In a serious tone of voice, he advises Jin Oh to take care of the president while in Manila.  She’s not going to get rid of someone who is loyal and useful.  He’s half mocking Jin Oh and half dispensing some honest advice.

Young Ho stops by Tan Ya’s to give her a plane ticket.  She can just show up to Hawaii and he’ll take care of her things here.  Tan Ya says she hasn’t made up her mind yet and he’s not disappointed.  She still has a week to decide and thinks she’ll eventually come because he’ll do whatever she wants.  She sighs deeply.  He asks if it’s because she loves Gwan Woo and she says it’s not that.  He tells her that love isn’t much of anything.  You love temporarily when you’re young but it doesn’t last.  She has to look towards her distant future and he’ll be better soon, indicating his other “problem”.

Mi Roo is shocked to hear that Tan Ya might be leaving.  Tan Ya says that she has no reason to stay.  Mi Roo looks over at Gwan Woo and it appears that Tan Ya hasn’t made up her mind yet.

Just then, Hae Ra shows up to the café.  Hae Ra apologizes for what she’s done and explains that it’s because Jin Oh hasn’t forgotten Mi Roo yet.  She thought that if he found out she was Sofia, he would turn against Mi Roo but it turns out that he already knew.  Mi Roo wants Hae Ra to return to work but Hae Ra asks if Mi Roo still loves Jin Oh.  Mi Roo suggests that she ask Jin Oh directly.  Hae Ra’s been asking him every day but it’s just that she doesn’t believe him.  Mi Roo asks why she loves Jin Oh and she doesn’t really have a reason, she just does, from the very beginning.  She still loves him even though she doesn’t have his heart.  Mi Roo asks if Hae Ra would break up with Jin Oh if he admitted that he didn’t love Hae Ra.  She doesn’t want to think that and she’s afraid of hearing his true feelings but still wants to know how he really feels.  She asks what Mi Roo would do and Mi Roo says that she’d want to know.  Hae Ra asks for Mi Roo’s help.

President Goo storms into the office and asks after Director Goo.  Her secretary hands her the phone and she yells at him for being absent from work.  Hanging up, she asks Jin Oh about Hae Ra quitting the magazine but she can tell from his expression that he knew nothing of it.  She had assumed that it was his doing so that Hae Ra would follow him to Manila.

In the car, Hae Ra tells him that she’s thinking about going to New York, which surprises Jin Oh.  She thinks it’ll be more comfortable there as she doesn’t see eye to eye with the work ethic here and thinks New York will be more fashion forward.  She asks Jin Oh to follow her but he turns her down.  He just wants to go to Manila because her mom wants him to.  She doesn’t argue with him, it was just a suggestion.  He walks her to her door and when she turns around she suggests that they break up.  She lists her reasons for him.  They have to be apart for 3 years, they’re not suited for each other and she can probably find a better guy than him.  He assumes she’s joking but she just waves goodbye and goes inside.

However, it was all a ruse as Hae Ra calls Mi Roo up to tell her that she just broke up and now it’s Mi Roo turn for whatever they’ve got planned.

Jin Oh just stands out in the corridor, stunned that he’s been dumped, when his phone starts ringing.  Mi Roo meets up with Jin Oh and she wants to know the truth.  She asks if he really loved her and he tells her that Mi Roo was his first love, even before she chased Won Bin and up until now.  Mi Roo reminds him that he doesn’t love her anymore, he only felt sorry for her.  He doesn’t see the purpose of saying he loves someone and sticking together when he can’t do anything for them.  Mi Roo thinks love is just love and there shouldn’t be any strings attached.

He drives her home and they both have something they need to tell each other.  Jin Oh asks if he should ditch going to Manila because he’s willing to throw it all away for Mi Roo.  She’s taken aback but Jin Oh continues saying that he really had the drive and ambition to succeed at his job.  She tells him to come inside as she’s got something to tell him, too.

She tells him that she’s got a person she loves, no, a person she wants to love.  However, if he still loves her then she’ll cling to him and won’t let go.  Hae Ra is listening intently from behind the curtains.  Mi Roo writes a note on her phone saying that Hae Ra’s nearby, listening in.  She wants him to get what he really wants in life so this is his moment to say what he really feels.  Aloud, she asks if he still loves her or if he loves Hae Ra.  It’s decision time, Jin Oh.

He quietly replies no.  He was lying to Hae Ra when he said he loved her but now he wants to tell her the truth.  He turns to the curtain and says he’ll go to Manila.  During those 3 years, if she can’t wait for him then there’s nothing he can do about that but he wants her to wait.  He likes her now but he asks her to wait until it grows into love.

She’s crying from behind the curtain but finally comes out to hug him.  Mi Roo watches from afar and says this is how her and Jin Oh’s long breakup came to an end.

Gwan Woo is busy making a sandwich in Tan Ya’s kitchen when she tells him that she decided to go to Hawaii with Director Goo.  Puppy dog looks so sad!  She continues to tell him that Young Ho had asked her to live with him.  He can’t believe it but there are all these cons as to why they aren’t a good match.  He’s young and doesn’t make too much money as a barista.  She’s really greedy and wants a lot of things.  He offers to make a lot of money for her and asks Tan Ya to live with him instead.

Tan Ya wonders what Gwan Woo has that she can bank on.  He tells her that he’s in love with her and she responds, “That’s it?”  His shoulders sinks down as he doesn’t know what’s more important than love.  Gwan Woo is sure that she won’t be happy if she follows Young Ho.  Tan Ya pries about his financial situation a bit more.  Does he secretly own land somewhere?  He doesn’t.  She sighs which leads him to say he’s sorry.  But he’s good at a lot of things like running into the ocean or he’s young and strong.

She waves him over to the bed and he makes his way over.  Sitting next to her on the bed, she asks if he’s got confidence to continue doing that.  Gwan Woo stares blankly and she says love.  Yes, he does.

She kisses him.  Eee!

President Goo paces impatiently in her office and throw a tissue box as soon as Young Ho comes in because he’s leaving her for Hawaii.  She had pulled her worthless brother into doing this respectable job and this is the thanks she gets?  He just smiles and hugs his sister.  He’d like her permission to leave because he just wants to find some happiness.

Tan Ya goes to meet Young Ho at the airport.  He’s delighted to see her at first…

Three seconds later… she tells him that she’s not going.

Tan Ya asked about Ji Woo and compliments him on his airport fashion.  He’s pissed and says that she shouldn’t have come out if she didn’t want to leave.  She loves Young Ho but she loves another guy much more.  He understands and gets ready to leave.  She stops him as she came to the airport to give him a little encouragement.  She opens the trench coat to reveal a Wonder Woman outfit.  Lol.  She even does a little twirl for him.

She even does a little twirl for him.

She tells him to think of her as Wonder Woman when he needs a little boost in confidence.  From his expression, you’d think she was naked underneath that trench coat.  They wish each other well and he departs for the date.  But not before she gives him another “flash of encouragement”.  He gets a teary-eyed when he turns away from Tan Ya for the last time.

Mi Roo narrates,

Tan Ya always said that she didn’t believe in love but she may have wanted to believe in love more than anyone else.

Jin Oh and Hae Ra face President Goo together because Hae Ra now wants to follow him to Manila and it doesn’t go well.  She resorts to throwing more office supplies but Jin Oh protects Hae Ra from being hit.

Hae Ra knew nothing but love and went to Manila with Jin Oh.

Mi Roo’s dad begs the instructor to let him join the class even though he’s a beginner.  He argues that he will practice hard but the instructor doesn’t budge until he says that he’s treated his wife very badly and wants to make up for it.  The instructor asks if he’s going to make his wife happy from now on and Mi Roo’s dad tells him that’s why he’s here.

Mi Roo’s dad joins the class and he impatiently waits for the signal to change partners because he wants to dance with his wife.  Though when he gets to her, she refuses to dance with him but he eventually gets her to do it.

It’s tense between them and he apologizes to her saying he’ll do better.  Sagittarius, wins back love with a positive attitude.

My mom thought she was through with love but decided to give the Sagittarius man another chance.  No one knows if they’ve made the right choice or not.  But if you don’t give it your all, you won’t know what’s in store for your life.


Mi Roo is out on a rooftop with Joon looking for another falling star.  He’s cold but she tells him to be patient.  She’s sure that the Leo shooting star falling tonight.

He tells her to not put her trust in the stars but in him.  What an excellent and romantic answer!  She tells him it’s because she can’t believe in men so she has to rely on the stars.  He smiles at her fortitude but comments that the stars don’t determine people’s fate but people determine their own fate.  Wait a minute, Mi Roo’s heard that from someone before.  Was it the magician?  Joon can’t believe that she doesn’t remember that he told her that when she first came to his place.

He wants to know what would be the point of dating and figuring each other out if all people needed to do is go out and look for a falling star.  It makes her wonder about his sense of romance.  He smirks and shows how romantic he can be.  He points to the stars and says although they look close they’re actually light years away.  However, he and Mi Roo are only 20 centimeters apart.

He moves in closer and says they’re 10 centimeters apart, 5, 1 and then he kisses her.

Of course, they’re completely oblivious to the shooting star that passes over their heads.

She wakes up to find that slept over at his place.  She can’t believe that she’s so easily charmed by him.  Hehe.

She dresses and heads out to find him in the kitchen.  It’s a familiar sight as it reminds her of the physicist who had bad post-coital manners.

She tells him that she’s going but he tells her not to go because he’s made her breakfast.  It’s the response she was hoping for.

Joon asks her about the press conference happening that day.  He had thought about it all night long and he’s okay with people thinking she’s Sofia but she’s not okay with it.  Mi Roo reminds him that he said he’d take responsibility for her and he is but he also thought about how he’d feel and she might not be okay with it later.  He doesn’t know what will happen to them in the future but he won’t let Sofia be the issue that gets in-between them.  So he decided that he’s going to reveal that he’s Sofia instead.  I like that he works out the problem with logic but yet caters to Mi Roo’s feelings.  It’s a nice compromise to both their personalities.

Michelle is nervous because Joon hasn’t shown up yet and calls Mi Roo.  Mi Roo lies and says they’re on their way except they’re still at his apartment.  Michelle tells her to hurry as the fans are already there.

Joon is getting dressed up as Sofia and Mi Roo tries to talk him out of it.  He’s not ashamed of what he did to write this book.  Mi Roo puts some make up on him to complete the look.  He’s okay with being a laughingstock if that means Mi Roo can rest a little easier.  She thanks him and says if he changes his mind to let her know at any time.  Despite how ridiculous he looks, I can’t help but be charmed by his chivalrous gesture.

On their way to the conference, Tan Ya calls Mi Roo to find out where she’s been all night.  Who’s the guy?  Mi Roo tries to push it off ‘til later but Tan Ya guesses that it’s Lee Joon.  Tan Ya doesn’t think they have a future together but Mi Roo not afraid to give it a chance.

Joon and Mi Roo are very late and Michelle introduces him.  However, he shocks everyone with his style of dress and the reaction doesn’t seem very positive, worrying Mi Roo and Michelle.

The press conference gets underway with some basic questions until someone asks why he’s dressed like that.  He plainly explains that he wanted to know what it felt like to be a woman as it would help him tell the story better.  Then another reporter gets to the question about Sofia and if he knows her well.  He continues to ask if the rumors are true about Sofia.  Mi Roo’s unable to lift her head.

He’s about to announce that he’s Sofia when Michelle puts her hands up and says that it’s her to everyone’s surprise.

Michelle says that the identity of Sofia isn’t just confined to a single person.  Mi Roo wrote the 1st column about the Capricorn and Michelle wrote the 2nd column about the Aquarius.  The other Double X writers pop up one by one to confess they also wrote one of the articles, including Min Joon and Tan Ya.

Michelle confesses that all the Double X writers are collectively Sofia and Lee Joon used them all as models for the novel.

It prompts the reporters to ask why Joon came out dressed like that.  He’s mortified and doesn’t have an answer, except to say he wanted to be a woman.  Lol.

He decides to run away from the press conferences and the reporters and photographers chase after him.

Mi Roo wants to know why Michelle sacrificed herself.  Michelle doesn’t think it’s strange for a single woman to go out and date men but she also couldn’t make Joon sound like a pervert.  Most of all, she thought that having Mi Roo meet with all 12 men sounded a bit much.

Mi Roo smiles out of gratitude and her co-workers applaud her for her hard work.

That’s how I became one of the Sofias from the 12 men.

Mi Roo goes back to Joon’s apartment and finds him furiously typing away on his computer.  He wants to know what happened and that she should have give him a heads up.  Mi Roo says that even she didn’t know Michelle was going to do that.  She asks why he’s still in his Sofia garb and he figured that since he’s dressed that way he should be able to get some writing out of it.  He’s completely embarrassed that he showed up in front of people like that because he came across as a pervert, cross-dressing writer.  He didn’t even get to help Mi Roo in the process.

She hugs him for sticking by her and says he was fabulous.  He’s happy again and kisses her.  Will she be staying over tonight?  She smiles and says she will, leaning on him for support while he writes.

I thought I said goodbye to all the 12 men but there’s still one guy by my side.  Is he just 1 of the 12 men or my last man?

At a bookstore, Mi Roo and another guy reach for the same book.  It’s Joon’s novel, “Miss Jo’s Double Life”.  He gives her a knowing smile but looks up to see that Joon is standing right behind Mi Roo.

Joon gives him warning looks to keep moving.  This girl is his.  Haha.

Looking at the other guy walking away, he muses at how there are many different kinds of men in the world but if you look closer, there aren’t that many good men.

She laughs as he kisses her.


Finally, I’m done recapping this series!  I can get back to a whole lot of shows and movies I’ve been missing.  It was a lot of work and time consuming but ultimately I enjoyed this drama.  I’ve been enjoying a lot of the Korean cable dramas recently and while the whole cable thing is new to them, I hope that they continue to expand and rise in popularity.  Similar to here in the States, I liked that the stories are a bit more modern because they’re not restricted to the same standards & practices as the regular channels.  I’ll get to more on this in my review though.

I think it would have been beneficial for the drama to have been given 4 more episodes.  I could feel the urgency a couple episodes back but these last two were a so rushed.  I didn’t even like how Mi Roo did a running recap of all the relationships at the end.  Given what we got though, I’m somewhat satisfied with how it all turned out though.

Mi Roo and Joon.  I like this couple.  I could have used a couple more episodes with them but I like that Joon argues with Mi Roo through logic.  It may come off as a little cold and funny.  He’s a bit robotic, at times, but I find Mi Roo to be overly emotional, which grated on my nerves very early in the drama.  I grew to love Mi Roo though because she wanted to believe in love.  It’s not easy to get back up again after being constantly let down.

On the other hand, Tan Ya had been let down by someone she trusted when she was a child and that weighed heavily on how she approached relationships.  Both Young Ho and Gwan Woo wanted to make Tan Ya happy.  However, Young Ho was all about letting Tan Ya stay the person she was and Gwan Woo was about allowing her to change and grow.  It’s easy to see why Gwan Woo is the better fit because I believe being with a partner who doesn’t challenge you puts life at at standstill.  Life should never be at a standstill, especially in a drama.

Jin Oh and Hae Ra.  Why are these two still together?  Jin Oh had finally confessed to not being in love with Hae Ra and that he was going to try and grow to love her from now.  However, I can’t help but feel that there will always be that doubt in the back of my mind, if I were Hae Ra.  I suppose there’s something to be said of Hae Ra because she desperately wants to believe in love.  That requires a huge leap of faith but I think it could have been done better because I’m unconvinced that they will work out.

However, they are better off than Mi Roo’s dad and mom.  I was thoroughly enjoying the mom’s storyline and how she was reinventing herself again as an individual.  I seriously wanted her to have a fling with the young, dance instructor.  But here was another story showing a different side of love:  the 2nd chance.  Bah humbug, 2nd chances because I don’t think he deserved her and his attempt to learn dance to earn the opportunity to be by her side again was not enough to make it worthwhile.  While I was okay with all the open endings, this one left me unsatisfied.


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