Just Bananas About: Week of 5/14/12

It’s here!!  After I first wrote about them back in February, I’ve been eagerly waiting for the release of their album.  Karmin released their album last week and it’s called “Hello”.  They’ve been busy touring and promoting their albums on various national circuits this past week.

If you don’t know who they are, they are a duo pop group made up of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan.  The two had met in college at Berkelee College of Music and they are currently engaged to each other.  Although, they’ve mentioned that with all this touring they’re not sure when they’ll have time to plan a wedding.

They became popular online first because of all their covers and I discovered them when they were performing as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.  I love that Amy can sing like a pop diva and then flip it around and rap with the best of them.

The first song of theirs that I really fell in love with was “Brokenhearted”.  They just released the music video last week but I’m quite partial to the live performance of this rather than this video.  You can really get to see Amy’s personality come alive through the live performance than you can here.  She’s pretty awesome and fun while this music video is pretty sentimental.

The other song they performed at SNL was “I Told You So” and it’s got a totally different vibe from “Brokenhearted”.  The music is dark and a bit campy which makes me smile and woooo, Amy’s rapping is quite impressive.

But my new favorite is now the title track, “Hello”.  It’s got that pop melody that easy to digest because it’s upbeat but the lyrics are catchy.  Definitely a good club song.  (A part of me wants to do FT Island’s “Hello Hello” dance move for the chorus but that would be weird, right?)

“Coming Up Strong” is also a great song and I’m glad that I also get to hear Nick’s voice being featured more as most of Karmin’s music seems to focus the attention on Amy’s voice.

It’s rare for me to fangirl about American pop these days but these two are worth fangirling about.  They’re vivacious, fun and talented.

They also look cute together and looks like they’re a lot of fun to hangout with.


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